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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 10 Recap

Daoyan is going to Fengyang Huangjue Temple to place an order, and then he will practice Buddhism. Liu Ji knew that he couldn’t persuade him, so he didn’t bother to persuade him. Xu Miaoyun went up to the hall and went down to the kitchen. When King Yan came back, she had already made sesame oil tofu. She was still dressed in simple clothes, and there were some vegetarian dishes on the table. King Yan was puzzled. After listening to Miaoyun’s explanation of experiencing the life of Hundred Households in advance, he agreed. Zhu Di was going to Fengyang to be a pawn in the field.

He thought that Miaoyun would stay in the capital. Unexpectedly, Miao Yun had already asked Empress Ma for an decree to go with Zhu Di. King Yan hesitated, and Miaoyun asked him if he had any last resort, whether he didn’t want to tell himself, or could not tell himself. King Yan’s answer made her smile, obviously he has accepted himself now.

Wearing the armor of a hundred households, Zhu Di left the capital, accompanied by Zhang Yu of the Zhiyuan. Bai Yalun stood in the crowd and watched them leave. Arriving in Fengyang, Zhang Wu, the general banner of Zhang Wu, who was about to raise a hundred households, looked bad when faced with Zhu Di, who had robbed him of his 100 household quota. He didn’t know that the person in front of him who had the pseudonym Zhu Shilang was the fourth son of His Majesty.

Tie Xuan was the county magistrate in Huaiyuan, Fengyang Mansion, and another identity was Jin Yiwei. Seeing that Zhu Di came here hiding the identity of Jin Yiwei’s commander and deputy envoy, he was surprised, but there was no shortage of courtesy. The military rations transported to Peiping were transported by water, but it rained heavily and the river was blocked, which seemed to delay the transportation time.

The Yuan people made a surprise attack on the Juntun, and none of the guarding Ming troops survived. The soldiers retrieved the arrow clusters used by the Yuan people when they attacked, which were made of iron bones and wolf teeth. Xu Da and Li Wenzhong immediately understood that only the bodyguards of Kuo Kuo were the only ones. to use this arrow.

Peiping Cheng announced that the political envoy Si Youshenzheng Wang Zhi told Xu Da that if the grain could not be transported anymore, the city’s warehouses would bottom out in three months. Xu Da asked Wang Zhi to prepare the spare granary, and food would be delivered within two months. In fact, there was no food to be brought in, so Xu Da just boasted about Haikou first, and then made a memorial to Zhu Yuanzhang, who turned to the capital for help. Kuo Kuo knew Daming like the back of his hand. If no food was delivered within two months, the Peiping army would be in big trouble.

Zhu Yuanzhang handed over the grain matter to Zhu Biao to deal with. All the ministers told Zhu Biao were words such as lack of grain and blockage of the river. Even if the army was turned into food relief to mobilize the people to clear the river, only 20,000 migrant workers were recruited. people. Wang Yuemin also quickly learned about this, and was very happy.

The Ming army was short of food, and she was inseparable from it. She went to the palace to look for Haibye, and talked about the school inspection. Zhu Yuanzhang never let down his vigilance towards his ministers, so she wanted to use the seeds of suspicion between the ruler and the ministers to continue to stir Daming into a puddle of muddy water. Haibei is in the palace, and it is difficult to use her hands and feet, but she has one person who can be used, that is Li Jinglong.

Immediately, Wang Yuemin went to see the Lu family, and mentioned that the education of his descendants should be both civil and military, and he also deliberately mentioned Li Jinglong. The Lu family listened to the intention, so he blew the pillow wind to the prince, and the prince ordered Li Jinglong to enter the palace to teach Zhu Xiongying and Zhu Yunwen the art of war.

Miao Yun followed Zhu Di to Fengyang and became an ordinary woman. He heard other women talk about the relationship between Zhang Wu and the Yaomei of the Lu family. Missing a hundred households, the Lu family is reluctant to complete the marriage. The people of Fengyang were overjoyed when they regained the fertile fields occupied by the dukes. Tie Xuan also has another identity – Jin Yiwei. He privately found out a lot of filthy things done by the princes and reported them to King Yan, who then passed them back to the court.

Among the news found by Jinyiwei, there is the secret of Zhu Liang’s grandfather and son’s fornication, and the memorial sent back by Xu Da confirmed the news. When Peiping was short of food, Hu Weiyong came up with a way to replace food with salt. Zhu Yuanzhang was still a little hesitant, but Queen Ma said a few words, and finally made him make up his mind to open China and France, using salt and tea as an intermediary, to recruit merchants to provide military funds.

Seeing that Tie Xuan is proficient in the art of food and goods, Zhu Di was a little surprised. Tie Xuan said that this was all learned from his master Dao Yan. Miaoyun saw Zhang Wudang Street humbly begging someone to buy his food today, and he even held the startled horse with one arm. Miaoyun reminded Zhu Di that it is better to care more about his subordinates if you have time.

Zhang Wu was also worried that Zhu Di had topped his own hundred households. Zhu Xi wanted to compete with him. If he won, Zhu Di would let him become a hundred households, and Zhang Wu was a little tempted.

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