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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 9 Recap

Wanhuagu and Beiyuan faced off against each other. Seeing that a war was about to break out, Ji Yunhe wanted to stop the war at the last moment of his life and completely destroy the conspiracy of Ning Qing and Ruling. Kongming was deeply moved by her passion and took out Giving her a pill that could make people feel enlightened, Ji Yunhe asked Kong Ming to take her to see Qingyao.

Kong Ming transferred the guards away and brought Ji Yunhe to worship Qingxuan. Qingyao gritted her teeth when she saw the enemy who killed her father standing in front of her. Ji Yunhe made it clear that she was dying and wanted to return the shark pearl to Changyi. Longyi can restore all his spiritual power. Ji Yunhe vowed to stop this war with all his might, so that Beiyuan would be spared the destruction of the war. Qingyao was moved by her sincerity.

Zhu Ling sent people to inquire about the battle situation on the front line, and wanted to kill both sides when Wanhuagu and Beiyuan were both lost. Zhu Ling forced Qu Xiaoxing and Elder Donglian to lead Wanhuagu’s spiritual masters to declare war on Beiyuan. Changyi led Beiyuan’s immortals to fight calmly. The morale of Beiyuan’s immortals was high, and Wanhuagu’s spiritual masters were depressed.

Changyi persuaded them to retreat immediately and promised to put Lin Haoqing back safe and sound, so that the two sides would not interfere with each other from now on. If they insisted on fighting, Changyi would accompany them to the end and let them experience Beiyuan’s strength.

The spiritual masters of Wanhua Valley looked at each other, Qu Xiaoxing and Dong Lian didn’t want to fight against each other, but they were forced by Zhu Ling to have no way out. Qu Xiaoxing gave an order, and the spiritual masters of Wanhua Valley moved forward bravely. Head to head. Ji Yunhe, Qingyao and Kongming arrived in time. Changyi was worried that Qu Xiaoxing would take Ji Yunhe away, and rushed over to protect Ji Yunhe. Instead, Ji Yunhe comforted him.

Ji Yunhe publicly stated that Lin Haoqing’s battle was not only for her, but also to save everyone in the Valley of Flowers. Ning Qing used frost to control them firmly. Only by relying on Beiyuan would he win a chance of survival, otherwise he would lose both, and he would be hit. Ning Qing’s trick. Kong Ming admitted that he had developed a medicine to suppress Frost, and Elder Dong Lian was worried that the Beiyuan Immortals would retaliate against them. In the name of the daughter of the Fox King, Qing Yao publicly announced that he would accept them regardless of previous suspicions, and everyone worked together to fight against Ning Qing and Ru Ling.

Ji Yunhe, as a spiritual master, persuaded his former colleagues, explained the stakes to them, and encouraged everyone to face the current difficulties bravely, not to surrender to Ning Qing, and Changyi also expressed his position on the spot, promising that Beiyuan and Wanhuagu would never Negative. Qu Xiaoxing was the first to stand up and submit to Beiyuan. The imperial masters unanimously asked to join Beiyuan. Ji Yunhe’s face showed a long-lost smile.

Zhu Ling suddenly appeared, angrily scolded Qu Xiaoxing for betraying him, and on the spot, he exerted efforts to stimulate the frost on the body of the spirit masters. They were instantly frozen, Ji Yunhe rushed out desperately, exhausted all his spiritual power and used fox fire to help the spirit masters resolve. Frost, she fainted due to physical exhaustion, and Changyi hurriedly took her back to the island in the heart of the lake.

Ji Yunhe was dying. She just wanted to take one last look at Xue, and Changyi tried everything she could to save her, but she was unable to return to the sky. Ji Yunhe took her last breath to touch Changyi, hoping that Changyi would not be in pain. In her heart, Yunhe wanted to tell Changyi that she had never betrayed Changyi, but she told a lie for the sake of the overall situation at the beginning, and everything she did after that was for the sake of Changyi, but things backfired and Changyi misunderstood her. , and then hated it to the bone, Ji Yunhe didn’t want to harbor hatred for a long time, and wanted him to be freed from it.

But in the end Yunhe still buried the truth in his heart, and then Ji Yunhe closed his eyes forever. Chang Yi was so sad that he wanted to die. He wanted to put his spiritual power into Shark Zhu again to save Ji Yunhe, but Sha Zhu had already left Ji Yunhe’s body.

Changyi refused to accept the fact that Ji Yunhe was dead, thinking that she faked her death and wanted to escape. Luo Jinsang and Kong Ming came to hear the news and saw that Ji Yunhe was dead. They were also very uncomfortable. Luo Jinsang scolded Changyi severely, Changyi didn’t hate Ji Yunhe for a long time, and just wanted to keep her by her side. After listening to her explanation, I didn’t expect it to hurt her, and I regret it for a long time.

Luo Jinsang poured all his anger on Kong Ming, complaining that he did not protect Ji Yunhe well, and also knew that Kong Ming planned to make Yun He sacrifice for righteousness from the beginning, Kong Ming couldn’t argue, Luo Jinsang was angry and wanted to make a clean break with Kong Ming , She went to Qing Ji to complain, but she did not expect that Qing Ji had already returned to Leyou Mountain, so Luo Jinsang had to drink wine alone to drown her sorrows.

Qingyao came to Qingxuan’s spirit to repent, she remembered Ji Yunhe’s dying entrustment, Ji Yunhe asked her to be kind to the spiritual master in Wanhua Valley, Qingyao didn’t expect Ji Yunhe to stop the war desperately, and Beiyuan was safe and peaceful, she reflected on herself He made a promise to Qingxuan that he would protect Beiyuan well.

When Xue Sanyue and Lishu brought Yulu Lingzhi to rescue Ji Yunhe, they only found out that she was dead, and they were both very sad. Ru Jun saw a meteor streak across the sky and guessed that an immortal perished, but he didn’t expect it to be Ji Yunhe, and he sighed in his heart. Zhu Ling came back to Ruling, and Ruling scolded him badly. Ru Jun brought people there in time, and punished Zhu Ling with twelve thunderstorms, and sent Fei Lian Shenjun to prison.

Ru Jun brought Ru Ling to the linden tree in Langfeng Dian. Back then, Ru Jun’s soul was sealed here, and Ru Ling took good care of him. Ru Jun did not expect Ru Ling to become so cruel and cruel now. Ru Ling reined her horse from a cliff, but Ru Ling did not listen at all, and even plausible, Ru Jun revoked Ru Ling’s immortal name in a fit of anger, and fined her to ban her from the bedroom. Ru Ling resisted desperately, but Ru Jun did not let go.

Qing Ji received a letter left by Ji Yunhe before her death. The letter detailed the truth of Ning Qing’s murder of Ning Ruochu. Ji Yunhe didn’t want to involve Qing Ji in hatred, but she finally realized that it was unfair to Qing Ji. , I hope Qing Ji will not rashly seek revenge. Qing Ji secretly made up her mind that she would seek revenge for Ning Qing when she was almost exhausted.

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