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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 10 Recap

The old Marquis reprimanded his son for not accepting the Linger brought by Lu Qian. Uncle Liu Ling, the Young Marquis, admitted his mistake and told the old Marquis that Liu Ling was taken away by Shen Yan, and the old Marquis looked complicated.

Liu Ling was still sad for Shen Aoao, and Shen Yan took Liu Ling to the mountains to admire the moon, and also compensated Liu Ling for the meteors in the sky. Liu Ling, whose mood improved, smiled, but in a blink of an eye, Liu Ling sighed that good things always fade away. Shen Yan hoped that Liu Ling could remember good things and let go of depression.

Liu Lishan sent someone to ask Lu Gong for money, saying that it was expensive to build a magic arrow. The news of the Jiangzhou case is getting worse and worse. The magic arrow is their trump card. Duke Lu can only give money. Lu Qian comforts Duke Lu. Once the matter is successful, the money will not be worth mentioning at all.

Shen Yan asked Shen Yu to find the source of the patterns on the jade, Shen Yu said that this thing was not from the Central Plains. Shen Yu asked Shen Yan’s plan, Shen Yan said that the prince had agreed to let him come forward to provoke the Lu family. Once Duke Lu was in a panic, he would show his actions. The most urgent thing he had to do was to take back the letter with the word Kun from the Lu family. Half a jade.

Shen Yu went to Shihua Pavilion to drink and listen to music, and when he went upstairs, he heard a familiar voice. In that private room, it was Lu Mingshan who was borrowing wine to drown his sorrows, because he personally killed Linger under Lu Qian’s arrangement.

Ling’er’s body was salvaged from the river. Shen Yan checked and found that Ling’er had been covered to death and thrown into the river. Taking this opportunity, Shen Yan wanted to beat Lufu. Shen Yan led Jin Linwei to break into the Lu Mansion, took Lu Gong, Lu Mingshan, and the housekeeper for investigation, and invited the officials in the court and Lu Bus to the Beidian Zhengsi.

After the investigation, Duke Lu left with his sleeves. Lu Mingshan asked Shen Yan what his intentions were. Shen Yan said that he was investigating Linger’s murderer. Lu Mingshan claimed that it was Liu Ling’s persecution that prompted Linger to commit suicide. Liu Ling vented his anger and was able to investigate the Lu family and other officials under the pretense of public welfare.

Before the dinner table, the old man asked Liu Ling about her relationship with Shen Yan. Liu Ling said that Shen Yan helped him. The old man objected to her dealings with Shen Yan, and he did not want her to marry Shen Yan. Liu Ling said that he was sick and left the table. . My uncle thought that Liu Ling and Shen Yan would be beneficial to the Hou Mansion, but the old Hou Ye felt that Shen Yan, who was working in Jinlingwei, was not a good match. After all, he was licking blood on the tip of a knife at all times. The old man was afraid that he would hurt Liu Ling’s heart by using his strength, so he decided to let his son do this thing.

After the day’s interrogation was over, Shen Yan asked everyone to go back first, and the officials who were bewitched by Lu Mingshan began to accuse Shen Yan.

My aunt came up with an idea to find Xu Shijin, hoping that Xu Shijin could help persuade Liu Ling. Xu Shijin agreed and asked her uncle to come to Shen Yan later. In fact, Xu Shijin was willing to help, entirely for Liu Ling. Xu Shijin found out in advance that Shen’s mother would go to Hongluo Temple to seek marriage for Shen Yan, so he took Liu Ling to Hongluo Temple first. Liu Ling asked for a marriage in front of the hall, but the result of the request was unsatisfactory. Shen’s mother, who was outside the door, hoped that Liu Ling would let Shen Yan go.

In the Dihua Building, Lu Mingshan and Lord Liu conspired to get rid of the prince’s right-hand man, including Shen Yan, but the conversation between the two was informed by the singers to Shen Yu in a blink of an eye, and Shen Yu felt that they were really over their heads.

Liu Ling saw that Xu Shijin deliberately brought himself to see Mother Shen, and Xu Shijin said that this is something that must be faced sooner or later. Liu Ling was flustered in her heart, Xu Shijin comforted her and let her see clearly what was the difficulty for her to be with Shen Yan. Liu Ling bluntly said that she loved Shen Yan with sincerity and no reservation, but her mother was betrayed. The result is that she has never been able to cross the threshold, and now she has no confidence that she can grow old with Shen Yan. This remark was heard by Shen Yan.

After Liu Ling found out, he wanted to catch up with Shen Yan. Xu Shijin held Liu Ling and told her that the foundation of the Shen family was not deep. If Liu Ling was dragged into the dispute between the Liu and Lu families, Then Shen Yan will have life worries in the future. Liu Ling understood Xu Shijin’s intentions, and when he looked at the direction Shen Yan was leaving, he couldn’t help but redden his eyes.

It was late at night, but Shen Yan and Liu Ling both tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. Lingbi relieved Liu Ling, and Liu Ling wanted to try to see if she could not see Shen Yan, would she think of him and shed tears. Shen Yan, on the other hand, got up early to gather the team and searched Lu Mansion again.

The ghost face gave Xu Shijin the clues to investigate Yujue. Xu Shijin had a headache looking at the name of Nan Dian Zhengsi, but in order to clear the grievances of his parents, Xu Shijin decided to go to Shen Yu in person.

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