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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 13 Recap

A Ji and Ji Ning got lost in the snow-capped dense forest and didn’t know which direction to escape from. The pearl in A Ji’s neck was suddenly injected with spirituality, pointing them to a route. A Ji and Ji Ning groped their way forward. , The road ahead became more and more desolate, and A Ji was not sure, so he let Ji Ning wait in place, and she went ahead to explore the way.

Aji continued to move forward in the direction pointed by the pearl. There was a large ice lake in front of it, and there was a drunk man leaning on the reef. Aji felt that this place seemed familiar, she leaned over to identify it carefully, and recognized that Changyi had appeared. In her dream, she was very well-dressed. A Ji called Changyi’s name unconsciously, and Changyi suddenly opened his eyes, A Ji was startled, and Ji Ning loudly reminded A Ji to run, that person was the master of Bei Yuan, Chang Yi, A Ji turned around and was about to run when he It was fixed in place by the long meaning.

A Ji was so frightened that she begged for mercy again and again, and Chang Yi asked her why she broke into the ice lake. A Ji shouted “big tail fish” in a hurry, and Chang Yi was stunned for a moment. Russell brought people to report to Changyi in a hurry. The spiritual master Lu Jinyan, Xiaohuxian and others had escaped from prison. They had already captured Lu Jinyan and Fu Chao. Changyi ordered A Ji and Ji Ning to be taken back. She had hatred for a long time, so she was not allowed to come to Beiyuan. She decided to hide her identity so as not to implicate Lin Haoqing.

Qifeng wanted to find an opportunity to kill Lu Jinyan, but he did not expect that he was caught after breaking out of prison. Lu Jinyan, Fu Chao, A Ji and Ji Ning were captured, Lu Jinyan took the initiative to take all the blame, Qi Feng fanned the flames, and strongly demanded that all four of them be killed. He made a promise that he would live and die with the three thousand imperial masters, and I believed that Changyi would not kill innocent people indiscriminately.

Changyi was very surprised, and asked her name and origin. Where did she hear these words? Qifeng wanted to kill Aji, but Changyi stopped him on the spot. Changyi saved Aji and others from the death penalty and punished them. Ape Wing Camp works as a coolie, and Aji believes her name saved their lives.

Changyi personally came to the Ape Wing Camp to confirm Aji’s identity. Lu Jinyan, Ji Ning and Fu Chao were so frightened that they hurriedly hid. Changyi curiously asked about Aji’s origin. Aji tried her best to cover it up. In the cave, A Ji joked that Chang Yi had a small mind, and Chang Yi clearly remembered Ji Yunhe saying exactly the same thing, and he pushed A Ji bitterly. Aji was even more sure that Lin Haoqing and Changyi had a grudge, and made excuses to cover up the past. Changyi believes that Aji’s identity is different, and makes Russell keep an eye on Aji’s every move.

Lin Haoqing knelt outside the main hall and begged Ruling to release the elders of Donglian and the Yuling Masters, but Ruling avoided him, Zhu Ling humiliated Lin Haoqing in every possible way, Lin Haoqing couldn’t stand kneeling, and Ruling had to let Lin Haoqing in. Lin Haoqing showed her loyalty to her. Ruling wanted to take the opportunity to absorb Lin Haoqing’s spiritual power, but Lin Haoqing’s spiritual power conflicted with hers. Ruling was so angry that she wanted to kill Lin Haoqing, Dong Lian and others.

Lin Haoqing knelt down and begged for mercy, willing to be a cow and a horse to be loyal to Ru Ling, but Ru Ling didn’t believe it at all, and believed that Lin Haoqing was a panacea to get rid of frost from the cypress grass. Lin Haoqing was willing to hand over the cypress grass, thinking strongly In protest, Lin Haoqing slapped her hard, Ru Ling was very happy, and released Dong Lian and Yu Lingshi on the spot.

It turned out that this was pre-designed by Lin Haoqing and Siyu. They prepared a fake cypress grass, and Lin Haoqing mixed two cypress grasses while typing Siyu. Lin Haoqing asked Dong Lian to take the imperial masters back to Wanhua Valley first, and he wanted to stay and continue to deal with Ruling. Xue Sanyue and Lishu got up early in the morning and continued to look for the mountain. Ji Chengyu was ordered to bring the disciples from the Immortal Master’s Mansion and surrounded them. Lishu was injured by the thunder talisman. He ran away, Ning Qing gave Ji Chengyu three golden talismans, and Ji Chengyu only used two.

Lishu and Xue Sanyue escaped safely and happened to meet the Lynx couple who Lishu had rescued. They took in Lishu and Xue Sanyue. Ji Chengyu went back to Ning Qing to return to his life, Ning Qing saw through him deliberately letting Li Shu and Xue Sanyue go, and taught him a lesson.

A Ji wanted to escape from Beiyuan, she came to negotiate with Changyi, she boasted that she could find out the real murderer of Fu Heng, and she also came up with a secret technique that could awaken the dead Fu Heng to testify. Changyi agreed with the four of them to move freely in Beiyuan, sent Russell to lead someone to wake up Fu Heng, and told him not to let Qifeng know about it, and Qifeng’s men hid to the side and heard it clearly.

Russell brought people to a secluded place. They had a serious business to wake up Fu Heng in the coffin. Qi Feng rushed to the coffin and found that Lu Jinyan was in the coffin. His secret technique is simply nonsense, and Changyi designed it so that he would not attack himself.

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