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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 18 Recap

Zhu Yuanzhang passed an oral decree, ordering Zhu Di to enter the palace immediately. Zhu Yuanzhang showed him an account book. This time, the names of the people who came up with the empty stamp were all on it. There were more than 1,700 people. Zhu Yuanzhang asked Zhu Di to come here, just to ask him how to deal with these people.

Zhu Di then said that for those with a lot of corruption and high-ranking officials, they would all be killed, and those who were coerced could be sent to the army. Zhu Biao’s opinion was different from his. Zhu Di explained that if these 1,700 people were killed, their family members would also be distributed, and most of them might die on the way, and it would be at least tens of thousands of lives.

The left-behind Silai in Beijing reported that they had won the Yongjia Hou father and son. This was an order issued by Zhu Biao. He believed that there should be a shock to the imperial army. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty swept away the officialdom due to officials’ empty printing and greed for ink.

There were tens of thousands of people sitting in the office and the army. The Duke of Huaixi went to see Duke Han, hoping that he could take more care of Duke Wenwu of Huaixi. Duke Han did not see them, but he still asked Master Lu to help him. He went to prison to persuade Hu Weiyong to “go on the road” and give Duke Wenwu of Huaixi more care. a way to live.

Hu Weiyong once thought about who the old prime minister would ask to persuade him to go on the road, but he did not expect it to be Lord Lu. Although Hu Weiyong had no future, Master Lu persuaded Hu Weiyong in the name of his back. After Master Lu left, Hu Weiyong asked someone to bring paper, ink, ink, and ink. Write down a performance form, and hand in the account book records of the benefits that the princes took from Hu Weiyong.

Zhu Biao was shocked when he saw it. It seems that he handed over the decision to Zhu Yuanzhang. Whether he would make a big deal with the princes, or just change it, it all depends on Zhu Yuanzhang. This Hu Weiyong is very smart, Zhu Yuanzhang can no longer give Hu Weiyong anything, he decided to give Hu Weiyong suicide.

Miaoyun fainted again. This case involved too much, and it was Zhu Di’s murder after all. Queen Ma told him to go to Huiji Temple to pray for blessings. Time passed quickly, the full-term Miaoyun delivery turned out to be difficult, but fortunately Miaoyun survived and gave birth to the second son Zhu Gaoxi. This case created a lot of vacancies for officials. Mr. Lv was in charge of personnel affairs and had to take measures to recruit more scholars to serve as officials.

The scholar Fang Xiaoru brought his mother to Beijing and became the head of the ancestral hall of the Ministry of Rites. He would like to announce measures such as lenient sentences and abolish harsh laws, pointing directly to the three major malpractices of the current regime, which completely detonated the tension in the political situation, and even pushed Zhu Di and Jin Yiwei, who were in the vortex, to the forefront.

The Ministry of Housing also signed a letter, and Tie Xuan also followed the Lord of the Ministry of Housing, Xiayuan Jixia, and wrote his name. There was a shortage of officials, so Zhu Yuanzhang had to let the 82-year-old Xu Hui serve as the minister of households. Lao Xiangguo couldn’t bear to see His Majesty being so embarrassed, and had the idea of ​​re-entering the official career.

Zhang Yu told Zhu Di that this time the performance of a hundred officials was much higher in His Majesty’s heart than the last time. After all, most of the officials who impeached Jin Yiwei this time were officials who had retreated from the empty seal case and the Hu Ni case. Zhu Di did not tell Miao Yun about this, but when he saw Zhu Gaochi who was sick in the past, he still saw the impeachment memorial.

At the suggestion of Miaoyun, Zhu Di planned to enter the palace to let the father and the prince allow him to relieve the errand of Jinyiwei and go to Peiping as a vassal. Fang Xiaoru’s father, Fang Keqin, worked as a prefect in Jining, and died after being implicated in the empty seal case. He came to retrieve his father’s coffin, and Daoyan and Zhu Di said Fang Xiaoru’s identity. An empty seal case involved too many people. Even Zhu Di knew that in today’s Daming, the string was too tight.

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