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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 13 Recap

A black-clothed man was hunted down and killed. At the critical moment, Bai Fengxi rescued him. But in the days that followed, Bai Fengxi discovered many unknown secrets, and saw people from the hidden spring water pavilion appear in Yongping Junfu, so she had to guess what Gu Yu had done. Now it seems that the relationship between Yongping Junfu and Yinquan Shuixie is very close, and Bai Fengxi begins to doubt the true identity of Hei Fengxi.

Bai Lishi admitted what she had done, but she still did not repent, and kept saying that Feng Lanxi would fail miserably. Only in this way could she resolve her grievances. That night, Bai Fengxi came to Hei Fengxi to say goodbye, saying that the reason why he likes Jianghu is that Jianghu can enjoy grievances and enmity, and the intrigue in the court is far better than the sword in Jianghu.

Even though the court is intrigued and the Wang family is intriguing, but Hei Fengxi, as the second highness Lan Xi, has to participate in it. Everyone wants him to focus on the overall situation, but he does not know that the reason why he entered the game is because of this care. Just because Bai Langhua’s condition has recovered, Bai Fengxi promised his junior sister to set off for Wushan tomorrow, so he took the initiative to say goodbye to Hei Fengxi.

Looking at Bai Fengxi’s distant back, Hei Fengxi’s face was full of reluctance. It didn’t take long for Bai Fengxi and others to meet Huang Chao and Yu Mianyuan in Wushan Mountain. They all walked together, but unexpectedly encountered an ambush in the woods. I saw a mass of maple leaves rise out of thin air, cutting Bai Langhua’s hair like a sharp blade, Bai Fengxi sensed something was wrong, and told everyone to be careful of falling leaves.

The foggy mountains in the city of Qiyuntu are surrounded by mist all the year round. Outsiders will inevitably get lost when they enter the city, and it is difficult to find an exit. Therefore, few people dare to go here. But today, people from all walks of life gathered in the mountain, including Jizhou Shizi Dynasty, Yongzhou Second Highness Feng Lanxi, the world’s first son Yu Wuyuan, and Bai Fengxi, who has been in the limelight recently. The four came to the edge of the cliff and stepped on the iron. The chain went away, and finally reached the opposite side of the cliff.

There is an old man who eats and drinks with his mouth open in Huiwu Peak, and this person calls himself the old monster of Wushan. Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi and others received his hero post, and they had to pass a layer of tests. The tests are all complicated and dangerous. Bai Fengxi accidentally stepped on the trap and saw that the cave was about to collapse, and Hei Fengxi fell into the abyss to save her.

On the first day of Hei Fengxi’s appointment to the Ministry of Industry, Feng Ju led the troops of the Ministry of Human Resources to forcibly break in, claiming that he had been ordered by the king to thoroughly investigate the accounts of the Ministry of Industry. Shang Shu Zheng Kui was flustered. When confronted by Hei Fengxi’s questioning, he had no choice but to reveal the hail disaster last year, which caused problems with the Xuncheng city wall under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry. The huge sum of money is the silver of the mountain mausoleum a hundred years after King Yong.

The situation was in crisis, and Hei Fengxi could not bear to investigate further, so he personally came forward to mediate with Feng Ju, seeing that the other party insisted on investigating, so he calmly took out the silver note that had been prepared, and bluntly said that the silver leaf was not easy to keep, so It was exchanged one by one at that time. Because Feng Ju forged the king’s order, Zheng Kui and others took the opportunity to play King Yong, with the false edict in the front and the charges behind.

Hei Fengxi naturally knew that his father wanted to cover up Feng Ju, so he first made a personal favor, saying that Feng Ju’s first offense at a young age should be punished lightly. Act of. King Yong saw that other ministers agreed, and he had no choice but to cut Bailiheng’s position and punish Feng Ju for quitting the household department and thinking behind closed doors.

Recently, the Lianjiang River has skyrocketed, and Hei Fengxi asked King Yong for instructions, and was going to bring a few ministers from the Ministry of Industry to build a dam. King Yong readily agreed. After the early morning, the ministers discussed that the Second Highness was really powerful, and that he was still so shrewd after being sick for so many years. He actually hurt the Queen’s faction, and even deliberately mentioned the superiority and inferiority of the concubines and concubines in the palace. The birthright title suppresses Feng Ju.

Just because Feng Ju’s wishful thinking failed, Zhong Li guessed that he would be unwilling, and it would be difficult to guarantee another secret plan in the future. That night, His Highness Feng Chang took the initiative to come to Hei Fengxi, complaining that he did not inform him in advance when dealing with the third child, and that he could not see the other side’s shriveled appearance, but Hei Fengxi repeatedly denied that he had never thought of dealing with his own brother.

Yu missed returning to Jizhou, and went to see the dynasty immediately, but he unexpectedly asked about Bai Fengxi’s situation, which was completely different from the prince who was concerned about the world. Because of this, Yu Mianyuan guessed that the dynasty liked Bai Fengxi. Although the dynasty immediately denied it, his appreciation for Bai Fengxi was indeed true.

The dynasty thought about the Xuanji Token, so it asked Yu Mianyuan to confirm it repeatedly, and finally confirmed that the Xuanji Token in his hand was a copy, thus suspecting that someone had changed the package during this period. He heard that Hei Fengxi appeared in Xuanshan, and later saved Bai Fengxi, which inevitably made people suspicious, but Yu Wuyuan firmly believed that this matter had nothing to do with him.

For many days after that, I still couldn’t find any clues about Feng Lanxi. His subordinate Wang Yuan tried to use a similar-looking corpse as his second highness. Feng Ju had no choice but to order a few more monks to do things. King Yong felt that there was little hope for Feng Lan’s death, so he cut the number of searchers in half, but Feng Qiwu felt that this was inappropriate.

After all, there are rumors that the Second Highness and the Third Highness are at odds with each other. If the order is given at this time, the people will think that King Yong is partial to Feng Ju, and in disguise, he will acquiesce in the name of Feng Ju after killing his brother, in the name of the future heir. Although it is possible to serve porridge, it cannot be presided over by the Third Highness, but should be presided over by King Yong.

Hei Fengxi received a letter from Yongjing and told Bai Fengxi that the letter was mixed, that his father was not sad, but the elder brother was really sad for him, and even his confidants were loyal, but the third brother was the only one in this incident. behind the scenes. At the same time, Feng Qiwu received a secret letter and learned that Hei Fengxi was not dead, and finally fell to his heart.

Bai Langhua suffered from typhoid fever due to the incompatibility of the soil and water, and urgently needed to find a doctor for treatment. Hei Fengxi suggested that they go to Yongjing first, and they could introduce the best doctor. Bai Fengxi readily agreed, but fortunately, the treatment was timely and Bai Langhua’s life was saved, and she also spent the few silver leaves left for her junior sister.

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