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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 5 Recap

Xu Da gathered the strengths of the generals and analyzed the intention of King Qi’s style of play. Since King Qi wanted to wait for them to teach, it was not what he wanted. In addition to clarifying the list of soldiers who had merited this battle and submitting them to Nanjing, Xu Da also ordered a document to be sent to the Liaodong Dusi, asking them to send troops to harass Nahachu, lest they come to the grasslands for support. Yuan / person. In order to mobilize the troops and horses of Liaodong, it is necessary to request an order from His Majesty.

Of course, I will be out, this matter may or may not be played. Zhu Di transferred the credit for the beheading to others, which taught Xu Da a lesson, and he, who instinctively raised the general flag, was lowered to a small flag. Only after Zhu Di experienced the war did he know that fighting was not fun at all, and there were many casualties. However, after this battle, Xu Da had a slight change in Zhu Di’s opinion. He ordered Zhu Di to follow the right camp to bring the injured back to the capital, and by the way, he also brought back Princess Fu Li.

Zhu Di got the credit for the beheading this time, and the military report was sent back to Nanjing. He took the memorial to share it with Queen Ma. Queen Ma carefully discovered that the credit for the beheading was only given to the soldiers who charged forward. Only then did they know that Xu Da really let Zhu Di be the soldier who charged and killed the enemy.

Zhu Yuanzhang couldn’t help but get a little angry when he protected the calf. He ordered that if the prince of the vassal added another guard, three guards were set up, and they were always customized. This time Zhu Di has nothing to do. If something happens, Xu Da’s two daughters don’t want to marry. Zhu Biao knew his father’s temperament well and knew that he was very protective of the calf, but what he said was nothing but angry words.

Zhu Liangzu and others handed in the guilt memorial, and took the gesture of admitting their mistakes. The prince’s opinion was to stay in all. Zhu Yuanzhang felt that this method was okay, so he did it according to his method. Empress Ma called Wang Yuemin into the palace and spoke with the concubine Lu and Miao Yun. Although Miaoyun’s father Xu Da is fighting with Wang Yuemin’s brother, Miaoyun will marry Zhu Di sooner or later, and they will also be concubines in the future, so they will meet sooner or later. Hu Weiyong went to the Korean government, and Wang Yuemin learned that he had also gone to the Ministry of Industry before.

Lao Xiangguo has long seen that the congratulations that the princes gave to the South Korean princes’ mansions, on the surface, were said to be congratulations to Zhu Di and Miaoyun, but they actually learned that His Majesty wanted to kill the hero, so he hurriedly sent gifts to Xu Da’s mansion, so as to keep it safe. a life.

Fortunately, Miaoyun was clever and decisive, and wrote down all the gifts sent by the princes, and made a clear distinction with the Korean princes. Lv was entrusted by Zhu Biao and thanked Miao Yunshe for solving this thorny problem. Li Jinglong, son of Li Wenzhong, was the commander of the Right Battalion in the battalion. It was a surprise to see Zhu Di in the battalion. Under Zhu Di’s reminder, Li Jinglong did not reveal Zhu Di’s true identity in front of other soldiers.

The grain officer reported false grain interest, but the supervisor Qianliang falsely reported Ayi. Li Jinglong found out that he was directly pulled down and chopped up without saying a word, regardless of who recommended the grain officer. Li Jinglong was ordered to escort Princess Fu Li to Nanjing. When he saw Fu Li, he was shocked.

Lan Yu was furious in bed when he learned that His Majesty had dismissed his official position because he killed several Yuan people. He went to beg the Crown Prince’s Concubine Chang, but the Crown Prince took him and convicted him. Lan Yu still did not admit his mistake, Zhu Biao was extremely angry and blamed the Eighty Army sticks on his stick. The Chang family kept begging, and the Lu family also begged for it, but the prince was not moved at all.

Zhu Di and Li Jinglong went to Daxiangguo Temple to worship Buddha, but found that Daxiangguo Temple refused to enter the monk. The Prison Officer Cha Si Tu Jie was ordered to arrest Semu Ren, who was a minion hidden here by the Yuan Ren. The monk who placed the order brought a bald monk named Tie Xuan to see Zhu Di, as if he had something important to tell him. Li Jinglong didn’t know the intentions of the two monks and asked Zhu Di, who only said that the monk wanted him to help him enter the capital. He Runting, the governor of Henan, wanted to take care of Li Jinglong, and Li Jinglong was very happy.

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