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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 14 Recap

Miao Yun gave birth to a son for Zhu Di, and Zhu Di held his son as a treasure. Miao Yun was still a month away from getting out of bed, and Zhu Yuanzhang couldn’t wait, so he personally came to see his grandson at Prince Yan’s mansion. He named his grandson Zhu Gaochi, and listed the names of Zhu Di’s descendants after the 20th generation, hoping that Zhu Di would spread his branches. Xu Da sent someone to send Mishu back to the capital, and there was news from Peiping that there was another news about the Majun Division.

Xu Daxin was no match for the people in Peiping House, and hoped that Zhu Yuanzhang could transfer people from the capital. So Zhu Yuanzhang asked Zhu Di to select 500 elites from the Jinyiwei, and Zhu Di took the 500 elites to Peiping, be sure to uproot Peiping’s Troopers.

Zhang Yu came to Zhu Di, hoping that Zhu Di could help, he wanted to meet Princess Haibie. He was once promoted by King Qi, and if he wanted to serve another master, he had to get permission from Haibei. Zhang Yu’s reasons were sufficient, Zhu Di did not think much about it, and promised to take him to the palace to see the sea on another day.

Miaoyun prepared some gifts for Zhang Yu and his wife Wang, and also bought the yard where Zhang Yu is currently renting and gave them to Zhang Yu’s family. Before Zhang Yu left, Miao Yun asked him whether his loyalty was sent to the Mobei Khan Court in the grasslands, or to His Royal Highness King Qi. Before Zhang Yu could answer, Zhu Di came in and interrupted their conversation unintentionally.

Zhang Yu’s wife and children were imprisoned in Peiping. It was Miaoyun who had the foresight and was taken over by someone. She knew that Zhu Di wanted to recruit Zhang Yu, and Zhang Yu was a loyal person. . Zhang Yu went to the palace to see Haibei, and Haibei asked him to promise Zhu Di to serve and protect him.

Zhang Yu then asked Zhu Di that as long as the King of Qi was still alive, he would never fight against the old people on the grassland, and Zhu Di agreed. The prince told Zhu Di, who was about to go to Peiping, to listen to Xu Da’s words when he arrived in Peiping, and not risk himself. Zhu Di didn’t expect Haibie to go with them. Cao Guogong’s son Li Jinglong took a fancy to Haibie and went to Peiping before entering the palace to bid farewell to His Majesty.

Before arriving in Tongzhou, Xu Yungong led a hundred households in Beiping to greet him. King Yan checked the roster that Jin Yiwei had checked over the years and found that there were more than 2,000 people, but only the first twenty people confirmed it. The others were still suspects, and their subordinates did not dare to hurt innocent people. Xu Da asked Li Jinglong and Zhu Di what they thought about the battle. They had completely opposite views.

Xu Da declined to comment. Zhu Di asked to bring his own reconnaissance cavalry to the Yuan people, but Xu Da did not agree. When he came to Peiping this time, Zhu Di was on the surface to be a relative, but Wulan Tuya could see that his purpose of this trip was not simple, so she asked if she wanted to remind Peiping’s Magistrate. However, Haibei said that the North and the South two rooms have never contacted and interfered with each other. Whether it is a self-inflicted trap can only depend on the life of the Peking Army Detective.

Zhu Di accidentally learned that his father-in-law, Xu Da, likes roast goose the most, and he likes roast goose made by Miaoyun. Xu Da couldn’t help the temptation of roasting goose, and quickly agreed to take Zhu Di out of the city to guerrilla, but this time, he would also go with him. After they left the city, Beiping City closed its gates and imposed a total martial law. There were people from Tanma Junsi mixed in the Ming army, and they were stared at by Jinyiwei’s people.

Xu Da and Zhu Di went out of the city, but it was actually a trap. After the people from the Ma Junsi were found out, Jin Yiwei directly arrested them. There is also a small episode in which there is a blister on the sole of a soldier’s foot, and Xu Da personally punctured the blister for him. In ancient times, Wu Qi sucked the carbuncle, and it was nothing more than that.

Peiping Cheng announced that the political envoy Si Youshenzheng Wang Zhi was a member of the Military Division of the Horse. After Jin Yiwei found out, he sent a letter back to the capital, and Zhu Biao was furious. Wang Zhi had been secretly brought back to Peiping, and after being tortured, he lay dying in prison. Only Wei Guogong and Cao Guogong knew about Zhu Di’s whereabouts in Peiping.

Miao Jin told Miao Yun that Zhu Di’s whereabouts were unknown these days. Only Xu Da and Cao Guogong had the authority to read the documents of the experience department, and none of the officials of the experience department were allowed to go home. Stationed in the General’s Mansion.

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