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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 8 Recap

King Qin could not read or practice martial arts, but she could only marry him because he was the son of Emperor Zhu. In the Ming Dynasty, there was a shrewd and powerful prince, but Kuo Kuo did not have a heir to be a great leader. Wang Yuemin told Haibie that this was the fate that their Bo Yetai family could not escape. Kuo Kuo wrote that Wang Yuemin and Hai Bie were his last hope. Xu Da was about to return, Miao Yun was telling his younger brother and sister some matters, but King Yan came to visit alone at this time. It stands to reason that the two could not meet before the big wedding, so Miao Jin asked people to use a screen to separate them.

The purpose of King Yan’s visit this time was to end the marriage between the two families. He had never planned to marry her in the past and now. Miaoyun overturned the screen in a fit of anger, but nothing happened, only Zeng Shou sent King Yan away. Miaoyun was actually very angry, but her reason still made her keep the whole family silent about this matter.

Miao Jin fought for the eldest sister, and immediately asked Zeng Shou to enter the palace to tell the prince about it. Zhu Biao was so angry that he personally lashed Zhu Di with fifty lashes. The twelfth brother came crying and begging, Zhu Biao couldn’t help suffering, this was the first time he beat his most beloved brother Zhu Di.

With a tone of hatred for iron, Zhu Biao gritted his teeth and told Zhu Di, who was in a coma, word by word, that the Heavenly Family is selfless. This is their destiny as princes surnamed Zhu. Zhu Yuanzhang went to see Zhu Di, who was still in a coma on the bed. The imperial physician and Zhu Yuanzhang told Zhu Di’s condition that he was seriously injured this time, but fortunately, he was in good health and should recover quickly. Generally speaking, there was no major problem.

Zhu Yuanzhang called the prince. Although the prince was a little more serious, he was right. After all, Zhu Di was the prince of the royal family, and he could not be allowed to mess around. Zhu Biao had already thought about it, so Zhu Yuanzhang wrote the word Yan at Nanchang on the geographical map, and decided to let Zhu Di move to Nanchang.

Miao Jin was imprisoned by Miao Yun for ten days for making an assertion. Zeng Shou also intervened in this matter. Miao Yun followed the instructions, and she should not be involved in this matter, and she should not even get involved in this matter. As a result, there is no room for turning around. Her actions are quite like the elder sister Mother’s temperament.

Xu Da led the army back, and the prince was ordered to lead a hundred officials to the outer suburbs to welcome him. Hu Weiyong also followed. Geng Bingwen and Li Wenzhong resented Hu Weiyong for reporting them, and took advantage of this opportunity to accuse Sang and scold Huai. Hu Weiyong didn’t hold grudges. After all, the prime minister could punt a boat in his stomach, and he also reminded Geng Bingwen and Li Wenzhong a few words. After Xu Da returned home, he asked Miao Yun if she was still willing to marry King Yan.

If she didn’t want to, he could go and tell His Majesty tomorrow, but Miao Yun still fell in love with King Yan. And Xu Da also saw that his temperament was the most like Zhu Yuanzhang among Zhu Yuanzhang’s sons through this King Yan’s northern expedition, and naturally praised King Yan. The next day, Xu Da faced the emperor in the hall, and this time, letting Kuo Kuo retreat completely was not a great victory in itself, so Xu Da pleaded guilty to His Majesty.

Zhu Yuanzhang took advantage of the situation and told him not to be prime minister again. The merits and demerits were equal, and he immediately called the question and blamed the guilt of the prince. Zhu Yuanzhang issued an iron list, affirmed the laws and orders, and explained the punishments for the princes and their slaves after committing crimes.

Li Jinglong understood that it was not necessarily His Majesty’s will that Xu Da deliberately showed his sore feet this time. This was done to prevent Xu Da from being resented when all the generals were punished, but the main general received the reward alone. Xu Da was a little wronged by doing this, but he didn’t care. Zhu Yuanzhang privately asked Queen Ma to cook goose to treat Xu Da. He also said that the marriage between King Yan and Miao Yun had been decided and he had been taught a lesson. Xu Da express understanding.

Wang Yuemin asked Hai Bie’s opinion of the nobles in the palace. During Hai Bie’s stay in the palace, he also found out the temperament of the queen and the concubine. Wang Yuemin also said that the foreign dynasties have been very lively recently. Although Xu Da resigned from the positions of the right minister of the Central Book and the general of the Northern Expedition, Zhu Yuanzhang approved all the officers and men for whom he was credited.

This is very interesting, and it shows that Xu Da actually did not really do idle jobs. Hearing that Sheng Yong was going to be promoted, Zhu Di was dissatisfied and ran to find Zhu Biao. He thinks that Sheng Yong’s seller’s quest for glory is really a villain. Zhu Biao didn’t care, he found the three edicts of Wei and Wu, and asked him to copy it fifty times.

Zhu Yuanzhang wanted to reset the school and named it Jinyiwei. Zhu Di copied the three edicts and understood the meaning inside, which probably meant that people should be appointed according to their talents, regardless of virtue.

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