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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 10 Recap

Ru Jun brought Feilian Shenjun and Lei Ze Shenjun to Beiyuan to find Changyi. Changyi locked himself on the island in the heart of the lake and refused to show his face, so Rujun had to wait patiently.

Changyi stayed by Ji Yunhe’s side, looking at her cold face like a knife, a letter fell out of Ji Yunhe’s favorite “Guangwuji”, which recorded Ji Yunhe’s unforgettable trip to the world when he sent Changyi to Lutai Mountain. In an instant, the scene of the two of them making a wish together is still vivid in my mind. Now their wishes are difficult to achieve, but there are still thousands of people in the world who wish. Now the two are separated by yin and yang, and they have mixed feelings in their hearts.

Changyi agreed to meet Rujun after a painful decision. Russell invited Rujun to Huxin Island. Rujun first apologized to Changyi. He failed to stop the war. Immortal world is peaceful, Chang Yi did not reply immediately, Ru Jun asked him to think about it.

Changyi came to Shanglin, and remembered the scenes of the past when Ji Yunhe took him here for a swim, and he was very at a loss. Changyi buried Ji Yunhe in her favorite place of ice and snow, which was the end of Ji Yunhe’s escape. Changyi once witnessed Ji Yunhe’s most real and happy appearance in this place, and now let Yunhe drift with the wind here, and the rest of the world The shackles are borne by him. Luo Jinsang, Lishu, Kongming, Qu Xiaoxing and the spiritual masters of Wanhuagu, as well as Qingyao and Beiyuan immortals witnessed the death of Ji Yunhexiang and jade, and they were all moved.

Russell took out all of Changyi’s things, and Changyi sealed the house where Ji Yunhe lived. Russell accidentally dropped a travel journal that Ji Yunhe often read on the ground. Changyi saw that one of the pages was folded, and Ji Yunhe was there. The word Ning Qing was marked on it. Changyi guessed that it was related to Ning Qing, so he sent someone to invite Ru Jun to the main hall to discuss matters.

Ru Jun couldn’t guess who the author of the travel notes was and her relationship with Ning Qing, Kong Ming came to explain all this in time, Ji Yunhe told him the ins and outs of the matter before his death, and Kong Ming told Ning Qing one by one. Xiyu, Ning Ruochu, Qing Ji and Ning Qing are grudges and grievances, Kong Ming also revealed that Ning Qing can rapidly improve his cultivation in a short period of time, and developed Frost, because he found a A powerful and terrifying force.

It turned out that when Ning Xiyu was traveling with Ning Qing, he accidentally hit a barren mountain. That mountain is very strange. When she went to investigate the reason, she found that they had already left the mountain, and when she looked back, the mountain disappeared without a trace. After Ning Xiyu’s death, Ning Qing actually found the mountain. After he came out of the mountain, he brought a mysterious power. Not only did his cultivation greatly increase and he became the leader of the spiritual masters, he also developed frost and punished him. Lin, and then controlled Wanhua Valley.

Ru Jun scrutinized the drawing of the mountain carefully, and suddenly remembered that Xian Ling was referring to this mountain. As long as he found this mountain, he could find out the mystery of Ning Qing. Ru Jun borrowed the travel note from Changyi. He wanted to go back and study it carefully. Before leaving, Ru Jun advised him to express his condolences, and wished him to wait until his old friend returned.

Qing Yao released Lin Haoqing and Siyu, promising to treat those spiritual masters kindly, and Lin Haoqing took Siyu away with confidence. Frost way. Qu Xiaoxing, Elder Dong Lian and others are willing to continue to follow Lin Haoqing, but Lin Haoqing does not want them to follow the adventure. Dong Lian and Qu Xiaoxing have made up their minds, and Lin Haoqing sends Elder Dong Lian to lead people to find the medicinal herbs to break the frost, and let Qu Xiaoxing stay in Beiyuan to take care of those Yu Lingshi, Qu Xiaoxing had no choice but to follow suit.

Lin Haoqing took Siyu to the depths of the jungle, and soon found a nine-tailed fox, which is another incarnation of Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe has double veins in his body. Even if the immortal body is dead, there are still nine-tailed foxes left in the world. Lin Haoqing I want to take the nine-tailed fox back to practice and help her reshape her human form as soon as possible. In fact, Lin Haoqing had already planned everything before he agreed to hand over Ji Yunhe to Ru Ling for disposal. If Ji Yunhe was executed, Lin Haoqing would be able to take her back with another avatar. Siyu couldn’t help but sighed at his good intentions for Ji Yunhe.

Xue Sanyue lost her friend Ji Yunhe. She was very sad and decided to find the mountain, and Lishu was willing to accompany her there. Luo Jinsang was sad because of Ji Yunhe’s death, and sat in the snow every day to drink wine to drown her sorrows. Kongming was very distressed and persuaded her kindly, but Luo Jinsang didn’t buy it, and even retorted to Kongming, Kongming advised her to take care of her Own.

Lin Haoqing took the nine-tailed fox back to the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers and placed it in the house next to the sea of ​​flowers, where Ji Yunhe once lived. Lin Haoqing set up a barrier there. After becoming a little girl, Lin Haoqing burst into tears with excitement and named her A Ji.

The mysterious man originally wanted to reshape the human form with the help of the killing power of the battle between Wanhua Valley and Beiyuan, but Ji Yunhe resolved it. Ru Ling dreamed that her face injury had healed, and she had recovered as before. Unexpectedly, Ning Qing stabbed her face again. Ru Ling shouted in a hurry, and the voice of a mysterious person suddenly appeared.

Fighting spirit, let her seize other people’s spiritual power for her own use. When Ru Ling woke up, she tried to take away the spiritual power of the immortal servant, only to realize that what happened in the dream was true, she was ecstatic, and immediately sent someone to call Zhu Ling.

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