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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 15 Recap

Knowing that Zhu Di had captured many Yuan people spies, beheaded them all and hung their heads on the city gate, Miao Yun knew that this was not an easy matter, and was ready to pack up and return to the capital. The northern room of the Ma Junsi set up a hidden stake in Fengyang, and there are many secret files.

Wulan Tuya took out the secret files from the hidden stake. Hai don’t say that there is no need for this hidden stake to exist. Xu Miaoyun rushed back to the capital in such a hurry, Zhu Di must have caused trouble again. She asked Tuya to tell the investigators in the capital that no matter if there was any trouble in the capital, they would immediately report it. This time Zhu Di only checked Juntun, but Tie Xuan was puzzled.

Knowing that Zhu Di only had one confession, Tie Xuan took a deep breath. What King Yan found was too appalling. Some people took advantage of Kaizhong to embezzle the military colony of the imperial court, and then pretended to be the grain and rice of Kaizhong with the grain of the colony, and transported it to the north by the court’s canal, exchanged for salt, and then returned.

Going to the court to exchange salt for profit is simply a black-hearted business with huge profits. This transaction involved at least the Tunwei Institute, Fantai, Nangsi, Caoyun, as well as the Ministry of War and the Ministry of Households, and the Grand Governor’s Office. Nothing was found.

The prince Zhu Biao also checked the account book, and there was no problem. He felt that Zhu Di was caught in the Yuan Ren’s countermeasures. After hearing this, Zhu Yuanzhang decided to recall Liu Ji. Zhu Liangzu ran into the Hu Mansion recklessly, but Hu Weiyong was not worried about His Majesty’s arrangement for Zhu Xi to go to Fengyang.

If there was any evidence, why should Zhu Xi go to Fengyang. His Majesty’s intention was to make them mess up. Zhang Wu came back to report to Zhu Di, and Chen Kai, the commander of Sanpinwei, used salt as collateral to loan food to the rich. Tie Xuan added that Chen Kai was in charge of the guards and the military camps. Hearing the word Legion, Zhu Di immediately ordered Chen Kai to be arrested at Hai Shi tonight.

Chen Kai was arrested, and the gold, jade, house deed, and salt in the family were all amazing, but Chen Kai’s annual salary was only 420 dan. Chen Kai thought it was Tie Xuan who captured him, but he was aggressive at first, when he saw King Yan Time. He confessed everything, and he conspired with the Caoyun Yamen, the Ministry of Households, and the officials of the Peiping Commissioner and Envoys to take advantage of the opening and bribery for profit.

Chen Kai’s case can be closed, but Zhu Di will continue to investigate the open case. Tie Xuan reminded him that the most important evidence is the most important word in the judicial decision, but Jin Yiwei acted without any scruples. With a sharp blade in his arms and his murderous intentions everywhere, Tie Xuan didn’t want Zhu Xining not to let him go in vain.

The crown prince was also gradually dissatisfied with Zhu Xi’s behavior, and asked Zhu Xi to tell him to return to the capital as soon as possible, and stop making trouble. Zhu Gaochi was infected with the cold, and the general’s mansion was busy with this matter. Miaoyun was temporarily unable to return to Beijing, and Haibie and Tuya were temporarily unable to leave.

Liu Ji hoped that Dao Yan could help Zhu Di. After all, he is the most qualified among the princes except the prince. This case cannot be investigated like this. Before Liu Ji returned to the capital, he was poisoned to death. Zhu Yuanzhang was furious, but there was nothing he could do. He asked Xu Yungong and Li Jinglong to return to the capital to be on duty, and also called back the wife and children of King Jin and King Qin. Knowing that Liu Ji was dead, Hu Weiyong had an epiphany, and His Majesty was going to settle accounts with them. Miaoyun begged Xu Da to make a presentation, and hoped that your Majesty would send Zhu Di to Peiping, but Xu Da understood that His Majesty and the prince wanted Zhu Di to be a solitary minister and would not do so.

Miaoyun couldn’t manage so much, and could only take Zhu Gaochi, who was still ill, back to the capital. Zhu Di met with Daoyan, put down his body and asked Daoyan for advice humbly. His Majesty summoned Zhang Wu and asked him to tell Zhu Di, let him go to investigate, and he was the one who was responsible for the accident. Also, Zhang Wu wants to take good care of Zhu Di. When Zhu Di returned to the capital, the prince was dissatisfied with what he was doing now, and Zhu Di also disagreed with the prince’s views, and the two quarreled. After Zhu Yunwen heard it, he asked the master if they were arguing. The master taught him that gentlemen are harmonious and different, and even brothers have different opinions.

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