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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 7 Recap

Shen Yan carried Liu Ling on his back, and he spoiled that Liu Ling was not shy, but Liu Ling generously expressed that shyness should be given to others, he didn’t need it. Luo Fan led people to look around, and was bumping into the two of them. Shen Yan asked Liu Ling to come down, but Liu Ling refused, so Shen Yan had to squat down and pull Liu Ling off his back.

Shen Yan returned to the inn to check Yun Yi’s body. He asked everyone if they could see what kind of swordsmanship the killers used. Luo Fan felt that the killers seemed to confuse the public and used messy swordsmanship, but he still found traces of the Lu family’s swordsmanship. Shen Yan found a jade and Lu Lianshan from Yun Yi’s mouth, and he asked Luo Fan to investigate first.

Liu Ling came to see Shen Yan to handle the case, Shen Yan was a little embarrassed, Liu Ling was immersed in the sweetness of love, she took Shen Yan’s hand to reveal the relationship between the two, and Shen Yan hurriedly brought Liu Ling back to the room. Shen Yan’s attitude made Liu Ling sad. She felt that Shen Yan’s previous sacrifice to save her was her duty, and her affectionate confession after that was just perfunctory, and wanted her to come back with him.

Shen Yan suppressed a smile and listened to Liu Ling talking to herself. Liu Ling was depressed and wanted to leave. Shen Yan grabbed Liu Ling and held her in his arms. Shen Yan told Liu Ling not to talk nonsense, and kissed Liu Ling to appease Liu Ling, Liu Ling was happy.

Luo Fan chatted with Shen Yan, and Shen Yan looked at the archives of the Jiangzhou Kuyin case with a sad expression, because he suspected that Zhang Yun’s death was related to the Jiangzhou case. When Nian Zhang Yun and the Xu family had a very good personal relationship, they even became brothers and sisters of the opposite sex.

After the incident, the Xu family left a letter and committed suicide. Soon after, Zhang Yun also committed suicide by throwing into the lake. In both cases, there are Lu family members. Shen Yan was worried that once the truth was found out, Liu Ling would be hurt twice.

Traveling fast, Shen Yan and Liu Ling rushed to Yejing. When they met the prince, Liu Ling took the blame for taking care of Yun Yi’s unfavorable things on himself. The prince asked her not to explain, let alone excuse Shen Yan.

When the prince asked about Liu Ling’s marriage with Lu Mingshan, Liu Ling responded strongly. The prince felt that although Lu Mingshan was a concubine, he could inherit the title, which might not be a good match for Liu Ling, and he was not optimistic about the relationship between Liu Ling and Shen Yan. The prince’s words shocked Liu Ling, and Shen Yan’s attitude towards him in the palace was also very cold.

Seeing Liu Ling returning safely, Xu Shijin was very happy. She asked Liu Ling how she planned to deal with Lu Mingshan. Liu Ling wanted Lu Mingshan to retreat. Xu Shijin felt that since the Lu family wanted to make friends with King Guangping, it would be difficult to quit this marriage.

When the Xu family committed suicide, Xu Shijin was still young. Although she was connected to Yejing, she was always bullied because of her parents’ stigma. After Liu Ling came to Yejing, she came forward to help Xu Shijin, and the two began to be friends. Due to the friendship between his parents, Liu Ling was called Sister Xu Shijin. At that time, only Liu Ling believed that the Xu family was wronged, and Xu Shijin cherished Liu Ling more and more.

The prince summoned Shen Yan, Shen Yan admitted his dereliction of duty, and handed the jade to the prince, saying that Yun Yi gave the two jade to himself and the Lu family, just to make the two sides fight and lose both, but he was confident to take it. To the jade in the hands of the Lu family. Shen Yan met his elder brother Shen Yu when they left the palace. Shen Yan knew that Shen Yu had told his parents about himself and Liu Ling.

The prince held a banquet to entertain Liu Ling and the younger generation of courtiers. Liu Ling kept staring at Shen Yan at the banquet. Lu Mingshan couldn’t stand it any longer, so he took the initiative to toast Liu Ling. Liu Ling left Lu Mingshan and sat beside Shen Yan. Shen Yan’s expression was calm, but Liu Ling refused to leave.

Lu Mingshan walked up to the two and re-emphasized his engagement with Liu Ling. Shen Yan wanted to raise a glass to drink, but Liu Ling grabbed the glass and told Lu Mingshan that he would not marry him. Shen Yan was always indifferent, Liu Ling was angry, and resigned first on the grounds of physical discomfort. After a while, Shen Yan chased out. Shen Yan found Liu Ling in the corridor on the lake and held her in his arms. Liu Ling felt that there were so many things to do when he came back. Shen Yan said that he knew what to do. Liu Ling asked him when he would marry him, and Shen Yan kissed him. Liu Ling.

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