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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 8 Recap

Liu Ling returned to the Dingbei Hou Mansion, but her uncle and aunt did not welcome her. The old Hou Ye, Zhang Gong, retired from the court for many years, and was very doting on Liu Ling. Uncle and aunt couldn’t hold back the old man’s scolding, so they could only follow to see Liu Ling. Liu Ling was writing the divorce letter in the room, but his uncle and aunt strongly opposed it.

After reading the divorce letter, the old man looked serious. Liu Ling had to kneel down, but she didn’t want to admit his mistake. The old man told her that the fault was not in the divorce, and The mistake was that the wording in the divorce letter was too humble. Liu Ling waited with a smile on his face, and the old marquis personally wrote the divorce letter.

The servant went to Lu’s residence to deliver a letter, and Ling’er, the maid who had an affair with Lu Mingshan, brought the servant to Lu Mingshan. Lu Mingshan sent the servant to read the divorce letter, and immediately tore it off in a fit of anger. Lu Mingshan told Ling’er to keep this matter under wraps, otherwise Mr. Lu would be disappointed with him.

As soon as he finished speaking, another servant broke into the Lu Mansion and loudly announced that he was here to send the divorce letter. Lu Mingshan couldn’t stop him, and was heard by Duke Lu.

After reading the divorce letter, Duke Lu was also very angry. He asked Lu Mingshan what he was going to do with it. Lu Mingshan said that the marriage was up to his parents. Duke Lu felt that Lu Mingshan was too naive.

After all, Dingbeihou’s ability was not small. Lu Gong asked about the disposal of Yun Yi’s body again. Lu Mingshan said that in the hands of Shen Yan, Lu Gong reprimanded Lu Mingshan for not being cautious. Shen Yan was a cold-faced king who could dig out clues from stones. How could he leave Yun Yi’s body to him?

What about him? Lu Mingshan admitted his mistake, and Duke Lu mentioned the matter of breaking off the marriage again. Lu Mingshan said that he would come out on top in the chess shooting competition, and then begged the crown prince Liu Wang to give Liu Ling a marriage to him. The conversation between the two was heard by Liu Ling, and Liu Ling domineeringly announced that he would also participate in the shooting competition.

When she couldn’t see Shen Yan, Liu Ling felt that she had lovesickness, and she went to Beidian Zhengsi to find Shen Yan. Luo Fan saw Liu Ling and told her that Shen Yan was busy with official business and used it to report. Liu Ling did not want to disturb Shen Yan and said that he could wait outside. After waiting for most of the day, Liu Ling was very bored in the carriage. When Luo Fan reported the situation, he told Shen Yan that Liu Ling was outside, and Shen Yan hurried out.

Liu Ling pulled Shen Yan into the carriage and complained that her legs were numb, so Shen Yan naturally rubbed her legs. Liu Ling wanted to return the waist card to Shen Yan, but was reluctant. Shen Yan asked her to keep it well.

Shen Yan went back to work, and Liu Ling decided to go to Shen’s house to wait for Shen Yan. She knocked on the door of Shen’s house with her waist badge as a token, but Shen’s mother didn’t give her a good face, and even more when she learned that she was the princess of Changle. She wouldn’t even drink the tea she was offering. Shen Yan was in a hurry to go home after finishing his work, which made Lord Han very curious, and Luo Fan knew that he was worried about Liu Ling.

After Shen Yan came home, she caught up with her mother and Liu Ling in an awkward confrontation, and Shen’s mother wanted to talk to Shen Yandan. After hearing the gossip about Shen Yan and Liu Ling, Mother Shen was very opposed to the contact between the two, and she did not want her son to be involved in the dispute between the Liu and Lu families. Shen Yan firmly told her mother that she knew what she had in mind. Liu Ling saw Shen’s mother’s rejection of him, and Shen Yan told her that Shen’s mother liked everyone’s ladies, and Liu Ling immediately returned to the house, ready to be a famous lady.

The old marquis loves to collect, Xu Shijin brought Yu Juetuo paintings to ask the old marquis, but the old marquis did not know.

Lu Qian took Liu Runxiang back to Yejing. When she heard that Liu Ling died, she hurried to the Dingbeihou Mansion to report the funeral. Liu Runxiang wanted to go back to Lu Mansion first. Lu Qian told her that as Liu Ling’s stepmother, she had to protect her life outside. Image, because fame is the most important thing for women. The two were crying and mourning in the Lu Mansion just when Liu Ling ran into each other. Lu Qian looked ugly and wanted to take Liu Ling away, but Shen Yan appeared in time to stop it.

Shen Yan accompanied Liu Ling home. He was here to give gifts to the old marquis. The old marquis invited Shen Yan to taste jade and paintings together. Shen Yan’s vision was very unique. The old marquis rejected the jade bottle sent by Shen Yan, and before leaving, Shen Yan secretly told Liu Ling that he would come to her at night.

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