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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 16 Recap

The frost in Lin Haoqing’s body broke out again, and he endured the pain, thinking that when Ji Yunhe woke up, he would join forces with Ru Jun to destroy Zhu Yan’s remnant soul. Zhu Yan used to be an ancient beast, very ferocious, Lin Haoqing reminded Changyi to be more careful. Later, Changyi brought Lin Haoqing to see Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe was still unconscious. Lin Haoqing took out Ji Yunhe’s favorite sweet-scented osmanthus cake from his arms. , he wanted to stay with Ji Yunhe in this life, but Ji Yunhe chose the long-term meaning, Lin Haoqing decided to let go, and sincerely wished her a safe future.

Before leaving, Lin Haoqing told Changyi to take good care of Ji Yunhe. He ignored Siyu’s dissuasion and insisted on going to Lutaishan Xianshi Mansion to find Zhu Yan Remnant Soul and Ning Qing to fight to the death, not wanting Ji Yunhe to be in danger again. Qingji heard the conversation between Lin Haoqing and Siyu, and hurriedly stood up to ask the truth. Qingji proposed to join forces with Lin Haoqing to enter the Immortal Master’s Mansion. soul.

Changyi brought Ji Yunhe to the hut on the island in the heart of the lake to retreat, while Luo Jinsang and Kong Ming were guarding the door, always watching their progress. Changyi used all her spiritual power to heal Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe saw Ning Xiyu again in her dream. Ning Xiyu wished her and Changyi a happy ending for this reunion. Ji Yunhe woke up in a daze, and Changyi was overjoyed. Crazy, wanted to find Kong Ming to check her pulse, Ji Yunhe hurriedly grabbed him.

When Luo Jinsang heard Ji Yunhe wake up, she was overjoyed. She complained that Kong Ming should not hide the news of Ji Yunhe’s resurrection. Kong Ming apologized to her again and again, but Luo Jinsang no longer pursued it. The two of them talked and laughed and left. Ji Yunhe wanted to see the beauty of Beiyuan, and Changyi took her to the top of the mountain. Ji Yunhe was deeply attracted by the beauty in front of her, and Changyi promised her freedom. After experiencing life and death, Ji Yunhe realized that wandering the world is not freedom, only It is the happiest to stay by Changyi’s side. Changyi was deeply moved and couldn’t help hugging Ji Yunhe tightly.

Ji Yunhe explained the previous misunderstanding. She had never betrayed Changyi. Changyi knew this for a long time. She knew that Ji Yunhe had not betrayed or abandoned him. It was to save him from beginning to end. It was only because Changyi was angry with herself. Let the two miss a lot of good times. Changyi promised to properly settle Beiyuan’s affairs, so he took Ji Yunhe around the world. Ji Ning was worried about Ji Yunhe, so he came to Kong Ming to inquire, and told him about Ji Chengyu’s involuntary predicament, and asked Kong Ming to help Ji Chengyu, Kong Ming felt that Ji Chengyu lacked the courage to save himself.

Qing Ji came to Ning to settle the account and asked him to pay for Ning Ruochu’s life. Ning Qing insisted that Qing Ji and Ning Ruochu were involved in Ning Xiyu’s murder. Her life is better than death, Ning Qing threatened to let everyone be buried with Ning Xiyu, and the two of them fought each other when they disagreed.

Lin Haoqing brought Siyu to the secret room of the Immortal Master’s Mansion. He killed Zhu Yan’s remnant soul hidden behind the painting. Lin Haoqing was seriously injured. Ji Chengyu came after hearing the news, and he let Lin Haoqing and Siyu go away without telling the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Qing Ji and Ning Qing did not give in to each other, and the two of them fought indistinguishably. Ning Qing sneaked up on Qing Ji from behind while she was not prepared, and severely injured her.

Ning Qing returned to the Immortal Master’s Mansion and saw that the painting was destroyed, Ning Qing gritted his teeth in anger, Ji Chengyu took the initiative to confess his guilt to him, and persuaded Ning Qing to recognize his mistakes and not to make mistakes again and again. After all the power was collected, Zhu Yan’s remnant soul came to Ning Qing for the theory, and Ning Qing promised to let him go out for revenge.

Ji Yunhe saw Ning Xiyu in a dream and learned that Qing Ji had an accident. Ning Xiyu lent Ji Yunhe his eyes to let her see Qing Ji’s current situation. Qing Ji was detained in Congji, she was completely disheartened, Ning Ruochu suddenly came to her and encouraged Qing Ji not to give up easily.

The remnant soul of Zhu Yan then came to the Jisuo and tried hard to persuade Qing Ji to cooperate with him. He wanted to get Qing Ji’s body, and even agreed to kill Ning Qing. Qing Ji pretended to agree, and the remnant soul of Zhu Yan merged with her. Ji Yunhe saw Qing Ji’s situation and wanted to stop her, but he couldn’t do anything. Ning Xiyu wanted to come to Ji Yunhe’s consciousness to see Qing Ji.

Qing Ji and Zhu Yan’s remnant soul merged into one. She tried her best to kill Zhu Yan’s remnant soul, but both were injured. Ning Xiyu came with Ji Yunhe’s consciousness. Before telling Ji Yunhe Zhu Yan’s hiding place. Qing Ji has loved, hated, resented, and missed her whole life, but she doesn’t regret her life now. In this way, Qing Ji and Ning Ruochu were able to reunite together as they wished. Ji Yunhe was awakened by Changyi. She told the story of Qing Ji and Zhu Yan’s remnant soul.

Ji Yunhe discovered that Zhu Yan’s remnant soul was hidden in Ning Qing’s ring, and wanted to eradicate Ning Qing while Zhu Yan’s remnant soul was weak. Ji Yunhe discovered that Ning Qing’s weakness was heart, and decided to use slavery to deal with him. Ji Yunhe came to the Immortal Master’s Mansion early in the morning to find Ning Qing, and said Ning Xiyu’s name in person. Ning Qing was surprised. Ji Yunhe admitted that she and Ning Xiyu met in a dream.

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