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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 2 Recap

Bai Fengxi simply stated that he came here for the Han family’s elixir. Such a leisurely tone was as simple as borrowing a spoon of salt from an old friend. However, before Han Xuanling could open his mouth, someone was already arguing for him. He looked at Bai Fengxi, a young girl, who was still young, and his skills were not too high.

Several people attacked Bai Fengxi at the same time, and the weapons in their hands shone with cold light, stabbing directly at the key points. For a time, people in the garden were flying around, tables and chairs were banging, knives and swords were banging, and the fight was very lively. But Bai Fengxi was still calm, and beat them to the ground in three or two blows, with the sound of some people’s pain, the sound of broken dishes, and the sound of tables and chairs breaking.

But for a moment, the garden was in a mess, and the most embarrassing were those heroes who besieged Feng Xi. On the other side, Hei Fengxi stood quietly outside the door, seeing that it was almost time, so he let the doorman come in after the notification, Han Xuanling hurriedly stepped forward to greet him. The “black fox” in Bai Fengxi’s mouth is now using the name of “King of Benevolence” to resolve the grievances in front of him with ease.

Hei Fengxi apologized to Han Xuanling on behalf of Bai Fengxi. Although he took your family’s elixir forcibly, it was all used to save people and did not seek personal gain. Listening to Hei Fengxi’s words, Han Xuanling couldn’t help but feel a little moved, thinking that the two of them had a good relationship, and that he and these heroes were not Bai Fengxi’s opponents. To pay for her, why not be a favored person.

After solving the current trouble, Bai Fengxi took the medicine and returned to the cave. How could he know that Yan Yingzhou had long since disappeared, and the other party had left without saying goodbye before she could return. All the tyrants are looking for the whereabouts of Yan Yingzhou. Hei Fengxi guessed that Yan Yingzhou did not want to drag Bai Fengxi down, but with Bai Fengxi’s temperament, he would manage to the end, and a war would be inevitable tonight.

In the south of Xuanshan Mountain, Bai Fengxi came to the depths of the jungle alone, and sure enough, there she saw the weak Yan Yingzhou, her face was as pale as paper, and her lips were already dark blue. After taking the Buddha Heart Pill handed over by Bai Fengxi, the toxins in Yan Yingzhou’s body were gradually suppressed, but before he had enough time to breathe, he suddenly realized that the crisis was approaching.

A bright sword light covered them, and the two of them swept back at the same time, avoiding the attack, and then a white silk flew out and a long sword stabbed to meet the group of men in black who descended from the sky. The other party is a first-class master, no better than the heroes of the rivers and lakes who are mixed in the daytime. There were ten people in this group, four of them surrounded Yanyingzhou, while the other six were entangled in Fengxi. Bai Fengxi and Yanyingzhou fought side by side to break out of the siege, but unfortunately it was a little difficult.

Taking advantage of Yan Yingzhou’s distraction, the man in black attacked again, causing the Xuanji Token in his baggage to fall out. Bai Fengxi subconsciously reached out to catch it, but he was poisoned. Yan Yingzhou hurriedly sealed Bai Fengxi’s acupoints to prevent the spread of toxins, and left four Buddha Heart Pills for her.

In order to divert those men in black, Yan Yingzhou instructed Bai Fengxi in advance to hand over the sword to the prince of Jizhou, and the great kindness would be repaid in the next life. When Bai Fengxi woke up and went to look for Yan Yingzhou, he was surrounded by Broken Soul Gate, and was rescued by Hei Fengxi the moment he fell off the cliff. Hei Fengxi took Bai Fengxi back to Shuixie, healed her wounds in person, and used jade snow lotus as medicine.

As for the dagger that Bai Fengxi protects with his life, there is a mysterious order hidden in it, but in Hei Fengxi’s view, this order is imitated, and it seems that Yan Yingzhou is just a pretense, and even he is kept in the dark. inside. The Jizhou Dynasty has always cherished talents, and will definitely not let Yan Yingzhou die because of this, and now throw out a fake Xuanji order, causing the world’s heroes to die, so the man behind the scenes benefits.

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