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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 1 Recap

There was a lot of excitement in the palace of the Prince of Guangping, to celebrate the twentieth birthday of Liu Ling, the daughter of the Prince of Guangping, the Lord of Changle County. Liu Ling, who was woken up, was restless, but could not hide her beauty. Liu Ling’s stepmother, Lu Qian, the concubine of Wang Xuxian of Guangping, brought her concubine Liu Runxiang of Guangping Wang uninvited. Lu Qian took out the prepared golden fork and gave it to Liu Ling, and Liu Ling threw the golden fork directly. On the ground, Lu Qian asked everyone to wait outside the house.

After only Liu Ling and Lu Qian were left in the room, Lu Qian also put away her hypocritical face, and she asked Liu Ling to go to the banquet to pick a husband’s family to marry as soon as possible, otherwise she would not make Liu Ling feel better. Liu Ling pretended to be weak, but turned around and gave Lu Qian a slap.

Liu Runxiang, who was outside the door, heard the sound and pushed the door open. Under Lu Qian’s cry, Liu Runxiang chased Liu Ling to the front hall, and accused Liu Ling of disrespecting the elders in front of the guests. For a while, the guests were discussing endlessly. After all, Liu Ling was notorious. Liu Ling neither refuted nor explained. Instead, he asked Lingbi, the maid, to accompany him to Nanyuan, a pavilion dedicated to women’s enjoyment.

Between the accompaniment and dance of the male stewards, Liu Ling, who was originally a light drinker, fell into a drunken state. When she fell asleep, she looked lonely. She changed the appearance of the domineering county master in the past. ‘s biological mother drowned in the lake.

Shen Yan, the 14,000-household of Jinlinwei of the Northern Dianzheng Division, has an extraordinary appearance, but has a very fierce personality. Now he came to Jiangzhou to arrest the fugitive in the case of the theft of Jiangzhou treasury silver many years ago – Yun Yi. As an accomplice, Yun Yi has been fleeing after the suicide of the principal and his wife. Shen Yan planned to contain Yun Yi, but accidentally fell into Yun Yi’s plot.

After being poisoned, Shen Yan inadvertently broke into Nanyuan and fainted in Liu Ling’s room. Liu Ling thought he was a male waitress, but was restrained by the awakened Shen Yan during the molesting. Shen Yan didn’t want to be too entangled and jumped out of the window to leave, Liu Ling came back to his senses and felt that this man was really a rare and beautiful man, and he was very fond of him. Liu Ling discovered the token that Shen Yan accidentally dropped, and since then knew Shen Yan’s identity.

When Liu Wang, the crown prince of the imperial state, wanted to investigate the theft of Jiangzhou treasury silver, he sent Shen Yan to arrest Yun Yi. The important minister of the dynasty, Lu Gong, offered to go personally to kill Yun Yi on the grounds that Shen Yan was young and embarrassed. . Xu Shijin, a descendant of the Xu family, wanted to rectify the name of the Xu family, so he entered the palace and became a female official next to the prince. The prince said that he called Xu Shijin in order to prevent Duke Lu from interfering in the matter. On the charge of committing death, he proposed again to go to Jiangzhou, and the prince poured tea to see off the guests.

After Liu Lishan, the king of Guangping, returned to his house, he was very angry when he learned of Liu Ling’s absurd behavior. He asked Liu Ling to kneel down to apologize to Lu Qian. Liu Ling would rather be whipped than bow his head. Lingbi looked at the wound on Liu Ling’s body and felt distressed. Liu Ling was in a complicated mood and recalled the scene when her mother drowned.

Shen Yan felt that it was his underestimated enemy that caused Yun Yi to escape. Luo Fan tried to comfort him, but Shen Yan found that his imperial gift was missing. At night, Shen Yan turned through the window and came to Liu Ling’s room to ask for a waist card. Liu Ling not only refused to give him the waist card, but also molested him. When the two got close, Shen Yan discovered the injury on Liu Ling’s body. He clicked on Liu Ling’s acupuncture point and tried to get her to hand over the waist card. Liu Ling shouted loudly and alarmed the guards. Shen Yan had to leave first, and he stayed before leaving. A bottle of healing medicine.

Liu Ling’s bodyguard, Yang Ye, heard the news, and Liu Ling didn’t let him go after him. Yang Ye said that Shen Yan was going to escort Yun Yi back to Yejing for trial.

Shen Yan once again designed to lead Yun Yi out of the city for capture, this time he wanted to capture Yun Yi with his own hands. After several fights, Yun Yi appeared to be defeated. At this time, a carriage passed by. Yun Yi shot darts to frighten the horses. Shen Yan shot and stabbed Yun Yi and ordered his men to take him down. Then they chased the galloping carriage. Liu Ling, who was sitting in the carriage, was thrown out. Fortunately, Shen Yan caught her, and the two rolled around on the grass together.

Shen Yan took Jin Linwei to escort Yun Yi to the front, and Liu Ling’s carriage followed behind. The carriage got stuck in the mud. Seeing that Shen Yan wanted to get rid of herself, Liu Ling took out a small crossbow and shot an arrow at Jin Linwei. Unbearable had to turn around and come back. In order to make Liu Ling retreat, Shen Yan deliberately frightened Liu Ling’s horses.

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