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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 7 Recap

Lin Haoqing sent people to block all the roads in and out of Beiyuan, and also set up three major battles. Kong Ming and Changyi discussed how to break the battle. Ji Yunhe knew Lin Haoqing’s tactics very well, and deduced that he would send the three major imperial masters to form the battle. The support is the blockade, as long as the three masters on the formation are caught, all the blockades will be disintegrated.

Ji Yunhe knew the power of the three imperial masters, and suggested that Kong Ming, Chang Yi and Qing Ji lead the teams to defeat them individually. Changyi knew that Ji Yunhe wanted to take this opportunity to return the shark beads to him. He was worried that Ji Yunhe’s body would not be able to last without the shark beads, but he couldn’t think of a better way for a while, so he decided to start the action tomorrow morning. End the battle within, and then put the shark pearl into Ji Yunhe’s body.

Luo Jinsang took the initiative to ask Ying to persuade Qing Ji, Ji Yunhe wanted to return the shark bead to Changyi, Luo Jinsang wanted to help Ji Yunhe, Kongming did not allow her to mix blindly and forcibly took her away, Ji Yunhe wanted to use this moment to see you again Ning Xiyu asked the truth. Siyu went back to Lin Haoqing, and revealed that Ji Yunhe was marked with a merman mark by Changyi behind his ears. Changyi could perceive Ji Yunhe’s every move through the merman mark, and it would be even more difficult to take Ji Yunhe away. Lin Haoqing also knew Ji Yunhe’s tactics. , decided to use himself as bait to bring Ji Yunhe out.

Kong Ming and Qing Ji set off with their respective teams early in the morning. Chang Yi kissed Ji Yunhe and retrieved the shark bead. Ji Yunhe told him thousands of instructions, and Chang Yi promised to come back within an hour. After Shazhu left the body, Ji Yunhe’s body was instantly evacuated, she couldn’t care about that much, she only wanted to see Ning Xiyu. Ji Yunhe fainted due to lack of energy, and Ning Xiyu appeared in her dream again. Ji Yunhe couldn’t wait to know how Ning Qing became like this.

Ning Xiyu clearly remembers the past. When she was traveling with her apprentice Ning Ruochu in the world, she was attacked by a young evil spirit in the woods. Ning Xiyu found out that the little evil spirit was the descendant of a spiritual master and had some Lingli, who was also good at painting, asked him to paint a picture for himself. Ning Xiyu took him back to the Valley of Thousand Flowers, named him Ning Qing, and accepted him as a direct disciple. Ning Xiyu taught Ning Ruochu swordsmanship and taught Ning Qing various formations by hand.

Ning Qing and Ning Ruochu grew up, Ning Ruochu violated the iron law of Wanhuagu and fell in love with Qing Ji, the clan headed by the Lin family put all the blame on Ning Xiyu, not only abolished half of her cultivation, but also She drove out of the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers and erased all records of her being the valley owner. Ning Qing left with Ning Xiyu. They traveled around the world. Ning Xiyu wrote a lot of travel notes, including Guangwuji.

Ning Xiyu and Ning Qing were traveling while guarding the spirit. Ning Qing wanted to make a great contribution and let Ning Xiyu return to the Valley of Flowers. When he died, Ning Qing was so sad that he wanted to die. He vowed to let Lin Shi, Qing Ji and others be buried with him.

Ning Qing brought the news of Ning Xiyu’s death back to the Valley of Thousand Flowers, and knelt for three days and three nights before being allowed to stay. He began a frantic revenge, first let Ning Ruochu deceive Qing Ji into the Ten Square, and then brutally killed Ning. If the beginning. Ning Xiyu asked Ji Yunhe to tell Qingji the truth and let Qingji stop Ning Qing’s crazy behavior. Seeing that an hour was coming, Ning Xiyu felt that Changyi and Kongming had won, and she lent Ji Yunhe her eyes. , Ji Yunhe clearly saw Qing Ji’s battle situation.

Luo Jinsang deceived Qing Ji to the front line. The disciples in Wanhua Valley saw that Qing Ji was frightened and ran away. Qing Ji went directly to the main tent and took Lin Haoqing away. Ji Yunhe was so anxious that her plan was to capture the three major imperial masters. Unexpectedly, Qing Ji captured Lin Haoqing, so she was anxious to go back to help Chang Yi solve problems, and promised Ning Xiyu that she would send a message to Qing Ji.

Ji Yunhe suddenly felt the shark pearl returning to her body, she slowly opened her eyes, and saw Chang Yi crossing the shark pearl into her body. Kong Ming hurriedly came to report to Changyi, Qing Ji changed the action plan without authorization and brought back Lin Haoqing, Luo Jinsang then came to ask for credit, she helped Qing Ji catch Lin Haoqing, and was taught by Kong Ming severely.

Ji Yunhe wanted to see Lin Haoqing, so he wanted to give her a stick of incense. Ji Yunhe dragged her sick body to see Lin Haoqing, and tried hard to persuade him to withdraw as soon as possible, not to fall into Ning Qing’s tricks, Lin Haoqing found various excuses to excuse the blame, Ji Yunhe guessed that Lin Haoqing was deliberately arrested, the purpose was to take her back to Ruling, Lin Haoqing He confessed to this, and also taught Ji Yunhe the secrets of avoiding the mark of the merman. After Ji Yunhe and Changyi left, Lin Haoqing sent a signal to Siyu, asking Siyu to lead someone to feint, and he wanted to take Ji Yunhe away while the chaos.

Ji Yunhe thought that Lin Haoqing had taken her away, so he couldn’t help laughing out loud, which angered Changyi. Changyi thought she was happy when she saw Lin Haoqing, and immediately became jealous. Changyi pressed Ji Yunhe bitterly, as long as she explained the original What happened to the cliff was against her intentions, so I completely forgave her, Ji Yunhe never said a word, and Changyi had to leave in anger. Seeing this scene, Luo Jinsang sighed in her heart and persuaded Ji Yunhe to tell the truth to Changyi. Ji Yunhe knew that her time was short, and she didn’t want Changyi to be sad because of her departure.

Qingxuan suddenly woke up, Qingyao and Qifeng came to hear the news, Qingxuan learned about Beiyuan’s current situation, and sent Qifeng to Huxin Island to keep an eye on Ji Yunhe. If she and Lin Haoqing had any changes, they would kill them on the spot. Qingyao was worried. Changyi was sad because of this, Qifeng took the opportunity to say a lot of bad things about Changyi, Qingxuan was very annoyed, and Qingyao had to admit that what Changyi really liked was Ji Yunhe. Persuade Qingyao to relax, she will not be blamed for her long thoughts and life-saving grace.

Xue Sanyue waited patiently for the maturity of Yulu Ganoderma lucidum, but Lishu saw the golden edge of Yulu Ganoderma lucidum disappear from a distance, mistakenly thought that it was mature, so she took the lead in picking it up, but she did not expect that Yulu Ganoderma lucidum was pretending to be mature, and Lishu was retaliated for this move. , which caused countless golden thunders, and thunder rolled in the sky. Xue Sanyue was worried about Lishu’s injury, and wanted to knock him flying with one palm.

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