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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 14 Recap

It turned out that the secret technique that A Ji gave to Changyi was the four words “false bait and real fish”. Changyi designed to catch Qifeng on the spot and expose Qifeng’s crime of killing Fu Heng and blaming Lu Jinyan in public. He confessed and threatened that he had made an agreement with the elders of the clan to overthrow Changyi.

Changyi had already sent someone to subdue the elders. They all confessed their guilt, and Qifeng moved out of A Jixiang to threaten. A Ji and Ji Ning wanted to escape, but they were chased by Qi Feng’s men, and they were also caught in the mist of Mochizuki. A Ji didn’t want to be captured, so they split up with Ji Ning and ran for their lives. A Ji jumped on a big tree to escape. robbery.

Qifeng saw that the reason why Changyi showed mercy to A Ji was because her name was similar to Ji Yunhe. Qifeng said what was in Changyi’s mind. Changyi was so angry that he tied Qifeng to the reef. When Changyi learned that A Ji was being chased and killed, he immediately rushed over to save the people. A Ji appeared as a daughter because he lost his spiritual power. Changyi found that she looked exactly like Ji Yunhe, so he picked her up and left.

When A Ji woke up in a daze, she wanted to run away. Changyi decided that she was Ji Yunhe, so she deliberately used Disillusionment to look like a man. Changyi begged her to stay, and called her Ji Yunhe. Aji was at a loss. She couldn’t hold back her long-term begging, so she had to agree to stay temporarily. She wanted to take care of her injury first. Qifeng was taken back to Lingshuang Terrace, Qingyao abolished all his spiritual power on the spot, expelled Beiyuan, and he was not allowed to step into Beiyuan in the future.

Long meaning is incomprehensible, at first he watched Ji Yunhe disappear in his arms, but now he appears alive in front of him. Kong Ming returned from the search and found that Ji Yunhe’s line as a spiritual master had died out, and the line of the nine-tailed fox was still preserved. Lin Haoqing reshaped that line into a human form, so the current A Ji doesn’t remember the past at all. Kong Ming promises to find a way to help Aji regain his memory. Changyi didn’t want Aji to carry the shackles of the past again, let her live happily, and asked Kongming to help conceal the matter.

Changyi decided to let go of Ji Yunhe completely. He came to the cabin on Huxin Island, put the conch shell Ji Yunhe gave him on the table and left. Russell was very puzzled by Changyi’s actions, so he couldn’t help but tell Qu Xiaoxing and Luo Kisang about it. Luo Kisang believed that Chang Yi was bewitched by A Ji, so he went to Kongming’s room to find poison, but he didn’t expect Kongming to come back Now, Luokisang begged him to help subdue Aji, Kong Ming couldn’t help kissing Luo Jinsang, the two met again after a long absence, and their excitement was beyond words.

Qu Xiaoxing felt that A Ji was very similar to Ji Yunhe, and remembered what Lin Haoqing said before he left, and suspected that A Ji was related to Lin Haoqing, because there was no conclusive evidence. Xue Sanyue took good care of Lishu, and Lishu’s injury gradually improved. Ru Jun brought Lei Ze Shenjun and Fei Lian Shenjun to come to them from the sky.

Ru Jun has already inquired about the nameless mountain called Wuliang Mountain. The battlefield between the soldiers and the Zhu Yanran Army. After the war, the Boundless Mountain fell in the gap between the heaven and the human world. Every five hundred years, Yin and Yang would intertwine. Feilian Shenjun calculated that the Boundless Mountain would open in the next few days, and Lishu wanted to go as soon as possible. Find out the truth, and then get married with Xue Sanyue.

Ru Jun and his party of five came to the seam between heaven and earth. Suddenly someone called Lishu’s name. Lishu deduced that Wuliang Mountain was in the air. He and Xue Sanyue walked up hand in hand. People followed closely behind. Ning Qing came later, and when he saw that Ru Jun and his group of five entered the mountain, he worked hard to seal the mountain.

Ru Jun was investigating everywhere in Wuliang Mountain, and the gods of the four directions suddenly appeared. He was ordered by the late emperor to wait for Rujun here, to help Rujun completely eliminate Zhu Yan. The gods from the four directions showed Rujun the scene of that year. Zhu Yan was abolished by the previous emperor with his physical body and spiritual power, and he left behind a remnant of his soul. Ning Qing strayed into Wuliang Mountain, and Zhu Yan chose Ning Qing. After Ning Xiyu’s death, Ning Qing returned to Wuliang Mountain. He vowed to let everyone be buried with Ning Xiyu. Zhu Yan promised to help him collect spiritual power.

The gods from the four directions told Rujun the truth, and then disappeared. Before leaving, he gave Rujun a glass heart lamp to turn on the magic circle of death, and asked Rujun to use the array to completely seal Zhu Yan. Ning Qing sealed the Wuliang Mountain, and Ru Jun and others could not leave. Ru Jun wanted to escape with the help of the glass heart lamp, but the glass heart lamp had been damaged in the battle. Decided to find the person who made this lamp first.

Zhu Yan’s remnant forced Ning Qing to kill Ru Jun and others. Ning Qing firmly believed that they could not repair the heart lamp and wanted to find the medicinal herbs to repair Ru Ling’s face as soon as possible. Zhu Ling sent fewer and fewer imperial masters to Ruling. Ruling was very dissatisfied. He wanted to absorb his spiritual power. Ning Qing was going to look for medicinal materials. He came to say goodbye to Ruling and asked Ji Chengyu to stay and fight. Manage the daily affairs of the Immortal Master’s Mansion.

Zhu Ling suggested to open Beiyuan’s underground thunder fire that had been sleeping for many years, so that Beiyuan could be completely destroyed, and all the imperial masters would be captured to Ruling. Ji Chengyu was worried about Kongming’s safety and asked Ning Qing to stop Ruling and Ning Qing. I felt that Kongming should be damned, and Ji Chengyu was not allowed to intervene in this matter.

After Changyi’s meticulous care, Aji’s injury recovered quickly. When she was thinking of running away, Changyi took her to the Ice Lake. Aji liked it very much, running and laughing happily on the Ice Lake. Chang Yi seemed to see Ji Yunhe in the past, his eyes became very gentle, A Ji was very puzzled, and took the initiative to ask to return to the Ape Wing Camp to work as a coolie, and Chang Yi allowed her to move freely.

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