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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 6 Recap

Just when everyone thought that Feng Qiwu would be the leader this autumn, how could they know that Hei Fengxi had ordered his own soldiers to come here with twenty elk, which belonged to the most prey among those present. Hei Fengxi said that he had been ill for a long time and became a half-doctor, so when he was studying medicine, he accidentally learned that blue-tailed flower juice can temporarily tame wild beasts, and he could not bear the evil karma of killing. Chasing the deer for the father and king.

When Feng Qiwu returned to the mansion, he asked the elders of the family to go to the hidden spring water pavilion to buy information about Feng Lanxi for her. He wanted to see what kind of city mansion the second highness in this rumor was, and he was able to hide from the presence. Everyone, including even her, looked away, but they didn’t know that Hei Fengxi and Feng Lanxi were the same person.

Ren Chuanyun had seen the Second Highness’s extraordinary skills in the paddock today, and he was very curious about why he was hiding his strength and showing weakness in front of outsiders. Huanniang hesitated for a moment, but she still told the truth. The former queen, Zhenjing, held her bow and was unparalleled in virtue and virtue. Knowing that King Yong had a concubine Baili before the wedding, she still welcomed Baili into the palace and raised the son born by Baili by her side. It is His Highness Feng Chang.

It is precisely because of this that His Highness Feng Chang is cold and mean to others, but he is unusually close to Feng Lan. However, the first queen gave birth to Feng Lanxi, and her health was not as good as before. Bai Li took the opportunity to win the favor of King Yong, and soon gave birth to the third highness, Feng Ju, and was even promoted to the position of concubine.

The first queen did not compete with Baili’s favor because of her status, and she was afraid of being stained with the word jealousy, and she died in tears within a few years. Soon after, Baili Shi was established as the successor, and the current queen who went to Ningshan to worship Buddha ten days ago. The world praises Baili’s goodness and virtue, and regards Feng Lanxi as a parent-child, but the world does not know that Baili just wants to raise Feng Lanxi, and deliberately arranges the bewitching girl to serve her, just to help her own. The third highness, Feng Ju, seeks the throne of the heir.

After the death of the previous king, King Yong not only did not immediately establish Feng Lanxi as his heir, but also never really cared about him. Poor Feng Lanxi had to fight with Baili’s guile and the snake, and at the same time worked hard. After three years of patience, he finally took the opportunity of being poisoned by Baili to drive them away. This is why Feng Lanxi The real reason for showing weakness.

Hei Fengxi couldn’t help feeling relieved when he learned that Tianshuangmen had set off for Mawangbao. It turned out that she was in line with what he thought. On the contrary, Feng Wutong had already taken the initiative to attack, and Hei Fengxi would naturally not turn a deaf ear, so he asked Zhong Li to send a message to her, and agreed to meet at Baiyun Pavilion at noon tomorrow.

Bai Fengxi and the others followed the master and arrived in Jizhou before the Broken Soul Gate. For today’s plan, they need to be prepared and ask Jun to enter the urn. Since it is a layout, they also need the cooperation of the Ma family. Only in this way can they stop the conspiracy of the Broken Soul Gate. After obtaining Bai Jiande’s consent, Bai Fengxi took the initiative to visit and revealed to the owner Ma Mengqi that the real purpose of the Duanhunmen massacre of the four major sects was to gather the four unique skills of Qibing, Medicine, Array and Ma. Secretly form a powerful army, then take over the world.

Originally, Ma Mengqi thought that the Han, Tie, and Xuanyuan families were nothing more than a battle between the rivers and lakes, but he did not expect that it would involve the world, so he readily agreed to cooperate with Tianshuangmen.

Since the end of the last hunting game, His Highness Feng Chang has not seen his second brother come to him for a long time. He simply went over to ask the teacher to ask the guilt in person. matter. Hei Fengxi knew that the eldest brother was concerned, and patiently explained the reason to him, and offered the gift of apology with his own hands.

Feng Qiwu went to Baiyun Pavilion as scheduled, and he saw his second highness who was thinking about it. Compared with the humble attitude he showed in front of outsiders, he seemed more real and confident at the moment, with an aura that was completely different from the two. Therefore, Feng Qiwu treated Hei Fengxi frankly, using the allusions of Sima Xiangru as a metaphor, and willingly became Zhuo Wenjun to assist him. Hei Fengxi also responded and formally reached an alliance.

Fortunately, Tianshuangmen set up a bureau, and this time Mawangbao successfully ambush the killer of Duanhunmen, saving the whole door from being slaughtered. But Bai Fengxi thinks that the Broken Soul Gate has not achieved its goal, and will not let it go. I am afraid it will make a comeback. Maybe the next time the person appointed is stronger, Tianshuang Gate must continue to stay in Mawangbao.

Zhong Li reported to Hei Fengxi about the situation of the Broken Soul Gate. Among them, six of the most mysterious Ten Temples, Yama, had already rushed to Mawangbao and could arrive in less than three days. Because the Ten Temples Yama is extremely mysterious, there is very little information about Yinquan Shuixie. Only one person named “Chu Jiang” was known to kill the five masters of Mingyuezhuang with one person, and finally he was able to retreat.

Hei Fengxi took Bai Fengxi’s safety into consideration, but because it was difficult to escape, he deliberately angered King Yong at the court meeting, and was punished by him to stop thinking for half a month. Feng Ju gloated at this, but did not know that Hei Fengxi did it on purpose. After the court meeting was over, King Yong came to Lanxi Mansion again, saying that after thinking about it, he felt that his words in the court were somewhat reasonable.

King Yong hoped that Hei Fengxi would recover as soon as possible, and he would get a job for him at that time, but Hei Fengxi declined the intention of King Yong to reuse it on the grounds of physical discomfort. The brothers of the Ren family were very puzzled by this, but Hei Fengxi had his own plans. He knew that the father and king had always been suspicious and suspicious. No matter how capable or not his sons were, he did not want them to stare at his throne too early.

Sun Si was instructed to report to Bai Fengxi that Broken Soul Gate had sent a master, so Hei Fengxi asked him to convey his message, telling him to be careful, and to seek help from Yinquan Shuixie if he had any questions. Bai Fengxi suddenly thought that he really needed Sun Si’s help, so he set up an ambush in the Ma’s Courtyard in advance to protect his family from poisonous hands.

Sure enough, that night, the Broken Soul Gate attacked Mawangbao again. Although Bai Fengxi was a top expert in the arena, the six Yan Luo people should not be underestimated. Tianshuangmen and others tried their best to fight, but gradually fell behind. Bai Jiande was seriously injured because of concern for his daughter’s safety.

At the same time, Ma Mengqi and others were injured one after another. Seeing this, Bai Fengxi urged them to leave as soon as possible. Fortunately, at the critical moment, Hei Fengxi fell from the sky. He saw that Bai Fengxi was injured, and in a rage, he killed three people in a row, and the last remaining Yama master died tragically under the sword of Yu Wuyuan.

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