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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 3 Recap

Liu Ling felt that Shen Yan’s attitude towards him had changed after Lu Mingshan came, so he decided that Shen Yan was jealous, but Shen Yan refused to admit it, and Liu Ling wanted to make him happy.

Shen Yan asked the detained Yun Yi if he knew the Lu family, Yun Yi denied it, and Shen Yan reminded him that Lu Mingshan was a bad visitor. After Shen Yan left, Yun Yi changed his stubborn face, and the threat of the Lu family to him also made him a little worried.

Liu Ling found out that the most famous restaurant in the town was called Xichunlou. She brought the chef of Xichunlou to the inn and cooked a table of food for Shen Yan. Luo Fan and Lingbi went to invite him several times, but Shen Yan didn’t respond. After waiting for a long time, Liu Ling came to Shen Yan with a food box, but no one in the room agreed to knock on the door.

Lu Mingshan couldn’t stand Liu Ling’s nonsense. He took Liu Ling to a remote place and warned Liu Ling not to do anything else, let alone try to challenge his bottom line. Even if he had a good impression of Liu Ling, the Lu family would not let it go. Liu Ling came here. But Liu Ling didn’t care about this threat at all. Lu Mingshan said that Liu Ling was not too young, and no one would marry her except himself. Liu Ling felt that she would rather be single than fall into an unfortunate marriage.

Shen Yan overheard the conversation between the two when he was hiding on the roof, and he seemed to feel something in his heart. Luo Fan delivered food to Shen Yan, and Shen Yan told him to pay attention to Lu Mingshan’s movements. The purpose of his trip was not to find his fiancee Liu Ling.

Liu Ling came to find Shen Yan again, but Shen Yan still couldn’t see her, so she blocked the door of the latrine and didn’t let anyone go in. The Jinlinwei people couldn’t take it anymore. Luo Fan asked Shen Yan for help. Shen Yan saw her. After arriving at Liu Ling, he carried Liu Ling back to the room without saying a word. Liu Ling told Shen Yan that he had no intention of Lu Mingshan, but Shen Yan only read the book without saying a word.

In order to attract people’s attention, Liu Ling took off his coat, directed and acted a play that was used by Shen Yan. The bigger the trouble, Shen Yan had to take action to trap Liu Ling. Shen Yan warned Liu Ling not to entangle himself again, because he valued feelings very much. Liu Ling looked surprised and was still laughing at Shen Yan’s words. At this time, Shen Yan asked Liu Ling to go away, because he thought that Liu Ling was just on a whim.

Shen Yu replied to Shen Yan’s letter, in which he reminded Shen Yan to be cautious and beware of the Lu family. Liu Ling ran out of Shen Yan’s room crying. After returning to the room and thinking about Shen Yan’s words, Liu Ling felt unwilling. Lingbi found that there was no one in the room, and hurriedly came to Shen Yan. Shen Yan saw Liu Ling’s writing “I’m going away” in the room. Liu Ling left angrily, and Shen Yan was going to go out to look for it. Before leaving, he explained some things to Lingbi.

Prince Liu Wang, the crown prince in the waterside palace of Yejing Imperial City, invited a group of courtiers. The important minister Xu Gong mentioned the arrest of Yun Yi. Liu Wang said that when Yun Yi returned to Beijing, the truth of the Jiangzhou case would be revealed. Lu Gong was worried, Xu Gong was very happy, Shen Gongle watched the enthusiasm on the side, but in fact he had his own concerns. After all, Shen Yu and Shen Yan both served in the court.

Shen Yu sat drinking in the corner of the waterside. He once had a marriage contract with Xu Shijin, the granddaughter of Xu Gong, but now Xu Shijin has become Liu Wang’s female official. Duke Lu resigned first on the grounds that he was unwell. Xu Shijin also said that he was sick and left the table first. She met Shen Yu when she returned to her residence. Shen Yu asked Xu Shijin to be more careful, but Xu Shijin’s attitude was a little cold.

Xu Gong received Liu Wang’s approval and went to the East Palace to visit Xu Shijin. He brought Xu Shijin a masked spy named Ghost Mian. This person’s name is Ghost Mian. He is not only dumb, but also wears a black mask because of his disfigurement. However, his martial arts are extremely high, and Xu Shijin asked him to stare at the Lu family. At this time, Lu Gongjing explained things to Hu Xiao. Hu Xiao has always been notorious and has been at the top of the most wanted list for many years.

The Lu family said that he earned his income and trained a team of people. Duke Lu asked Hu Xiao to take people to meet Lu Mingshan, and he must kill Yun Yi. When the ghost detective heard the news, he could come and report to Xu Shijin. Xu Shijin asked him to find Shen Yan and do everything in his power to protect Liu Ling. Xu Shijin and Liu Ling had a childhood friendship and were close friends in her boudoir. She didn’t want Liu Ling to be hurt because of this.

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