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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 16 Recap

Hei Fengxi was invited to play a game with the old man of Taiyin. At the beginning, he had hallucinations and saw several of himself. He knew that the biggest enemy was himself, but it was a pity that these people were just pawns after all. Hei Fengxi also saw that when he was a child, he sneaked out of the palace because of playfulness, and his stepmother died when he came back. This was his inner demon, and he blamed himself that if he hadn’t gone out to play with his mother, he would not have died. Over the years, Heifengxi has been in the company of demons, encouraging yourself to throw away the shackles to move forward, self-blame is useless, and you must face it bravely.

The Taiyin old man praised Hei Fengxi as having a good temperament, and now the final test is left, saying that life is like chess, the chessboard is three thousand trouble threads, and Hei Fengxi can break the game as long as he cuts off three thousand trouble threads. Hei Fengxi didn’t want to cut off the silk of love. Seeing that Hei Fengxi was so painful, Bai Fengxi directly destroyed the chessboard. Hei Fengxi knew that Bai Fengxi had nothing to worry about, and naturally he would not be confused by the chess game. Bai Fengxi helped Hei Fengxi to wipe his sweat intimately, and he was unhappy with Hei Fengxi saying that he only knew how to eat, drink, and have fun.

This game was broken, Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi finally saw the true face of the old man Taiyin. The old man Taiyin sighed that everyone in the martial arts wanted to get Lan Yin Biyue, but they were the only ones who rejected each other. Heifengxi is because Bai Fengxi entered the Wushan Mountain. It would be good if he could get the secret book, but it was not impossible to get nothing. The trip to Baifeng Xiwu Mountain was originally to save the master and the younger sister. He would not covet the secret book. If Hei Fengxi obtained the secret book and practiced peerless martial arts, it would be a big deal to force him to teach himself. .

The old man Taiyin was distressed that his Lan Yin Biyue exercises had never reached the realm, so I will teach them to them now to see how much they can learn. Watching the two practice the exercises, the Taiyin old man did not expect that the two of them had such a high level of comprehension. Hei Fengxi’s training is due to the chaos of internal power, and he is afraid of going into trouble. Bai Fengxi can only save Hei Fengxi by using the Biyue Heart Method.

Hei Fengxi knows that some things in life can only be obtained by throwing them away, but some things cannot be given up after all. Three thousand trouble threads, why not keep one thread, let this trouble thread bind him for a lifetime. Bai Fengxi has recovered Hei Fengxi’s internal strength, but Hei Fengxi has just gone crazy. To make Hei Fengxi conscious, he must click on four acupoints such as Zhongbaihui Shenting, and these are dead points, Bai Fengxi must Pay attention to the proportions, Hei Fengxi’s life and death are within her thoughts. The two successfully cultivated into Lan Yin Biyue, and the old man Taiyin finally understood that Lan Yin Biyue needs to be close to each other, sacrifice each other, and depend on life and death to succeed.

Yu missed the Yangui formation. I didn’t expect it to be a dangerous situation. Now that the big formation in the mountains has failed, I guessed that someone succeeded in breaking through the barrier. Yu Wuyuan made the people of Duanhunmen gather outside the Wushan Mountain. It turned out that Yu Wuyuan was the young master of Duanhunmen. People from all corners of the world have to go through this place when they go down the mountain. Jade has no chance to arrange the people from the Broken Soul Gate to set up an ambush here, but to see who gets Lanyin Biyue.

Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi cleared the customs. The old man Taiyin knew that his fate was about to end, so he sent Hei Fengxi with the map of Sheji Kan, hoping it could be used for the right path. The old man Taiyin also gave Bai Fengxi the Orchid Moonflower that he cultivated by himself. This flower blooms only once in a few decades. If you only rely on inner strength every day, you will be undefeated forever. Bring unexpected opportunities.

The old man Taiyin arranged for the people around him to send Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi to the outside of the Wushan Mountain. When they were far away, the Wushan earthquake collapsed. In fact, this is a tomb chosen by the old man Taiyin, and he will stay here to guard the tomb for the old man Taiyin. Yu Wuyuan asked the person beside the old man Taiyin who got Lan Yin Biyue, and the person didn’t say that Yu Wuyuan used the heart-rushing palm on him. It turned out that Yu Wuyuan was a descendant of crickets.

After killing the people around the old man Taiyin, Yu Moyuan met Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi. In order to test which of them got Lan Yin Biyue, Yu Moyuan told the mountain that there was a fight. Bai Fengxi was very worried and rushed to the bottom of the mountain. . Duanhunmen attacked Bai Jiande and his party, and Bai Fengxi and Hei Fengxi combined to defeat the people at Duanhunmen. Yu Wuyuan observed in the dark and understood what was going on.

The court meeting was coming soon, but Feng Lanxi hadn’t come back yet, Zhong Li and the others were especially panicked. At the court meeting, King Yong was furious when he did not see Feng Lanxi, believing that Feng Lanxi took credit for the war horse. Feng Ju spoke for Feng Lanxi. At this time, Feng Lanxi came and presented the map of the sect to the king. Because of this map, he was delayed on the road and was late to the court meeting.

Feng Ju questioned the authenticity of the picture. Qin Xiang had seen the real picture, and King Yong asked him to identify the authenticity. Qin Xiang carefully identified and confirmed that it was painted by the old man Taiyin. Everyone was curious about how Feng Lanxi knew the old man Taiyin. Feng Lanxi claimed that it was the old man Taiyin who saved him from falling into the water.

King Yong is very happy, Feng Lanxi has made great achievements for Dayong and must be rewarded heavily. At this time, the imperial envoy came, and King Yong hurriedly ordered Yuan Lu to put away the map of Sheji Kan. This person was arranged by Feng Lanxi. Knowing that the Feng family had a distant relative working in the Imperial Ritual Department, he asked Feng Qiwu to help him. This time, he wanted to preempt him. This time, the envoy from the imperial capital came here with a sacrificial ceremony in the name of the saint, and it was the 40th birthday of Princess Yige, which was here to support Feng Lanxi.

The envoy wanted to go to the Princess Ling Temple to worship, but King Yong panicked. He didn’t bury Feng Lanxi’s mother in the cemetery at all. Feng Lanxi helped round the scene and advised the father and the king to arrange it before the mother and queen’s birthday. An altar comes. Tomorrow, the first queen sacrifice ceremony will take two hours. Baili does not want to participate in pretending to be sick in front of King Yong. King Yong may have seen Baili’s mind, claiming that as Queen Dayong, Baili will not get up even if he is sick. I will miss tomorrow’s festival.

After Feng Lanxi paid tribute to his mother, this time he used his mother’s birthday to give Bai Li’s a disgrace. Knowing that his mother did not like him doing this, his mother told him not to be sinister towards others when he was a child, but he still did a lot of things after all. Wrong, I don’t know if the mother is pleased or will hate him, but he is not willing to follow the trend and is willing to fight.

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