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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 6 Recap

Liu Ling woke up and didn’t see Shen Yan a little anxious. Shen Yan came back from a search and asked Liu Ling to leave with him. Liu Ling wanted to stay longer. Shen Yan took Liu Ling to a hot spring and said that there was a way up the mountain after crossing the lake. Liu Ling proposed to take a bath, and Shen Yan said that she could wait for her to finish before leaving.

Liu Ling had no choice but to decide not to take a bath, but Shen Yan wanted to take a bath, so he asked Liu Ling to avoid it. Liu Ling pretended to hide and didn’t look at it, but as soon as Shen Yan entered the water, she ran to a tree to peek.

The two killers were ordered to look at the bodies of Shen Yan and Liu Ling at the bottom of the cliff. After Shen Yan found out, they took Liu Ling to the bottom of the lake to hide. The two held their breath at the bottom of the lake, Shen Yan’s injury relapsed, Liu Ling held the semi-conscious Shen Yan, and the two returned to the cave.

Liu Ling wanted to go out to find some herbs for Shen Yan, but Shen Yan asked Liu Ling to stay with him. Liu Ling asked Shen Yan to rest on his lap and got along with Liu Ling. Shen Yan found that Liu Ling, who was called the bad girl of Jiangzhou, was not the case. Liu Ling talked about his life experience.

When Liu Ling was young, her father, Guangping Liu Lishan, and her mother, Zhang Yun, were very affectionate. Zhang Yun came from the Zhang family of Dingbei Hou, and she was a standard noble daughter. One day, Liu Lishan brought back a woman, Lu Qian. After that, Liu Lishan became more and more indifferent to Zhang Yun, and Zhang Yun heard a lot of unbearable words from the servants.

Zhang Yun, a cowardly character, was blindly forgiving, but in the end she also went to Liu Lishan to have a theory. Liu Lishan reprimanded Zhang Yun, and Zhang Yun committed suicide the next day. Liu Ling felt that Zhang Yun was forced to death by Liu Lishan and Lu Qian, but she was also an accomplice, because in that situation, she could not appease and understand Zhang Yun.

At this moment, footsteps were heard outside the cave, and the alert Shen Yan gently covered Liu Ling’s mouth. The two quietly went around the cave to check the situation. Shen Yan took out the sleeve arrow and asked Liu Ling to shoot the last three arrows and leave immediately. Liu Ling did not want to leave alone. Shen Yan was firm.

Liu Ling said what he did for Shen Yan. It will be all right. With the help of Shen Yan, Liu Ling shot one person, and the other person took precautions and successfully escaped. Shen Yan raised his sword to meet him at short distances, but he was seriously injured and did not heal, so it was difficult to resist. Shen Yan asked Liu Ling to go first, but Liu Ling turned around and pulled out the sleeve arrow from the corpse. The killer fell to the ground, Liu Lingye was terrified, and Shen Yan hugged Liu Ling to comfort him.

The two went out of the cave, and Shen Yan asked for the follow-up again. After Zhang Yun’s death, Liu Ling hated Liu Lishan very much, so he tried to assassinate him, but a seven-year-old girl, how could it be possible, Liu Lishan was very angry when he found out, Lu Qian pretended to plead for Liu Ling, and wanted to support Liu Ling personally , Liu Alexandria acquiesced. Lu Qian imprisoned Liu Ling in the firewood room, and arranged for guards.

Liu Ling, who had no water and food, was imprisoned for an unknown time. When Liu Ling was dying, her grandfather, Duke Zhang of Dingbei, appeared and rescued her. . When Liu Ling was taken to Yejing, Lu Qian couldn’t help but let out the rumor that Liu Ling forced his mother to death and then tried to kill his father. When he grew up, Liu Ling returned to the Guangping Prince’s Mansion in Jiangzhou, one to be closer to his mother’s cemetery, and the other to torment Lu Qian.

Liu Ling’s life experience made Shen Yan very distressed. Shen Yan took Liu Ling to the top of a mountain and carried her onto the suspension bridge. He told Liu Ling that once he identified a person, it would be a lifetime, and the two would live in the future. We must go hand in hand, Liu Ling understood Shen Yan’s affection, and the two sat on the suspension bridge and kissed.

In the East Palace of Yejing, the prince Liu Wang was feeding the birds. The eunuch informed Liu Wang of Xu Shijin’s concealment. Liu Wang felt that Xu Shijin was like a bird for people to play with, and if he didn’t obey, he should be sent to feed wild cats and dogs.

The two rushed back, Liu Ling coquettishly told Shen Yan that he was tired from time to time, and Shen Yan saw that Liu Ling did not want to go to Yejing. Shen Yan said that he still had the emperor’s life unresolved, and he didn’t want Liu Ling to follow him for no apparent reason. He wanted to give Liu Ling a solemn wedding. Liu Ling was persuaded, but she still acted like a spoiled child halfway through and asked Shen Yan to carry her back.

Liu Ling investigated that Shen Yan started from the bottom of Beidian Zhengsi. Shen Yan bluntly said that his talent was not high, and he could only rely on hard work to gain recognition. After many years of tenure, although the official rank has been rising, the people around him The successive sacrifices made his heart become colder and colder, and his face also changed, and the name of the cold-faced Hades also came from this. After hearing this, Liu Ling felt more and more distressed for Shen Yan.

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