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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 7 Recap

Princess Yingrao of Ningguo was going to compete in equestrianism with Haibie at the Royal Racecourse. Zhu Xiongying came and told Zhu Xi that Zhu Xi hurriedly ran to watch the fun, and was followed by two children, namely the 12th brother and Zhu Xiongying. When they arrived, the race was almost over, and Haibie was ahead of Yingrao by several laps.

In terms of equestrianism, Yingrao was far inferior to Haibie. Yingrao begged Empress Ma to keep Haibie in the palace to teach her equestrianism. Mrs Lv taught Mrs Chang a few words, and Mrs Chang suggested to Empress Ma to keep Haibie in the palace. Empress Ma agreed, so Haibei took up the new post in the palace.

Zhu Di was also there at the time, and Hai Bie was surprised to see him, and couldn’t help but think of the scene when he served justice for his mother in front of Xu Da. But thinking that he had already engaged with Xu Da’s eldest daughter, Hai Bie felt a little disappointed. It was actually Lu’s idea that Zhu Biao kept Haibie in the palace, and he thanked Lu after his surrogate mother.

The Lu family took advantage of the situation to ask him for a reward, selected a few masters, and opened a small study room for their brothers in the East Palace. Zhu Liangzu visited Hu Weiyong late at night, and Hu Weiyong reminded him that His Majesty was so anxious to quell the war on the grasslands, and thought it was necessary to investigate the matter of Fengyang and Huaixi.

Hu Weiyong went to the palace at night to face the saint, and told the lawlessness of the Duke of Huaixi. Zhu Yuanzhang asked him how to deal with it. Zuo Cheng answered cautiously, there was a battle ahead, and it was not appropriate to suddenly create a great prison. He changed his words and said that the matter was of great importance, and he had to do it, not to do it lightly, and not to let your Majesty handle it.

King Kaiyuan ordered someone to tell King Qi that he was restrained by the Ming army and could not come to support. King Qi knew it was time to stop the war. The father-in-law came to the palace to teach Zhu Xiongying and Zhu Yunwen, but Xiongying did not know where to go. The palace staff searched for it, but Haibie came back with Zhu Xiongying’s ear.

It turned out that he ran to the Royal Horse Farm to play, and was discovered by Haibei. When Chang Shi saw Hai Bie tugging at his son’s ear, he was a little angry. The prince prevented Chang Shi from holding Haibie accountable, and asked Zhu Di to send Haibie back. Knowing that he was wrong, Xiongying knelt down to the prince, and the prince’s father-in-law came forward to resolve it in a timely manner, and the matter was over.

Hai Bie was angry that Zhu Di had a marriage contract, and felt alienated from Zhu Di, and Zhu Di felt helpless. Zhu Yuanzhang called Zhu Biao away, gave him Kaimeng’s pen, and asked him to hand it over to Xiongying. Although Xiongying has a flirtatious temperament, he still has to manage what he should manage. When they talked about Hu Weiyong’s idea, the prince said that if His Majesty still thinks of the prince’s affection, then Hu Weiyong’s solution is excellent.

Kuo Kuo ordered Nai’er not to feign to attack Liangtai. The generals asked Xu Da to think twice. If he led an army to support Liangtai, if there was any change in the front Kuokuo, their army would be trapped. Even so, Xu Da insisted on his own opinion. Facts have proved that Xu Da’s decision was right, Kuokuo just wanted to attack Liangtai, and then led the army to retreat.

Kuo Kuo led the army to retreat north, and the battle on the grassland was finally over. Xu Da instructed Li Wenzhong to recall Fu Youde and prepare for his return to the DPRK. Song Guogong ordered someone to come to inform Geng Bingwen and Li Wenzhong about Fengyang Huaixi. The news of the victory was sent back to the capital, and the whole country congratulated him, and Xu Da will return with his army soon.

The prince entrusted the concubine Lu to handle the marriage of Miao Yun and Zhu Di. Mrs Lu called Miao Yun into the palace, and accidentally asked her to meet Hai Bie, the new Dianyan, and then took her to choose auspicious clothes. Zhu Yuanzhang learned that the Lu family arranged for the marriage of King Yan. Although the crown prince had reason and evidence, Zhu Yuanzhang still reminded him to remember that the elders were orderly, and the descendants had other reasons.

On the day of the great congratulations, Hu Weiyong played a performance and impeached Song Guogong Feng Sheng, Zhu Liangzu, Geng Bingwen and others for occupying the people’s land and forcibly occupying the people’s daughters in front of the ministers. After the court, the old prime minister asked Hu Weiyong what he wanted to do.

Hu Weiyong had to admit that he did this to repay the emperor’s kindness, and to find a decent way out for civil and military generals such as Han Gongyi. Liu Ji asked Yan, it was rumored that King Yan brought the little novice back to Beijing, whether the matter had anything to do with him, Dao Yan admitted indirectly. Hearing that King Yan was going to marry Xu Miaoyun, Daoyan laughed. He said that King Yan was by no means something in the pool.

For this ordinary and mediocre Qin Wang Zhu Xi, Qin Wangfei Wang Yuemin was very disdainful, but she could only marry him because he was the son of Emperor Zhu. She kept these words in her heart for a long time, and finally she was able to spit it out with her niece Haibei.

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