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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 12 Recap

A Ji clearly remembered that the man in the dream was very sad, and the tears were like pearls in her neck. Lin Haoqing guessed that the man in her dream was a long-term intention, so he made various excuses to cover up the past, and A Ji didn’t ask any more questions.

After the unremitting efforts of Lin Haoqing and Siyu, the medicinal herbs to remove the frost are about to be made. As long as they find the cypress grass that resists the great cold, they can be done. Not long ago, Elder Donglian came back with a letter. He had already found clues about the cypress grass in the world. Lin Haoqing was very happy. He wanted to make an elixir as soon as possible to get rid of the frost for the Yuling Master, and then he would take Aji around the world, thinking about Yuzui. I was happy for Lin Haoqing, but my heart was full of mixed feelings.

Qifeng saw that Qingyao was obedient to Changyiyan, and he was sulking secretly, so he had to use wine to drown his sorrows. Brother Fu Heng came to Qifeng, forcing him to give up the station as soon as possible, and threatened to marry Qingyao, Qifeng angrily He killed it, put Lu Jinyan’s imperial master’s waist card on the scene, and then put the blame on Lu Jinyan. Fu Heng brought someone to ask Lu Jinyan to ask him the guilt. Lu Jinyan repeatedly explained that he slept after being drunk last night. He suspected that someone was deliberately planting things. Fu Heng didn’t believe it at all. He insisted that he was the murderer.

Changyi heard the news and came to understand the situation. Qifeng fanned the flames. Changyi learned that Fu Heng had caught Lu Jinyan on the frozen lake where Ji Yunhe was sealed. , but Changyi doesn’t buy it at all. Qifeng was secretly proud and wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of Lu Jinyan. He saw Changyi’s mind, as long as Ji Yunhe was involved, there would be chaos. Changyi had doubts about Qifeng, and asked Russell to send someone to watch his every move, and made it clear that no one was allowed to approach the ice lake.

A Ji quickly practiced Disillusionment, and she easily turned into a man without any effort. As long as Lin Haoqing made a medicinal pill, she could go to the outside world for a walk. Lin Haoqing waited patiently for Elder Donglian to get back the cypress grass, but he did not return, and the alchemy furnace suddenly exploded. Lin Haoqing realized that the situation was not good. On the way, he was ambushed by Zhu Ling, and Shan Libo, the elder of Donglian, was severely injured.

Lin Haoqing was worried that Ruling and Ning Qing would find A Ji, so they packed her luggage overnight and asked her to set off for a world tour tomorrow. Lin Haoqing promised to meet A Ji as soon as possible, and sent Siyu to protect A Ji. A Ji wanted to stay with Lin Haoqing. Living and dying together, Lin Haoqing is no longer reluctant. Early the next morning, Lin Haoqing sent A Ji out of the valley and told her thousands of instructions, and A Ji happily set off on the road.

Luo Jinsang left Beiyuan and came to the world. She accidentally saw Qu Xiaoxing entering an inn. She hurriedly chased after him and saw that Qu Xiaoxing was talking with the imperial masters. Qu Xiaoxing thought she was looking for Kongming and asked her to go upstairs to find him. , Kong Ming was healing someone upstairs, Luo Jinsang kept claiming that she came to the world to find a sweetheart, but was ridiculed by the imperial master, Luo Jinsang was very angry, and wanted to become beautiful with Qu Xiaoxing, and promised to be responsible for him afterwards, Qu Xiaoxing Struggling desperately, he didn’t want to kiss Luo Jinsang.

Kong Ming hurriedly came to stop, forcibly took Luo Jinsang away, not allowed her to be intimate with others, Luo Jinsang didn’t listen at all, Kong Ming couldn’t help kissing Luo Jinsang, Luo Jinsang was very excited and hugged Kongming tightly, Kong Ming picked up Luo Jinsang and put him on the bed for warmth. When Luo Jinsang woke up, she found that the spots on her face were gone. She was ecstatic. Kongming didn’t care about her appearance at all.

A Ji came to the world, and was quickly attracted by the bustling and lively here. She traveled all the way and tasted all the delicious food in the world. A Ji found an inn to stay, and suddenly heard the sound of fighting outside, she hurried out to see what was going on. Ji Ning, a disciple of the Immortal Master’s Mansion, was besieged by the Yuling Master. Ji Ning repeatedly explained that he was forced to join the Immortal Master’s Mansion.

Luo Jinsang came to hear the news and asked the imperial masters to escort Ji Ning back to Beiyuan. Aji remembered what Lin Haoqing had said about Beiyuan and believed that Luo Jinsang was a bad person. After seeing Luo Jinsang, he wanted to let her go, but Kong Ming suddenly came to knock Aji and Ji Ning to the ground and rescue Luo Jinsang. Kong Ming sent Qu Xiaoxing to escort A Ji and Ji Ning back to Beiyuan, and asked Luo Jinsang to go back together.

Chang Yiku sat on the ice lake and borrowed wine to drown his sorrows. Qing Ji came later, had a drink with Changyi, and persuaded him not to use alcohol to numb himself. Changyi just wanted to see Ji Yunhe in his dream. A Ji and Ji Ning were imprisoned in Wuliang Cave, Fu Heng and Lu Jinyan were also imprisoned here, A Ji learned from their mouths that this was a death row, and they could be released only with the consent of Venerable Beiyuan, and heard Ji Yunhe She didn’t care about her name, she just wanted to escape. Aji racked her brains to think of many ways, but all came back without success, she came up with a clever plan.

A Ji asked Fu Heng to pretend to run away to trick the guards in, and knocked the guards unconscious when he was unprepared. The four of them escaped from the Wuxuan Cave. Lu Jinyan was full of praise for Aji and asked her to replace Changyi as Venerable Master Beiyuan. A Ji was not interested in this, and Fu Heng and Lu Jinyan bid her farewell and left.

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