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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 12 Recap

Hu Weiyong didn’t ask for what Zhu Liangzu brought, and at the same time asked him to go back and tell Song Guogong that he would offend him a little later. The partition wall did have ears, and the cleaning servant approached the door and window to listen to the conversation between Hu Weiyong and Zhu Liangzu.

As soon as Zhu Liangzu left his forefoot, Tu Jie came over and congratulated him on becoming the only minister of Zhongshu. Hu Weiyong is indeed a wise man. He knows Zhu Yuanzhang’s mind very well. At this time, His Majesty must not believe in himself, so he must continue to be cautious. Soon after, Hu Weiyong approached the prince and proposed to set up another honorary title in the commander-in-chief of the pro-military army.

Towards the top, Hu Weiyong gave a performance, one was to set up an honorary title and be in charge of the emperor; Zhu Yuanzhang’s mind was thoroughly guessed by Hu Weiyong, so he allowed both of these things. Hu Weiyong followed his own mind in everything, and Zhu Yuanzhang thought he was really interesting. Empress Ma reminded him that Hu Weiyong had lost completely compared to Wei Zheng, who was loyal and disgusting. But no matter what, the three kings are a sure thing, and Zhu Yuanzhang also wants to see if these sons of his can protect the Ming Dynasty.

King Jin wanted to choose his soldiers, and he should have chosen among his own people, but Zhu Di did not understand why he came to Fengyang to choose. Miaoyun told him that His Majesty asked Cao Guogong to come to Fengyang to preside over the martial arts test, and test the kings of Qin, Jin and Yan. Zhu Di appeased Miaoyun, and he had his own ideas to deal with this martial arts test. The King of Jin was already preparing, but Wang Yue was ill, and the King of Qin might not care about the martial arts test.

At this time, Wang Yuemin was lingering on the bed, and Haibei came to see her. Wang Yuemin told her to go to Fengyang to see what happened to the Qin and Yan kings. . The sons and daughters of the Boyetai family do not have the blessings of ordinary children, and Wang Yuemin asked Haibie to keep this in mind.

Zhu Xiongying also asked to go to Fengyang, and made trouble with Queen Ma. Queen Ma went to talk to Zhu Yuanzhang about this, and Zhu Yuanzhang agreed to let Haibie take Xiongying to Fengyang. The prince ordered Zhu Di and the two princes to recruit guards. Five days later, they performed martial arts on the school grounds. Zhang Wu was stunned. In order to recruit a man into the Yan army for Zhu Di, Miao Yun pawned his jewelry and used money to subsidize his family. Five days later, in the martial arts field, Cao Guogong Li Wenzhong presided over the martial arts performance, and all parties were ready.

First, the Qin army fought against the Yan army, which was quickly defeated, and then the Jin army fought against the Yan army. The defense of the Jin army was good, but the king of Jin was in the middle army, but the king of Yan took the lead in rushing to kill, and his morale was high. In the end, he also defeated the Jin army and won the victory of martial arts.

To celebrate in the evening, the prince asked everyone to congratulate King Yan, and there was silence all around. It was Sheng Yong who took the lead, and everyone responded. Miaoyun went to comfort the wounded soldiers, regardless of whether it was the Yan army, the Jin army or the Qin army, she said that everyone present was the warriors of the Ming Dynasty. After Zhu Yuanzhang and Queen Ma received the news, they were very happy, and he wrote the word “Swallow” at Peiping on the map.

The King of Jin was arrogant by nature, and claimed to be the head of the crowns. This time he was defeated, and he beat his subordinates angrily, and left without authorization at Mao Shi. The prince chased Sheng Yong back and fined him with a cudgel. Zhu Di walked in the fields with the prince, and talked about many people’s affairs and the suffering of the people’s livelihood. The prince hated corrupt officials, but he could never be destroyed.

Besides, Fengyang was also the place of Longxing for the Zhu family. Dare to know the law and break the law, it is really rampant. He asked Zhu Di to visit Peiping with him, and then returned to the capital. However, Zhu Yuanzhang ordered him and Miao Yun to return to the capital first and give him a big fat grandson.

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