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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 25 Recap

Zhu Di led a small number of men and horses to surround the Yuan people’s camp. The magistrate suggested to kill them, but considering the lack of people and horses, Nai’er Buhua did not agree. Hearing that Zhang Yu, an old friend outside, begging for an interview, after thinking for a long time, Nai’er did not spend his life to open the camp and let him in. Zhu Di also wanted to accompany him to persuade Naier Buhua to surrender.

Duke Ying quickly stopped him, but what Zhu Di said made sense. He pretended to be a soldier next to Zhang Yu and entered the Yuanren camp together. As soon as Zhang Yu came in, Nai’er accused him of treachery and wasted the attention of King Qi on him. Zhang Yu claimed to be serving under the command of King Yan, and did not despise being in the company of Lan Yu.

When Zhang Yu stated the purpose of this trip, Nai’er didn’t believe that the Ming army would give them food at first, so he asked the King of Yan to come before him and be a witness with himself, so that he would believe what the King of Yan said. Hearing this, Zhu Di, who was behind Zhang Yu, stood up and revealed his identity.

In the end, Nai’er Buhua Nai’er Buhua took his subordinates to ask Zhu Di to surrender, and the food had already been brought into the Yuanren camp. Naier Buhua asked King Yan how to deal with the Yuan soldiers and the herdsmen. Zhu Di’s answer shocked him. As long as the Yuan soldiers were sincerely attached, Zhu Xi would ask the imperial edict to incorporate them into the army of Peiping. They open up a meadow.

Ying Guogong and Nai’er Buhua, who were hostile in the past, are now ministers of the same dynasty, which is really good luck. Nai’er did not spend looking at King Yan, and then told Duke Ying that he had a good master. Soon, the 600-mile good news from Peiping was rushed back to the capital, and at the same time, the golden seal beast button of Nai’er did not spend. Li Shanchang took the lead and knelt down to congratulate His Majesty, and the other officials knelt down.

The golden seal beast button that Lan Yu obtained and lost back then was now taken back by King Yan. Zhu Yuanzhang was so happy that he didn’t know what to do. Apart from rewarding King Yan, there is nothing to give him.

They returned to Peiping and looked at Peiping from the top of the mountain. Nai’er Buhua said that Peiping seemed to be a little smaller. Zhu Di told him that when Xu Da was there, he demolished some of Peiping. Speaking of Xu Da, Nai’er didn’t say that King Qi was sympathetic to Xu Da, and always wanted to leave him a jar of wine, but unfortunately there was no chance.

Miaoyun was naturally angry and worried about Zhu Di’s risk of life, but after getting angry, she still reminded Zhu Xi that Xia Yuanji, who had helped Zhu Xi a lot, is still in the prison of the Chase. Only then did Zhu Di remember, and hurriedly went to the prison to tell him the good news that Nai’er did not spend the money, Xia Yuanji shouted that God bless Daming.

The reason why Zhu Di succeeded in persuading him to surrender this time was inseparable from the help of Xia Yuanji. At that time, Nai’er did not have any food, and they only fed on bark, wool and other things. Zhu Di promised to win this battle without bloodshed. Xia Yuanji took the risk of giving Zhu Di food. The emperor waived Su Song’s money and food, because Su Song’s people were too miserable.

Zhu Di took Xia Yuanji to see Master Daoyan, and Xia Yuanji recognized the master as Mr. Yao from Changzhou. Daoyan reminded Zhu Di not to get carried away. This time he did an amazing thing, but the reward given to him by His Majesty was only a little. This shows that Zhu Di was so surprising that His Majesty did not know what to do.

In ancient times, there were people who pleaded guilty to Jing Jing, but now there is Lan Yu who is bare-handed and begging His Majesty for mercy, Li Jinglong and Xu Yungong don’t know what he did. Many Hanlin scholars in the Hanlin Academy quarreled, arguing over whether Zhu Di should be punished for not obeying the military regulations. Zhu Yunwen and Haibie had a deep relationship. After fishing, he asked Haibie to ride the carriage with him.

Zhu Yunwen told Haibie all his heartfelt words. Daoyan told Zhu Di that His Majesty did not think of one level, that Zhu Di would always be his son. Xing Guogong Tang He entered the palace. He was one of the few old brothers left by Zhu Yuanzhang. Zhu Yuanzhang asked him if the other old brothers were still doing illegal things in Fengyang.

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