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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 24 Recap

Miaoyun prayed incense for the prince, and talked with Master Daoyan by the way. There were some words that she was inconvenient to say to Zhu Di, so she could only tell Daoyan. At present, the imperial court’s attack on Mobei is in full swing, and Zhu Di is considering whether to go to the table.

Daoyan gave him an idea in a few words, and it was up to Zhu Di to say what happened. The Northern Expedition cost a lot of money, but Zhu Yuanzhang believed that a Northern Expedition to clear Mobei, although it seemed to be expensive, was worth several Northern Expeditions.

Zhu Yuanzhang asked the crown prince to see Zhu Di’s presentation, and he said it very nicely, saying that as long as his father sent him to join the expedition, no matter who the general was sent, he would faithfully obey the order. Zhu Yuanzhang decided not only to send Zhu Di to join the expedition this time, but also to add the third king of Jin.

Soon, Zhu Yuanzhang issued an edict, and named Lanyu as the general to conquer the enemy, while the King of Yan lived in Peiping for a long time, and the enemy was prepared for details, and he could be the deputy general of the left, and the king of Jin was the deputy general of the right. Li Shanchang knelt down first, shouting to His Majesty Shengming, and the rest of the officials also knelt down and agreed.

It is well known that Lan Yu and Zhu Di were at odds. The prince was worried that the two would go wrong due to conflicts, so he gave Duke Ying two imperial edicts. . If it was Zhu Di’s bad deeds, then take out a second imperial decree to cut his military power and let him return to Peiping for investigation. If the two edicts are of no use, take it back.

Zhu Di had already taken Jing Qi out of the city and rendezvoused with Lan Yu. Seeing that the grain carriage could not cross the slope, Zhu Di came down to help and accidentally saw Xia Yuanji. It turned out that Xia Yuanji advocated not to spend manpower, material and financial resources on the northern expedition. His Royal Highness asked him to accompany the army to supervise food, and by the way, let’s see why this battle was fought.

The army has penetrated deep into Mobei, but there is still no trace of the Yuan people. Lan Yu ordered that if they encounter herdsmen, they will be captured as much as possible, and if they are heavy, they will be burned. Zhu Di suggested that the detachment should send out elite cavalry, and once the traces of the Yuan people were found, they would be attacked with cavalry. Lan Yu objected, he believed that Yuan Bing was best at lure the enemy in depth with a small team, and then wiped out all of them.

Zhu Di did not comply with his request, and after discovering the trace of Nai’erbuhua, he led his own troops to go out. Lan Yu was dissatisfied, and ordered the class teacher to return to the court on the grounds that he could not control a prince. When Duke Ying heard this, he was greatly shocked, and immediately ordered five hundred guards to follow him out of the city to chase King Yan.

When the news came back to Miaoyun, Daoyan analyzed that, in the final analysis, it was Zhu Di who violated the rules first, but Zhu Di was not reckless, but he did so sooner or later. Lan Yu led the army back to Guanfengkou. Since the city gate had been locked, he could only re-enter the gate tomorrow. Who would have thought that Lanyu was so stupid that he confronted the Ming soldiers at Guanfengkou with swords and swords.

Zhu Yuanzhang was furious, and the courtiers hurriedly asked him to calm down. Nai’er Buhua’s troops and herdsmen were already exhausted, so Zhang Yu mixed in, got a good feel for the place, and went back to tell Zhu Di the news that Nai’er Buhua was running out of food. Duke Ying has also found the trace of Zhu Di, and also taught Zhu Di to prepare water next time, so as to avoid people finding whereabouts, Zhu Di has long guessed that he must have an edict to let him go back to Peiping, otherwise he will not So much so, that he didn’t salute when he saw himself. Over the years, Zhu Di has been reborn long ago. Duke Ying was ashamed and did not issue an edict, but tacitly went out with Zhu Di to inquire about the enemy’s situation.

Zhu Di also brought food, and once again learned that Nai’er Buhua had run out of food, and Duke Ying already knew Zhu Di’s intentions. Instead of eating the leg of lamb handed over by his subordinates, Nai Er asked him to take the leg of lamb and give it to the woman who had just given birth. There is no water in the kettle, and they are in a desperate situation.

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