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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 14 Recap

Although the real murderer has already subverted the law, Gu Yu’s crime was the murder of a court official, so he could not keep the whole body, and finally put it in the mass grave. Bai Fengxi was invited to Lanyun Building, only to know that this is also the industry of Heifengxi. As for the source of the name of Lanyunlou, it is the combination of Feng Lanxi and Xiyun.

Hei Fengxi still thought about Feng Xiyun in his heart, but the other party didn’t recognize him for a long time. He had met once at the Liuhe Banquet when he was a child, and he still remembers the youthful spirit at the time. On the way to send Bai Fengxi back that night, Hei Fengxi took the initiative to express her gratitude to her, and also knew that she hated Chaotang and liked Jianghu.

Before Bai Fengxi felt that Hei Fengxi had a lot of scheming, but now it seems that it is due to power. After all, with his temperament, I am afraid that not only does he want to sit in Yongzhou, but will they be as relaxed and comfortable as they are now. Feng Lanxi, who is Yong Pingjun, is in the court, while Bai Fengxi yearns for freedom, and considering Bai Langhua’s gradual recovery, he decides to set off for Wushan tomorrow, and bid farewell to Hei Fengxi for this.

Looking at Bai Fengxi’s receding back, Hei Fengxi pretended to be indifferent, but in fact concealed his inner reluctance. On the second day, Bai Fengxi took her brothers and sisters to the Wushan Mountain, and she felt very lost, but she and Hei Fengxi did not belong to the same path, so she had to leave as soon as possible.

Zhong Li wondered why Hei Fengxi didn’t send him off in person, but Hei Fengxi was saddened. Although he envied Bai Fengxi’s unrestrained and unrestrained manner, he had been intrigued for a long time, and the road in the future would definitely be bloody and rainy. Don’t force it if you are different, you will have a concern for each other.

After the imperial examination, Hei Fengxi received an important task, and he was personally responsible for purchasing military horses. In fact, Hei Fengxi is very clear about King Yong’s true intentions. The so-called military horses are just a pretext, and he wants to use this matter to let himself obstruct Wang Xiang’s ambitions and check and balance each other.

Therefore, this matter has to be divided into two parts. Hei Fengxi arranged for the brothers of the Ren family to immediately notify Ru Yuxuan to assemble the caravan to Yima in Dongjiang. At the same time, he also implored Feng Qiwu to help him, hoping that before the caravan came back, he would be able to Find evidence of Wang Minghai’s embezzlement of money and money.

Wang Xiang took the initiative to enter the palace to meet Baili’s, and discussed with her the countermeasures. Originally, Baili was unwilling to intervene, so how did Wang Xiang actually threaten the third highness Feng Juxiang? For the sake of his son, Baili only promised to help his younger brother Wang Minghai, and decided to give Feng Lanxi another great gift to ensure that he was attacked by the enemy.

Under the notice of Wang Xiang, Wang Minghai immediately arranged for his traders to buy horses in Dongjiang, deliberately raising the price of horses. Bai Li’s family told Feng Ju to leave Beijing tonight to go to Dongjiang, and be sure to ask Uncle Ning to borrow thousands of horses, and Hei Fengxi guessed that even if Wang Minghai was greedy for money, he would pretend to make a deal, so he asked Feng Qiwu to do so. Looking for evidence from the merchants, this move to offend many people is also the real purpose of King Yong.

At the same time, the dynasty followed Yu Wuyuan to Wushan, knowing that he came for the inheritance of the Taiyin old man. Only in this way can he get the inheritance of Lan Yin Biyue. This kind of good fortune may be able to undo the curse of the Yu family. However, Yu Wuyuan immediately denied it, saying that he came here to solve the mystery, so that many people from all corners of the world could leave this place.

It just so happened that Bai Fengxi and others came from a distance, and the two teams met and simply walked together. How do you know that the misty mountain is full of strangeness, maple leaves cut iron like mud like a sharp sword, Xiu Jiurong accidentally fell into the cave with her in order to save Bai Langhua, Bai Fengxi was worried about the safety of the two, and suddenly the voice of the old man Taiyin came. , claiming that the two of them will be fine, urging them to continue to go through the barrier.

Baili’s decree called Feng Chang into the palace. On the surface, he seemed to care about his eldest son, and he was kind and gentle, but under this layer of skin, there was a hidden heart of a poisonous scorpion woman. In fact, Bai Lishi never really cared about her eldest son. The so-called introduction of Qi Guogong’s daughter to Feng Chang was nothing more than profit.

In the eyes of others, the love between mother and son is deep, but in Feng Chang’s eyes, it is just her mother’s calculation. Qi Guogong Palm Ming, Ping, Yuan three cities, has always been at odds with Feng Lan, if Feng Chang married Qi Guogong’s daughter, I am afraid that they will be incompatible with Feng Lan. benefit.

But because of Baili’s many eyes and ears, Feng Chang had no choice but to meet with Qi Guogong’s daughter. Similarly, Qi Cheng didn’t look down on Feng Chang at all, and humiliated him as the concubine of a palace girl. How could he know that Bai Li didn’t take it seriously, forcing Feng Chang to marry Qi Cheng was too much, otherwise the mother-son relationship would end here.

Hei Fengxi learned about this through Zhong Li, and knew that Bai Li was completely unable to sit still, knowing that he and his eldest brother were on good terms, and this move was to take away his only remaining brotherly love. Now, the matter of military horses makes Bai Lishi uneasy. In order to deal with him, he has done everything he can, even his own son. Hei Fengxi is not afraid of Baili Shi, but he is only distressed by what happened to his eldest brother. .

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