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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 19 Recap

Kong Ming told the bad news that Changyi was frozen after midnight. Luo Jinsang couldn’t bear to make Ji Yunhe sad any longer. Unexpectedly, Kong Ming told Ji Yunhe the final result long ago. The matter of marriage was a joint decision made by Changyi and Ji Yunhe. Kong Ming advised them not to disturb Ji Yunhe, so they had to silently stay at the door of the new house.

Ruling deliberately used Ji Yunhe and Changyi’s marriage to stimulate Lin Haoqing. Lin Haoqing became angry and wanted to attack Ruling, but was injured by Ruling instead. Ji Yunhe had just reunited with Changyi, and now she is separated from life and death. She was so sad that she wanted to die. Ji Yunhe wiped away her tears and went to arrange border deployment. When she went out, she saw Luo Jinsang, Xue Sanyue and others, and tried to comfort Luo Jinsang and Xue Sanyue. some time.

Lin Haoqing was manipulated to lose his mind, and took the elders of Wanhuagu and the Yuling Master to join Ruling. Ruling spoke ill of him, humiliated him in every possible way, and forced him to kill Ji Yunhe. Ru Jun brought Fei Lian Shenjun and Lei Ze Shen Jun to repair the heart lamp, but they failed. Ru Jun wanted to secretly use his own immortal bone to make up the broken fragments, but was found by Fei Lian Shen Jun and Lei Ze Shen Jun, they decided to use He repaired the magic lamp with his own immortal bone, and asked Ru Jun to stop Ru Ling’s reckless behavior. Ru Jun watched the two of them sacrifice the lamp with his own body, and his heart was indescribable pain.

Ji Yunhe came to Qu Xiaoxing and asked him to go to Beiyuan border for defense. Xue Sanyue and Lishu were worried, and followed them to find Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe lay on Xue Sanyue’s shoulder and cried a lot. She vowed to complete the end of her life. Last wish, to protect Beiyuan from the ravages of war. Ru Jun came in a hurry. He tried to use the heart lamp to unblock the long meaning, but he returned without success. Seeing that the army of the Immortal Master’s Mansion was under pressure, he would arrive at Beiyuan tomorrow. half.

Ji Yunhe went to the border to deploy in person and asked Xue Sanyue to accompany her. After thinking twice, he decided to take the sky fire without telling everyone. He first went to see the long meaning, and then quietly embarked on the journey. Li Shu took out the bell and asked his grandfather for help, wanting to know the location of Jiuzhong Leihai, his grandfather pointed out the direction for him in the dark, and Li Shu rushed into Leihai to get the fire from the sky without hesitation.

There was a sudden lightning and thunder in the sky, and the heart lamp in Ru Jun’s hand began to heat up. Xue Sanyue couldn’t find Lishu everywhere, only to realize that the situation was not good. Ji Yunhe asked everyone to look for it separately. Lishu risked his life to retrieve the sky fire, but was struck by lightning and bruised all over his body. He struggled to get up and let the sky fire out to ignite the heart lamp.

Xue Sanyue saw Lishu from a distance, she hurried over, but it was too late, Lishu disappeared in an instant, only a hairpin was left on the snow, with the words “March Loves Wife” engraved on it, Xue San Moon is heartbroken. Li Shu stood on the top of the cloud and told Xue Sanyue to find a good man to marry, and also asked Da Huan and Xiao Huan to buy her a big house.

After saying this, Li Shu disappeared. Xue San Holding the hairpin, Yue could cry and live. She swore that she would never marry again in her life, and would be a divorced wife forever. Ru Jun, Luo Jinsang and Ji Yunhe were all moved by it. Xue Sanyue put on a hairpin and begged Tianjun to protect Beiyuan with the glazed heart lamp lit by Lishu’s life and kill Ruling, and Rujun agreed.

Ruling is approaching, the battle is imminent, Ji Yunhe decides to lead the crowd to fight, Qingyao sits in Lingshuangtai, and Rujun gives Ruling many opportunities, she does not know how to repent, Rujun decides to kill her relatives righteously and eradicate Ruling, Ji Yunhe promises to do her best to fight against Ruling. to help him. Kongming was going to go to the front line to fight, Luo Jinsang came to see him off, and the two bid farewell to each other. Ji Yunhe, Kongming, Xue Sanyue and Qu Xiaoxing led the Beiyuan immortals to get ready to go. They vowed to defend Beiyuan to the death. Ruling gave an order. Next, let the elders of the Valley of Flowers and the Spirit Master charge in front, and the two sides started a fierce battle.

Ji Yunhe came to challenge Ru Ling, and Ru Ling vowed to eradicate everyone in Beiyuan. She killed Ji Yunhe in pain, strangled Ji Yunhe by the neck, and threatened to cut Ji Yunhe into a human being. Changyi came to save Ji Yunhe in time. She knocked Ru Ling to the ground, and Ru Ling couldn’t help being surprised. It turned out that Ru Jun used the bodhi fruit to awaken Changyi, and Ji Yunhe wanted to hide the matter first, let Ruling relax his vigilance, and let Changyi come forward at the last moment.

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