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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 12 Recap

Xu Shijin and Shen Yu grew up together as childhood sweethearts, and then the two had a marriage contract. Unfortunately, the Xu family died unjustly, and Shen Yu’s parents were no longer in the world. Xu Shijin bears the grievances of the sea of ​​blood and can no longer live like an ordinary woman. In the end, Xu Shijin entered the East Palace through Liu Ling’s relationship, trying to use the power of the East Palace to help her parents clear their grievances. Xu Shijin understood Shen Yu’s quiet and indifferent character, and did not want Shen Yu to enter the whirlpool of fighting for herself, so she had to cut off her relationship with Shen Yu.

Liu Ling felt that Xu Shijin thought so much about Shen Yu, which he couldn’t do by himself. Xu Shijin comforted her that everyone’s feelings were different and could not be compared.

Shen Yu informed Shen Yan of the results of the investigation, and said that when the Lu Mansion held a banquet on Qiqiao Festival, it was a good time for Shen Yan to start, and Shen Yan agreed. Shen Yu revealed that Liu Ling was drunk, Shen Yan was worried about Liu Ling, and visited Ding Beihou’s mansion at night.

Liu Ling was already drunk, she thought that Shen Yan in front of her was a dream, so she held Shen Yan and told her contradictions. Liu Ling said that he couldn’t shed tears when he saw Shen Yan, and just wanted to laugh. Was it because he didn’t love Shen Yan enough, Shen Yan couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. Liu Ling said that she did not dare to meet Shen Yan. Shen Yan turned around and wanted to leave, but Liu Ling hurriedly held her back. She wanted to hug Shen Yan in her dream.

Liu Ling fell asleep holding Shen Yan, and Shen Yan put her on the bed. The next morning, Liu Ling thought he was dreaming, and complained that Xu Shijin’s arrival had disturbed the dream. Xu Shijin told Liu Ling of Shen Yan and Shen Yu’s plan to steal jade from Lu Mansion on Qiqiao Festival, and Liu Ling was going to help them.

On the day of the Qiqiao Festival, Liu Ling came uninvited, and brought more than a dozen servants to make trouble in front of the Lu Mansion. Anyway, she couldn’t take off the title of the most evil girl in Jiangzhou, of course she was not afraid. The housekeeper of Lu Mansion wanted to stop him, but Liu Ling broke in anyway.

Liu Runxiang did not welcome Liu Ling, and Lu Mingshan was in a hurry to use Ling’er’s death to throw dirty water on Liu Ling. Liu Ling calmly called out the doctor who checked Ling’er’s pulse, and carried Linger’s body out. Liu Ling pointed out that Lu Mingshan was the murderer and asked Lu Mingshan to produce evidence to prove his innocence. Lu Mingshan and others were temporarily held back.

Shen Yan, disguised as a servant, sneaked into the study to look for Yu Jue, when the servant reported that there was a thief in the study, and Lu Mingshan hurried over. Liu Ling prevented Lu Mingshan from entering the study. In a desperate situation, Lu Mingshan tried to force his way in, but was beaten by the servants brought by Liu Ling. In the chaos, the jade jue hidden on the mountainside of Lu Ming fell and was picked up by one person.

Lu Mingshan wanted to attack Liu Ling, but was stopped by Shen Yan who was wearing a new dress. Shen Yan took Liu Ling away. At this time, Liu Runxiang’s voice came from the study, and Liu Runxiang said that he was knocked out. Lu Mingshan was very angry when he found that Yu Jue was lost. He asked Hu Xiao to keep an eye on Shen Yan, and looked for an opportunity to get rid of Shen Yan. Shen Yu stunned Liu Runxiang before anyone was prepared, and hid in the study with her. Shen Yan went to the study to meet him, and then left together. When Lu Mingshan was beaten, it was Shen Yan who picked up Yu Jue.

Shen Yan told Liu Ling that he was about to leave and went to Xuanwu Town. He hoped that before he left, the two could meet frankly. Liu Ling bluntly said that he felt that he was not worthy of Shen Yan, and Shen Yan put a red rope on Liu Ling that symbolized the bond. Jin Linwei reported that the prisoner escorted by the Ministry of Punishment was kidnapped, and Shen Yan decided to take this opportunity to let Liu Ling see the side of her cold-faced King of Hell.

Liu Ling watched Shen Yan’s hands rise and fall, killing people without blinking. He was afraid and worried. After the end, Shen Yan asked Liu Ling if he really wanted to be with him like this. Liu Ling still felt that he was not worthy of Shen Yan, but She is willing to accompany Shen Yan through the lonely moment until Shen Yan finds her true love. Shen Yan was moved, and only gave Liu Ling a promise that if she did not leave, he would not give up. The two were relieved of their previous suspicions, and finally they couldn’t control their feelings, and they kissed greedily on the roof.

Xu Shijin was celebrating the Qiqiao Festival outside the palace, and when she was walking on the street, she was attracted by the singing from the Shihualou. She went to the place where Shen Yu often sat to listen to the music. Shen Yu passed the Shihua Building and saw Xu Shijin. He bought all the fireworks in the booth and showed them to Xu Shijin in the distance. Xu Shijin smiled at the fireworks.

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