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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 3 Recap

This time, Bai Fengxi had no choice but to teach Qi Yun a lesson. He planned to cooperate with the Qi family, but how did he know that he would actually form a relationship with the other party. However, Hei Fengxi didn’t care about this at all, as if he could be sure that everything was under his control. Only the stronger the performance in cooperation, the more things he would get.

Qi Yun ran home to complain to his father. Unexpectedly, after his father Qi Yannian heard the ins and outs, he immediately took him to apologize to Hei Fengxi and handed over 30% of the Qi family’s property. However, Qi Yannian also came with a purpose, hoping that Hei Fengxi could help him get the official salt trading letter.

Since the letter is in the hands of the Shang family, it is not easy to obtain this thing. Hei Fengxi took the opportunity to ask for half of the Qi family’s property, and successfully obtained information about the Shang family from the other party’s mouth. He learned that Shang Ye would leave on the third day of every month Fangge, it happens to be today. After the Qi family’s father and son left, Bai Fengxi came out from the side, feeling that Hei Fengxi was indeed a black fox, and he could have a windfall in addition to the news.

In the blink of an eye, it was already evening, and Bai Fengxi followed Hei Fengxi to Lifang Pavilion. He couldn’t help complaining that the girls on the stage were dancing the soul-sucking dance, and only those hungry men would be captured. Hei Fengxi retorted that not all men are so vulgar, how could Bai Fengxi come over and deliberately tease him, which made him nervous.

Considering that the rules of Broken Soul Gate are to fall into the enemy’s hands and commit suicide by taking poison, since it is impossible to force it, you can only guide the other party to tell the truth. At the request of Hei Fengxi, Bai Fengxi had to dress up as a dancer, thus seducing Shang and revealing his connection with the Soul Breaker unknowingly.

Seeing that the situation was similar, Hei Fengxi took action to tap Shang Ye’s acupuncture point, and because it was the first time he saw Bai Fengxi’s red dress, he couldn’t help but be amazed by the other party. After a short period of embarrassment, Hei Fengxi pressed Shang to reveal the location of the Broken Soul Gate, and Shang also said that he only knew that the branch of the Broken Soul Gate was within Yucheng, and immediately used the drawing as an excuse to jump out of the window to escape.

Seeing this, the two followed closely, and soon came to the sub-rudder of the Broken Soul Gate. There were no traces of people around, and there was a strangeness from the inside to the outside. Hei Fengxi explained that Bai Fengxi should obey him in all actions and must not act impulsively, but Bai Fengxi disagreed. Although Broken Soul Gate used the hidden Broken Soul Eight Ghost Array, it was easily cracked by Hei Fengxi in the end, and it was considered to have avenged the Yucheng stronghold.

Shang Ye and others ran too fast, Hei Fengxi missed the first time, and instantly felt shameless. But fortunately, the other party left something, and the pattern on it looked very strange. They were called Cricket and Juxu, which represented a force that was enough to make the richest man in Yucheng bow his head.

This matter is over, and the Broken Soul Gate will not appear again for the time being. Next, Bai Fengxi will take Han Pu back to Tianshuang Gate. But that night, a fire destroyed the entire Shang family, and the next day there was news that Shang also set himself on fire. Bai Fengxi misunderstood that Hei Fengxi did it on purpose, so that he could obtain two properties and get a good reputation, and scolded him on the spot as a cunning, treacherous and selfish black fox.

As soon as the words fell, Bai Fengxi found that the men downstairs were very familiar. After thinking about it carefully, they were actually the guards of the Shang family. Only then did he realize that he had misunderstood Hei Fengxi. It turned out that he had no life. Hei Fengxi admitted that he didn’t think that Shang would be able to burn Wanguan’s family wealth without hesitation, and he didn’t forget his wife and children when he left.

Because of this, Bai Fengxi felt that he was too impulsive, so he took Han Pu and turned around and left, blaming himself and annoyed as he walked. It happened that Bai Fengxi found two injured birds, one black and one white were very pleasing, so they discussed with Hei Fengxi, and the two of them raised one each, which is considered a good deed.

After leaving Yucheng, Bai Fengxi took Han Pu to Taizhen, Shangzhou, and had to climb another mountain to reach Tianshuangmen. Han Pu regretted following Bai Fengxi very much, Jun’s face was completely lost, his eyes were dim, and his mouth was still chanting words weakly. Bai Fengxi also felt embarrassed, so she led him to eat noodles nearby, and unexpectedly found a large number of refugees pouring into Tai Town, and only when asked to find out that they were all from Qiyun Shicheng.

Now that the Xuanji Order, which had commanded the world, was lost, Shangzhou also took this opportunity to attack Luocheng, preparing to attack the royal family. Bai Fengxi couldn’t bear it, so she gave the only silver leaf on her body to the merchant to help the refugees buy some food to eat. Hei Fengxi also noticed the refugees along the way, and concluded that the King of Shang was testing the bottom line of the royal family, and he would never allow such a foolish idiot to mess up his schemes.

At this moment, the army of Shangzhou was approaching Luoyang City, and Luocheng City Lord Fei Sheng was so distressed that he could neither escape nor surrender, so he could only discuss countermeasures with the capital Liu Wenxiang. The number one son in the world, Yu Mianyuan, suddenly came alone, and bluntly said that Luocheng was in a dead end, and he was willing to personally persuade the King of Shang to retreat.

Bai Fengxi took Han Pu to grill fish on the mountain, but Han Pu blew the fire too hard, turning her white face into a black and white face. Han Pu was worried that he would be scolded by Bai Fengxi, so he immediately bowed and ran into the bushes, almost dying under Xiao Xuekong’s sword. Fortunately, Bai Fengxi appeared in time, and two fingers clamped the blade, asking Xiao Xuekong and Han Pu to apologize.

Dynasty came out from the side, became interested in Bai Fengxi, and took the initiative to fight with her. Only heard the sound of continuous sword strikes, the two were already close to each other, and after a few moves, they were evenly matched. Bai Fengxi’s skill made the dynasty admire her, and she began to doubt her identity. Today, she is the second person in the world who has not fallen behind. The previous master was Yu Mianyuan.

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