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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 13 Recap

The prince thought that Tie Xuan was good, and asked him to practice in Luoyang again. Hu Weiyong discussed matters with other officials, arranged the next affairs of various ministries, and asked the Ministry of War, the Ministry of Households and the Ministry of Industry to come up with a good solution as soon as possible. When Tu Jie came to the door, Hu Weiyong reminded him to keep an eye on King Yan from now on.

King Yan won the martial arts performance of the three kings, but His Majesty let the King of Jin and the King of Qin establish the vassal, and just transferred King Yan back to the capital, indicating that His Majesty is very likely Back to let the King of Yan come to the official government. In addition, Tu Jie impeached the King of Jin with the word mad and disobedient. There are good reasons. Hu Weiyong will fight for a situation for him with His Majesty.

Miaoyun noticed that Zhu Di was very worried, and Zhu Di told her that the father and the elder brother had found him a new job. Judging from his expression, this job was not easy. The prince and Zhu Di ate steamed buns together and found that they were oatmeal steamed buns mixed with bran. Sheng Yong told them that the local people in Henan really eat this. Zhu Biao’s heart was greatly touched, and he asked Sheng Yong to take the bran oatmeal steamed buns to the emperor’s eldest grandson and watched him finish it all.

Zhu Di and Miao Yun just returned to the capital, Miao Yun returned to the Korean government, and Zhu Di was called to the military commander’s mansion. Xu Zengshou told Miao Yun that the capital was saying that His Majesty wanted to reset the school and named it Jinyiwei. Throughout the ages, no one who did this errand for the emperor had a good end.

Hu Weiyong and the crown prince suggested that using the inspector to spy on the officials was actually done by a pseudo-chao who was not in the right position. After the prince listened, he threw the memorial in his hand on the table with a slam, and Hu Weiyong immediately fell silent. The prince reminded Zhu Di that it is not easy to start well, and it is especially difficult to end well, and Zhu Di has decided to take over the errand of Jin Yiwei.

Zhu Yuanzhang insisted that the Zhu family’s world should be guarded by the Zhu family, so he took his son to establish a vassal, and asked Zhu Di to take over Jinyiwei. From then on, Zhu Di and Jinyiwei were the eyes and ears of the Ming Dynasty. He had high hopes for Zhu Di, and Zhu Di would never give up, but he hoped that his father would not let the 12th younger brother enter Jinyiwei, and Zhu Yuanzhang agreed.

Soon, Zhu Yuanzhang decreed to abolish the pro-military commander’s mansion, set up Jinyiwei’s pro-military commander, direct guards, patrol and arrest, decree the prison, allow the accusation of wrongdoing, and impeach hundreds of officials. King Yan took the lead in ordering people to arrest Xue Jing, an official of the Ministry of Housing, tortured her severely, and dug out more illegal officials from his mouth. Ten in a row, ten in a row, many officials who violated the law and discipline were detained and punished.

Wang Yuemin’s spies couldn’t get into Jinyiwei, and she would soon go to Xi’an with the King of Qin. Queen Ma specially called her into the palace and gave her a thick mink coat to comfort her. Wang Yuemin took the opportunity to ask Ulan Tuya, her maid beside him, to enter the palace to take care of Hai Bie, and Queen Ma naturally could not refuse.

Kuo Kuo once again raised troops to invade Liaodong, Shanxi, and Beiping. Zhu Yuanzhang wanted to reverse the two, Geng Bingwen went to Taiyuan, and Fu Youde went to Xi’an. The prince hesitated, and Zhu Yuanzhang asked Zhu Di’s opinion, and his opinion was the same as that of the prince. Zhu Yuanzhang knew the temper of the second and third children, and finally distributed Geng Bingwen and Fu Youde to Taiyuan and Xi’an according to his request. Zhu Di found out the Yuan people’s Ma Junsi, and Zhu Yuanzhang asked him to dig it out no matter what.

Zhu Di learned from Sheng Yong that Li Chahan and Kuo Kuo were in charge of the Tanma Army Division, and Princess Haibie might know. Miaoyun fainted, and the imperial physician said after the diagnosis and treatment that she was happy, and Zhu Di was very happy. Miaoyun reminded Empress Ma that Haibie had also reached the age of marriage. Time passed quickly, and Miaoyun gave birth at full term.

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