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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 21 Recap

Zhu Xiongying had been dead for three years, but Zhu Biao still felt guilt in his heart, and Lu Shi thoughtfully comforted him. Zhu Biao is glad that he still has her, but the father and emperor have no mother. In the past few years, the father’s body and bones have become worse and worse than before, and recently, he has become angry because the prince is involved in politics. Originally, he was going to invent an edict to admonish these princes, but was persuaded by the prince.

After hearing that His Majesty had reprimanded several princes, Xu Miaojin quickly asked Xu Zengshou to help her polish the ink, and she wanted to pass the news to Miaoyun. Peiping, the King of Yan and the generals analyzed the Yuan people’s attack. Xu Da said that if they could not understand the Yuan people’s intentions, they would go out of the city to find out. Zhu Di, along with the generals and Xu Da, left the city of Peiping.

Miaoyun hurried to see Xu Da, and on the way back to the palace, she remembered what her father said. He wanted to make Zhu Di stand up in the army as soon as possible, and prevent others from bullying King Yan and his family. He wanted them to have more money in their hands. Miao Yun also knew that Zhang Yu once said that when King Qi was alive, he would never face the people on the grassland with swords.

Miaoyun then asked him what he should do if King Qi was gone. Zhu Di, Zhu Neng and others hid in the dark to observe the Yuan people. Right now, a large number of Yuan soldiers were riding around the tree. Zhu Neng quietly told Zhu Xi that this was the action and scale of the Yuan people when they were mourning. Zhu Di urged to be careful, and to catch a live one and come back for questioning.

Zhu Yuanzhang asked Zhu Biao if he had made up his mind about who should be appointed as the future heir to the crown prince. Zhu Biao had not made up his mind yet. After all, the two children were still young, and the selection of the president of the Jinke Examination was the top priority. Zhu Biao already had a candidate in mind, and that was Lu Ben, the minister of households. Before the test, Li Shanchang handed Lv Ben a roster, and most of the people on it were related to those heroes.

Lu Ben thought deeply and chose not according to the roster he gave him, but selected those underprivileged children who had passed the test with their true talents and practical knowledge. Li Shanchang was very angry, but Zhu Yuanzhang was very relieved. He felt that Lu Ben knew the general situation and knew how to advance and retreat. The prince’s father-in-law was really good. Xu Da was old and frail, and Zhu Di returned to inspect the enemy’s situation outside the city, and hurried to see Xu Da.

Xu Da, who was lying on the bed, ordered someone to bring him a handsome seal, and told Zhu Di that before the imperial court sent someone to Peiping, the King of Yan would be the agent of military affairs on the northern front, and he would control all the troops and horses in Peiping. Miaoyun worried that Zhu Xi, who had no power of size, would not be able to control those arrogant soldiers, so he wanted Daoyan to help him and tell Zhu Xi what he said.

This sentence is that if Zhu Di wants to make meritorious deeds and seek peace, he will do so today. Zhu Xi followed Xu Da’s previous practice and led his army into the land of Mobei. Zhang Yu wanted Daoyan to persuade Zhu Xi to give up this dangerous practice, but Daoyan’s words moved him instead. In the end, Zhang Yu resolutely went out of the city with Zhu Di to Mobei, and the promise not to face each other with swords and swords from the prairie has been turned to ashes with time.

The commander of Miyunwei, Zheng Heng, refused to accept Zhu Di, and he demanded that his soldiers should be better than Yanshanwei under King Yan. King Yan led a team to follow the Yuan soldiers and poisoned a small lake, poisoning some of the Yuan soldiers. Zhu Di also intends to continue to go deep into Mobei. Zhang Yu said with emotion that his tactics are more like King Qi. Xu Da was sent back to Nanjing to recuperate, and Zhu Yuanzhang visited him personally.

Former old friends Yuchun and Baoer have passed away, and Xu Da also knows that his days are coming to an end. He suggested that Zhu Yuanzhang should take advantage of the civil strife in Beiyuan to raise troops as soon as possible and choose a day for the northern expedition. This is the best time to hit Beiyuan.

Xu Da’s last thought was to eat roast goose. Everyone outside the house heard it. Zhu Yuanzhang ordered to give Xu Da a roast goose. Xu Yungong immediately knelt down and begged His Majesty, because the doctor said that Xu Da’s illness could no longer eat roast goose. . But in this last time, Miaoyun, who always strongly opposed his father eating roast goose, agreed.

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