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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 1 Recap

In the early Ming Dynasty, in order to completely eradicate the remnants of the Northern Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, the Taizu of the Ming Dynasty, dispatched a large army to conquer Mobei many times, which is known as the Hongwu Northern Expedition.

At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the general Wang Baobao (Kukou Timur) was defeated by the Ming army and went north, and won the battle with the army of Li Wenzhong, the general Cao Guogong, in Mobei. At that time, Xu Da, the right prime minister of Zhongshu, was a famous general in the founding of the country in the early Ming Dynasty. He was prudent and good at governing the army.

In the past, Xu Da was the coach in the northern expedition, but this time Zhu Yuanzhang ordered Cao Guogong to go north, and Xu Da stayed at the capital’s home, which was quite distressed. The eldest son Xu Yungong and the second son Xu Zengshou prepared him the roast goose he liked to eat, the original intention was to let his father relieve his worries.

The doctor once said that Xu Da should not eat roast goose anymore. In order to avoid the objection of his eldest daughter, Xu Da took his second son Xu Zengshou and his second daughter to hide in the firewood room to steal roast goose.

Unexpectedly, Xu Miaoyun found her and entered the firewood room with a bad expression. , take out the roast goose and throw it away. The eldest son Xu Yungong specially went to explain to Xu Miaoyun, and Xu Miaoyun knew what his younger brother was thinking. Li Jinglong of Cao Guogong’s mansion went to sweep the north with the army this time, but he could only watch it, and he couldn’t help but feel lost.

Xu Miaoyun reminded Xu Yungong that Cao Guogong was the nephew of Ming Taizu, and their Xu family and Cao Guogong’s mansion were different after all. In the fifth year of Hongwu, Lan Yu, a member of the Central Road Army of Xu Da, led his army northward as a vanguard officer, defeated the Kuokuo army at the Tula River, and fled, and the Ming army captured his family.

Zhu Yunqimu wears an enlarged golden seal beast button on her body, and her identity as Princess Qi of Dayuan is self-evident. Li Siqi’s three questions were fruitless, and he choked his throat in anger, but Geng Bingwen hurriedly stopped him. Sister Kuo Kuo was the concubine of His Majesty’s new concubine to King Qin.

That night, Princess Qi of Dayuan committed suicide. She learned that Kuo Kuo had another daughter. Lan Yu asked to bring the eldest daughter of King Qi, Bo Yalun Haibei. Bai Yalun was not as stubborn as her mother. When she learned that her mother was dead, she took out her hidden handgun to avenge her mother, and the seriously injured Lan Yu fell to the ground. The doctor hurried to the camp and took out lead bullets for Lan Yu. Whether he could survive the night depends on Lan Yu’s own fortune.

Zhu Neng, a small banner of the Central Army’s Zuoying, was sent back to the emergency military situation. Not long after he set off under the bid, he encountered a ranger from Yuan people, and more than 20 people including Baihu were killed there. Seven messengers were sent before and after, but only Biaoxia and two other brothers are here.

Geng Bingwen’s face was dignified, and he sealed the small flag as the general flag. He knew in his heart that the army that had rushed for more than 100 miles had already been exhausted, and he could no longer go to the general to join him. Outside the camp, there were Yuan people wandering everywhere, and they were in a dilemma.

The news of Wang’s defeat was passed back to the imperial court, and the prince Zhu Biao recommended Xu Da as a general to conquer the North, to lead the troops out of the fortress, and to punish the soldiers of the Yuan Dynasty. Although the fourth prince Zhu Di has a stubborn temperament, he is obsessed with the art of war and the battlefield, and often analyzes the Mobei battle situation on the territory map on paper.

Zhu Yuanzhang was troubled by things, and Empress Xiaoci suggested that if you don’t know what to reward Xu Da, it is better to marry him. Master Li was asking the princes to endorse the letter in the main hall, but seeing that King Yan was not there, the palace servants found King Yan Zhu Di. Zhu Di knelt down towards Zhu Yuanzhang and fluently recited the contents of the historical book.

In the end, Zhu Yuanzhang did not punish Zhu Di. The prince suggested that Zhu Di be married to the eldest daughter of the Xu family. Zhu Di had a naughty temperament, and Xu Da had fought for many years and would train Zhu Di by himself. After listening, Zhu Yuanzhang smiled slightly, agreeing deeply.

Queen Xiaoci personally cooked the roast goose. Xu Da recalled that she had eaten roast goose three times by Queen Xiaoci, and every time she had big things to do. And this fourth roast goose banquet, he didn’t know what Zhu Yuanzhang was doing. When he heard that the fourth prince was going to marry his eldest daughter, he didn’t agree with anything. On the other hand, Zhu Di was also unwilling to marry Xu Miaoyun.

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