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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 1 Recap

Today, the world is divided into seven parts, and the Dadong Emperor’s family should be respected. It has been a hundred years since the establishment of the Wei Lie Emperor. Because of the Xuanji Order to check and balance the Sixth Middle School, the various vassal states are also safe. As Prince Jingyan hurriedly entered the palace, the masters of the six states paid close attention, and news of Xuan Jiling’s loss soon came out.

Dadong Chunxi Emperor immediately issued an edict to the kings of the six states, ordering them to search for the Xuanji Order with all their strength, and the so-called Xuanji Order represents the supreme symbol of imperial power, and the person who obtains the order is the rightful ruler of the world.

After Xuan Ji disappeared, all the heroes in the world would not want to be able to ascend to the supreme position. Moreover, the imperial family was already weak at the moment, and the six states were becoming more and more disobedient. Among them, the king of Yongzhou was the most ambitious and the most cunning and cunning.

In the rivers and lakes, two outstanding masters are world-famous, one is the female hero “Bai Fengxi” from Tianshuangmen, and the other is the son of Lanxi “Black Fengxi” who is in charge of the hidden spring water pavilion. The two were constantly fighting because of their names, and it was always difficult to tell them apart. Originally, Hei Fengxi never dealt with people, but he was very concerned about Bai Fengxi. As for the outside world, it is said that black and white are inseparable.

Although Hei Fengxi seldom went down the mountain, he was still able to sit and watch the world’s major events. He was certain that there must be something wrong with Xuanji’s loss, so he asked his attendant Zhongli to notify the various departments of Shuixie to collect news related to the emperor’s house and find out the reason behind it. Since then, the various forces have been fighting for blood and blood, but they have searched for a needle in a haystack and found no trace. It was not until a month later that there was a clue about Xuan Jiling.

It was just at the foot of Xuanshan Mountain in the western part of Beizhou, but everyone was chasing under the scorching sun. The one who ran at the front was a man in black. The man was forced into the dense forest in the mountains, and he saw the crowd gradually pouring out from the opposite side. Among those people were soldiers in uniform, scholars in Confucian robes, some dressed as merchants, and some like peasants… The costumes were different, the expressions were different, and they were the same. The point is that the swords in his hands are all pointed at the people around him.

The man in black was about twenty-seven or eighteen years old. He was holding a long sword. He had been injured in many places, and blood was constantly flowing out. Due to the long-term challenge, he was exhausted, but he still stood tall and looked at the crowd with a grim expression, not like a fugitive at the end of the road, but like a general who wants to fight the enemy to the death.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Bai Fengxi rescued the man. As she said, this man was one of the four generals in Jizhou, the famous Gale General Yan Yingzhou. Bai Fengxi took Yan Yingzhou away and placed him in a cave on the north peak of Xuanshan Mountain. Considering that he was too poisoned, he went to Han’s house in person.

As we all know, although the Han family is ranked in the martial arts family, it is not based on the superb martial arts, but is famous in the world for the family’s elixir. Zifusan is an elixir for trauma, and Foxin Dan is a holy product for detoxification. People in the Jianghu are all licking blood, and injuries and poisoning happen at any time.

Therefore, the Han family’s elixir is extremely eager for Jianghu people. It’s just that the Han family’s medicines are unique and secret, and they will never be given away easily. Therefore, although the Han family’s martial arts are not high, but everyone in the martial arts gives three points to the Han family.

Today is the 60th birthday of the head of the Han family, Han Xuanling, but seeing the endless traffic and horses in front of her house, the courtyard is like a city, and there are hundreds of banquets in the garden. Not only heroes from all walks of life in Beizhou and famous squires from Ruancheng came, but also heroes from other countries came from afar to congratulate Old Man Han on his birthday.

When the host and guests were enjoying themselves, suddenly a clear and bright voice sounded, covering all the noise in the garden. The guests looked at the sound in amazement, and saw Bai Fengxi sitting on the roof, leaning against the eaves, white long clothes fluttering gently in the sun like clouds in the sky, and looking down at the house with a bright smile. guests.

Bai Fengxi has always seen the head but not the end of the dragon god. In the past, it often happened that the Han family’s elixir was forcibly taken, so he had a conflict with Han Xuanling. However, she is highly skilled in martial arts and can come and go freely in the Han family. Han Xuanling really has nothing to do, but there are many heroes present today, and he has a bit of courage to challenge Bai Fengxi.

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