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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 11 Recap

Ruling sent Zhu Ling to lead the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion to arrest the escaped Spirit Master. Zhu Ling came to ask Ning Qing for his life, Ji Chengyu reported the matter to Ning Qing. Just developed a medicine that can restore Ru Ling’s face to its original state, and asked Ji Chengyu to add it to the soup that Ru Ling usually drinks. Ji Chengyu begged Ning Qing to stop Ru Ling’s reckless actions, worried that her indiscriminate killing of innocents would cause public anger, Ning Qing did not allow Ji Chengyu to interfere blindly, and even threatened to warn him.

Ji Chengyu handed the token to Zhu Ling, reminding him not to help Zhou to abuse his colleagues, otherwise he would lose the rest of his life. Zhu Ling didn’t buy it at all, and even sneered at Ji Chengyu. Holding the token, Zhu Ling summoned the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion and gave them an order to arrest the Spirit Master. Ji Chengyu felt very uncomfortable when he saw this scene. Junior brother Ji Ning was also in the team, and he took the initiative to follow Zhu Ling’s actions, looking for an opportunity to protect those spiritual masters.

Xue Sanyue, Lishu, Ru Jun, Lei Ze Shenjun and Fei Lian Shenjun traveled day and night to search for the mysterious mountain, but they all came back in vain. Where to check. Ru Jun decided to go back to Ping Shui Zhai in Heaven to look through the scrolls for clues, and let Li Shu and Xue Sanyue stay in the world to continue to inquire about the news.

Because Ping Shui Zhai is transformed by the boundless realm, it is very vast, and once you enter, you will not be able to receive information from the outside world. The information, Ru Jun instructed the two of them thousands of times, Fei Lian God specially prepared mysterious gifts for Lishu and Xue Sanyue, Li Shu was very curious, Fei Lian God asked him to wait patiently, and then he would know.

Ji Chengyu took out the tiger doll that Kong Ming asked Chang Yi to bring to him, and couldn’t help thinking of the past when he and Kong Ming practiced together in the Immortal Master’s Mansion. One year on Kongming’s birthday, Ji Chengyu gave him this little tiger doll, and now Kongming handed over the doll to him as a token, just to let him kill demons and demons like a little tiger, but Ji Chengyu couldn’t do it right Ning Qing’s disloyalty and filial piety can only be placed on Kongming.

Li Shu and Xue Sanyue went around to inquire about news. Seeing that it was getting dark, the two of them wanted to find an inn to rest. As a result, there was only one inn left in the city, and there was only one room and a quilt. Xue Sanyue had to live in it. After coming down, Li Shu guessed that this was a gift specially arranged by Fei Lian, and he was secretly happy.

Changyi handles official business day and night, and does not allow himself a moment of free time, so as not to think of the dead Ji Yunhe, Russell sees it in his eyes and is anxious, so he has to come to Kong Ming for help, Kong Ming persuades Changyi well, but he Just can’t let go. Kong Ming received a letter from Ji Chengyu, wanting to bring people to rescue the Yuling Masters to Beiyuan, and Changyi agreed.

Kong Ming came to say goodbye to Luo Jinsang. Seeing that she was making wine, Luo Jinsang wanted to sell the wine for an immortal island and continue her unfulfilled dream with Ji Yunhe. Kong Ming reluctantly said goodbye to Luo Jinsang.

Feeling empty in her heart, she decided to leave Beiyuan. A Ji lives in the barrier set up by Lin Haoqing with Siyu and Lin Haoqing, and has no contact with the outside world. Lin Haoqing is obedient to Aji. Aji lives happily and carefree every day. In just ten days, A Ji has grown a lot taller. Lin Haoqing looked at the smart A Ji and couldn’t help thinking of Ji Yunhe, not to mention how happy he was.

A Ji woke up from a nightmare, she broke out in a cold sweat, Lin Haoqing came over after hearing the news, A Ji wanted to go out and see the outside world, Lin Haoqing promised to teach her self-defense spells, and then took her to travel around the world, A Ji happily cheers. After Lin Haoqing’s meticulous care, A Ji quickly grew into an adult. Lin Haoqing taught her the Disguise Technique and turned A Ji into a handsome boy. She couldn’t wait to go out and play. Lin Haoqing gave her three chapters, never go. Lutaishan, don’t show your true face, let alone enter Beiyuan, Aji vowed on the spot to strictly abide by it.

Qingyao and Qifeng inspected together and saw many spiritual masters and various immortal friends on the street. Qingyao felt that it was as lively as the world, but Qifeng thought that Changyi invited people to buy people’s hearts and wanted to dominate. Lu Jinyan was invited by Kong Ming to take the Yuling Master to Beiyuan. He took a fancy to the Fu family’s station, but the Fu brothers refused to let them out. The two sides clashed because of this.

Qifeng heard the news and came to mediate, but Lu Jinyan refused to give in. , Qi Feng was furious. Qing Yao came in time and asked Lu Jinyan and the others to live in the Fu family’s residence. She was willing to give up one-third of the residence to the Fu family’s children, and the matter was settled. The Fu brothers sneered at Qi Feng, and Qi Feng was angry Gotta grit my teeth.

Qing Yao came to report to Chang Yi, and saw that he meticulously sorted out the protests written by the elders. They believed that Chang Yi took in all the immortal friends and Yu Lingshi to stabilize her position. Qing Yao knew that Chang Yi wanted to strengthen Beiyuan. The power of persuading Changyi to make it clear to everyone, so as not to be criticized, Changyi doesn’t care about this at all, he can’t let Ji Yunhe go in his heart, and Qingyao has nothing to do.

A Ji dreamed that she was lying on the icy ice, and a handsome man with a big tail hugged her in his arms. A Ji was awakened by the dream and couldn’t guess who that man was. She couldn’t calm down and practice the exercises. Lin Haoqing didn’t allow her to eat food, A Ji complained and cursed the big tail man in the dream.

Siyu encouraged Aji to use the disguise technique to change his image, so he could go for a walk in the outside world, and Aji naturally couldn’t ask for it. Today is A Ji’s birthday, and Lin Haoqing specially brought fireworks from the world to celebrate for her. It was the first time A Ji saw the splendid fireworks, but she always felt familiar. Lin Haoqing prepared longevity noodles for A Ji, A Ji was very happy and told him about his dream.

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