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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 6 Recap

Li Jinglong is going to a banquet tonight, and all officials above the seventh rank must also go. Princess Fu Li has long known that Zhu Di’s identity is not simple, otherwise how could he be on an equal footing with Li Jinglong. She had asked Li Jinglong and he said that Zhu Shilang (Zhu Di) was a distant relative of Xu Da. Tu Jie explained that his subordinates took the things to Nanjing and handed them over to Hu Weiyong.

Tie Xuan was the target of the arrest in the sea arrest document. His master secretly took Zhu Di’s jade pendant, and was going to take the jade pendant and take Tie Xuan to have a good meal. Zhu Di came in at this time and asked him for a jade pendant. The monk pretended not to know, so Tie Xuan quickly took the jade pendant from his hand and returned it to Zhu Di.

Haibie and Zhang Yu took Zhu Di to the street. She was very familiar with this place, because it was the place where her grandfather, Chahan Timur, the king of Yingchuan, opened his palace for the festival. Tu Jie went to the banquet as a probation officer, and it was his duty to impeach the morals of a province, so he asked how the expenses for the banquet were calculated, and Li Jinglong said that the expenses were all in his name.

Daoyan brought Tie Xuan to eat, but Tie Xuan did not dare to look up, for fear that he would be recognized by Tu Jie. The next day, Li Jinglong and Zhu Di continued on their way, but Tu Jie ordered that none of the Semu people were allowed to leave the city. There was a Semu man named Tie Xuan in their group.

Even so, Li Jinglong and his party took Tie Xuan out of the city. As soon as they arrived at the gate of Nanjing city, Princess Fu Li was picked up by people from the Qin palace, and Zhu Di received a bag of things that Princess Fu Li asked Zhang Yu to hand over to him. As soon as Daoyan arrived in Nanjing, he went to visit Liu Bowen in Uncle Chengyi. When the news of King Yan’s return to Beijing reached the Xu residence, Miao Jin couldn’t help making fun of her sister Miao Yun.

Zhu Di returned to the palace and ate with Zhu Biao, but he didn’t know the taste. Zhu Biao asked, and Zhu Di told him what he had seen and heard in Fengyang. He heard a flower drum poem in Fengyang, saying that Fengyang was a good place, and since Emperor Zhu came out, there have been nine years of drought in ten years. These words are not good words, Zhu Biao was so angry that he smashed the bowl to the ground.

Zhu Di took Tie Xuan to see the prince and asked him to tell him everything. It turned out that this Tie Xuan was a student of the Imperial College, and Master Zhang also confirmed Tie Xuan’s identity. He and a group of colleagues went to Henan for an internship a year ago. What he saw and heard was shocking. The Duke of Huaixi, Henan, indulged his family’s servants.

There is a law that the old man in the township brought people from the township to the prefecture, province, and capital to file a complaint. Over the years, people went to the prefecture, province, and capital to file a complaint, but they were stopped and killed by Gonghou Jiading, with countless casualties.

Tie Xuan and his colleagues couldn’t bear to see the common people being poisoned by this, so they made an appointment to go to the capital to appeal for the people. If it weren’t for him pretending to be a little novice, I’m afraid he would have died in Kaifeng Mansion. He took out the signed petition, and desperately hoped that the prince would give justice to the people of Fengyang.

Zhu Biao handed Tie Xuan to Zhu Xian to arrange and take care of him. If Tie Xuan is wrong, only Zhu Xian will ask. Zhu Biao asked Zhu Di to bring Zhu Neng over to meet him. Hearing that Zhu Neng was Zhu Di’s deadly brother, Zhu Biao incorporated him into the left guard of his own army and was promoted to Baihu, responsible for watching Zhu Xian’s every move.

The prince and Zhu Di went out to hunt, and Zhu Xian secretly sent people to follow. The prince asked Zhu Di how he met Tie Xuan, and Zhu Xi remembered what Daoyan said, so he didn’t tell Daoyan, but said that he ran into Tie Xuan. The prince told Zhu Di to go back to the main hall to study, and to take his twelve younger brothers with him. When Tie-hyun is out of town, things get tricky. Yongjiahou suggested to kill Tie Xuan, and Hu Weiyong reminded him that since the prince asked Zhu Xian to take care of Tie Xuan, his intentions were self-evident. Master Li sternly asked Zhu Liangzu, Marquis of Yongjia, to pass a message to Feng Shengyi and others. If he could not see their apology within three days, he would not care about this mess again.

When Zhu Yuanzhang learned about Fengyang Huaixi, he was furious and prepared to take good care of this group of people. Queen Ma reminded at the right time that this case involved too many people, and it must be done, but how to do it is a big problem. Besides, the arrangement of Princess Fu Li has not been decided yet, and the marriage of Zhu Di and Miao Yun cannot be delayed any longer. Zhu Biao did not let Zhu Di intervene in this matter, and Zhu Yuanzhang said that if he really wanted to rely on Zhu Di, he should have experience with him, whether in the battlefield or in the court, he had to learn to deal with it. At the end, Zhu Yuanzhang also instructed the crown prince to call both Fu Li and Xu Miaoyun into the palace tomorrow.

In the middle of the night, Miao Yun was a little restless. The bag Fu Li gave to Zhu Di contained a dagger and a letter. The dagger was a thank you gift for saving his life. Princess Qin brought Fuli into the palace to see Queen Ma, and Xu Miaoyun was also called into the palace. In front of Concubine Chang and Mrs Lu, Queen Ma gave Miaoyun the precious bracelet. The two beside them were surprised, but they remained calm on the surface. Zhu Di took his 12th younger brother to read and endorse, and asked him to remember the words and truths of the sage.

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