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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 26 Recap

Xin Guogong did not deceive. Since the Xungui case, the old brothers have returned the land they occupied, but some farmers are unable to cultivate and always sell their fields. Come in, the farmers will become tenants again. Tang He believes that as long as they do not violate the law, these things can be ignored. As for His Majesty’s embarrassment, it would be better to recall His Royal Highness King Yan and let the children make it clear in front of their uncles and uncles. Since the children feel wronged, why not let them speak out. Zhu Yuanzhang listened to it, and instructed the crown prince to ask the Ministry of Household to report the records of Fengyang House’s population and taxes for the past five years.

Li Shanchang asked Tang Shengzong, Lu Zhongheng and others to come to his house to discuss matters. These people were all worried that His Majesty’s order for King Yan to return to Beijing was to ask him to regain control of Jinyiwei, so they were as anxious as ants on a hot pot. Li Shanchang ordered Tang Shengzong to go to Hangzhou and meet Tang He anyway.

It was a pity that they didn’t meet in the end, and Li Shanchang suggested that these Huaixi dignitaries should return home, and he could also win some acres and property for them and His Majesty. Who knew that Zhu Yuanzhang said that Li Shanchang was blinded by them. In recent years, Fengyang has received more and more taxes, but Fengyang Mansion’s Tianmu and Dingkou have not risen but fallen. This is because those heroic figures are in Fengyang every year. Not only that, but also farmers should be their tenants.

Zhu Yuanzhang was unwilling to give the land and money. Li Shanchang was very embarrassed. Finally, when Zhu Yuanzhang said that the emperor should share the world with the people, not with the scholars and officials, he completely tore his face. Li Shan was so angry that Zhu Yuanzhang insisted on these things, and even hated him for saying that he wanted to share the world with the people.

He actually pointed at Zhu Yuanzhang and scolded the single husband twice in the hall, then dropped his cane and walked away. Zhu Yuanzhang was already completely disappointed with this group of heroes who had been born and died with him, but now they are beyond recognition. Tang Shengzong and the others kowtowed bare-chested outside the door, begging His Majesty to allow them to retire and return home, but Jin Yiwei surrounded them.

In 1390 AD, in April of the 23rd year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang revived the prison in the name of Hu Weiyong’s rebellious case ten years ago. Ju, the marquis of Nanxiong Zhao Yong, the marquis of Yichun Huang Bin, and the marquis of Henan Luju, a total of eight founding heroes were imprisoned and imprisoned.

A major case broke out, and the government and the opposition shook. Zhu Di, who was still in Jinan, received an edict from his father, the emperor, to return to Beijing quickly. When the Duke of Xin learned that the old heroes were imprisoned, he hurried back to Nanjing from Hangzhou. At that time, Zhu Yuanzhang was hoeing the ground in the palace, and there was a cocoon on his hand that he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Zhu Yuanzhang knew that Duke Xin was here to beg for mercy, but as a farmer, he knew that fields and wheat were the lives of the common people. Zhu Yuanzhang’s remarks left Duke Xin speechless. It was the Crown Prince Zhu Biao who was moved by his affection, thinking that the Duke of Korea and the others should be punished for their mistakes, but the crime did not lead to death, and Zhu Di’s performance made Zhu Yuanzhang hesitate, and he decided to think about it again.

The prince went to pick up Zhu Di, and the official made a presentation, and his father-in-law, Lord Lv, resigned. When Zhu Di returned to Beijing, Zhu Yuanzhang entrusted him with the errand of Jin Yiwei. When he went to see Li Shanchang in prison, he found that he had engraved on the wall a verse about who Xianyang really belonged to.

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