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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 5 Recap

Liu Ling’s little pig, Shen Aoao, found gunpowder buried in the ground in the inn. Shen Yan suspected that it was Lu Mingshan’s handwriting, and the purpose was to make noises in the chaos and confuse Jinlinwei’s audio-visual. The location of the inn is backed by a cliff, and only the front can be attacked. Shen Yan decided to lead the crowd to guard the front.

Shen Yan told Liu Ling to stay in the room honestly after nightfall. Liu Ling was very worried about Shen Yan, but also knew that he couldn’t help, so he could only listen to Shen Yan’s words.

Shen Yan told Yun Yi that someone wanted his life, and he would try his best to save him, provided that Yun Yi would tell where the treasury silver was lost in the Jiangzhou case and the mastermind behind the Jiangzhou case. Yun Yi is confident that he knows the secret that the Lu family wants, so he does not plan to cooperate with Shen Yan.

Outside the inn, Hu Xiao was discussing strategies with Lu Mingshan. Hu Xiao sighed that Liu Ling had just engaged Lu Mingshan and was about to die here, but Lu Mingshan didn’t care about Liu Ling, he was only loyal to the Lu family. Hu Xiao was worried that Shen Yan, who was known as the cold-faced King of Hell, would not fall into the trap when he stormed at night.

In the dark night, Hu Xiao led people into the station, and Shen Yan led everyone to guard, the scene was chaotic. When Shen Yan and Hu Xiao exchanged moves, Lu Mingshan, who had entered masked, captured Liu Ling, and Shen Yan had to chase him all the way.

The golden scale guards fought with their opponents. Hu Xiao found Yun Yi and killed him with a knife. The token held in Yun Yi’s hand was taken away by Hu Xiao. After he succeeded, Hu Xiao led people to evacuate. Everyone found that Yun Yi was dead. Luo Fan ordered everyone to block the news and wait for Shen Yan to return.

Lu Mingshan took Liu Ling to the edge of a cliff, Shen Yan chased after him, Lu Mingshan took Liu Ling as a hostage, and Shen Yan had to throw away his weapon. Lu Mingshan asked Shen Yan to kneel to him, and Liu Ling cried and told Shen Yan to leave quickly, not to kneel. Shen Yan’s knees touched the ground, but Lu Mingshan didn’t intend to let it go.

He not only sneered at Shen Yan, but also stabbed Shen Yan with a knife. Liu Ling didn’t want Shen Yan to be humiliated, let alone watch Shen Yan be killed. , she pulled out the hairpin and stabbed Lu Mingshan. Lu Mingshan was stinged and threw Liu Ling out with his backhand, and Liu Ling fell off the cliff. When Liu Ling was about to close her eyes in despair, she saw Shen Yan chasing her and jumping off the cliff.

Lu Mingshan changed his attire and returned to the inn, trying to inquire about Yun Yi’s situation. Luo Fan knew that he was the mastermind behind the scenes, but there was nothing he could do. Hu Xiao and Lu Mingshan inquired about Shen Yan’s whereabouts. Lu Mingshan felt that the injured Shen Yan had little hope of surviving.

When Liu Ling, who was leaning against a big tree, woke up, she looked at Shen Yan’s back and remembered Shen Yan’s friendship with her when she was in trouble. She couldn’t help hugging Shen Yan from behind when she was in trouble. Shen Yan, who had a knife in his chest, took Liu Ling to find a cave at the bottom of the cliff. He asked Liu Ling to rest here. Liu Ling cared about Shen Yan, but Shen Yan’s attitude returned to indifference again, and Liu Ling felt that Shen Yan was wrong.

Shen Yan bandaged the wound with underwear in the cave, and came out to find Liu Ling. At this time, Liu Ling was climbing on the tree to pick wild fruits. Liu Ling stepped on the air and hung on the tree, she cried out for help, Shen Yan heard the voice and rushed over, just when Liu Ling fell, Shen Yan caught her in time. Shen Yan hugged Liu Ling, and the two looked at each other.

Shen Yan reacted and pushed Liu Ling away. Liu Ling took the fruit to Shen Yan and told him that the roasted wild fruit could heal his injury. Liu Ling wanted Huozhezi, so he reached out to Shen Yan to find it, and accidentally touched Shen Yan’s chest without underwear. Shen Yan was used to Liu Ling’s ghost spirit, and Liu Ling was a little shy.

The ghost face informed Xu Shijin about the murder of Yun Yi and the disappearance of Liu Ling. Xu Gong asked Xu Shijin to tell the prince the news. Xu Shijin said that the prince only valued the Kuyin lost in the Jiangzhou case and did not care about the grievances of the Xu family in this case, so for the time being You can’t tell the prince about this, you can only watch the changes and wait for the opportunity.

Liu Ling watched Shen Yan while roasting the fruit. Shen Yan felt that she was thinking of a bad idea again. Shen Yan helped Liu Ling wipe off the ashes on his face, and Liu Ling took the initiative to kiss Shen Yan. Shen Yan woke up from the kiss and avoided Liu Ling’s lips. Liu Ling leaned on Shen Yan and refused to let go.

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