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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 5 Recap

Changyi witnessed Ji Yunhe’s long-lost smile after seeing Luo Jinsang and others. He immediately softened his heart and agreed that Luo Jinsang and the others would often come to see Ji Yunhe, as long as she didn’t take her out of the lake island. Russell’s approach to Changyi Very puzzled, he casually mentioned this to Kong Ming, Kong Ming advised him not to inquire, Changyi himself didn’t know whether he wanted Ji Yunhe to be good or not, as long as Ji Yunhe didn’t leave.

Luo Jinsang learned from Kongming that Ji Yunhe was dying soon, and she came to Qingji for help. Qingji heard that there was a precious Yulu Ganoderma lucidum in Daiyu that could prolong her life. Xue Sanyue offered to collect it to save Ji Yunhe. Shu wanted to go with her, Luo Jinsang asked Li Shu to stay and watch Changyi and ensure the safety of Ji Yunhe, so Xue Sanyue had to go to Daiyu alone.

Ning Qing came to treat Ru Ling’s face injury on time, and specially brought an ointment made of Herba, Ru Ling knew that applying the ointment on the face would cause bone-piercing pain, so she agreed to apply the medicine as required, and asked Ning Qing. Asking for a reward, she wanted to cultivate the same peerless spell as Ning Qing, and Ning Qing agreed, allowing her to call all the imperial masters at will.

Russell obeyed Changyi’s order and asked Luo Jinsang and others to see Ji Yunhe at any time. Luo Jinsang came to chat with Ji Yunhe whenever he had time. Ji Yunhe knew that Changyi still cared about her, and Luo Jinsang didn’t want to see them continue to be like this.

Tortured and persuaded Ji Yunhe to explain the truth to Changyi. Ji Yunhe didn’t dare to say that when she did such a heartless thing to Changyi on the cliff, Changyi still cared so much for her. Once Changyi knew that she had endured inhuman torture to save her own life, Changyi would do it for her. Desperate for everything, Ji Yunhe didn’t want Changyi because she failed the trust of the fox people and affected the great cause of Beiyuan, and Luo Jinsang no longer insisted.

Lishu couldn’t worry about Xue Sanyue. Every day, he couldn’t keep his soul. He was also absent-minded to cook fish soup for Qingji. Qingji asked him to go to Daiyu to find Xue Sanyue, and promised to protect Ji Yunhe. Lishu immediately set off to chase Xue Sanyue. Luo Jinsang boiled sweet soup to please Kongming himself, and asked him to help Ji Yunhe heal his wounds. Luo Jinsang promised to help Kongming decoct medicine, but Kongming was entangled but had to agree.

Luo Jinsang stayed at the stove and boiled the medicine. Kongming felt that she and Ji Yunhe had a deep relationship with the master and servant. Luo Jinsang felt that the two of them had already surpassed this relationship and were best friends. Kongming couldn’t help thinking of his old friend, Luo Jinsang thought that his friend was dead, and offered to be friends with him, Kongming was very enthusiastic.

The spiritual master Lin Haoqing sent to Beiyuan to inquire about the news suddenly covered with frost. Thanks to Kongming’s medicine to help them delay the onset of the frost, Siyu learned about it and immediately reported it to Lin Haoqing. When the antidote was sent from heaven, Lin Haoqing guessed that Ning Qing was knocking the mountain and shaking the tiger, and he was not allowed to act rashly. Lin Haoqing didn’t want to sit still and decided to take the risk.

Lin Haoqing asked Ru Ling to lead troops to expedition to Beiyuan to eliminate the sinners headed by Changyi. Ruling agreed, and specifically asked Lin Haoqing to kill Ji Yunhe as a sign of surrender to her, otherwise he would kill everyone in Wanhua Valley. Ling humiliated Lin Haoqing in every possible way, and Lin Haoqing could only hold back temporarily.

Lin Haoqing returned to Wanhua Valley to announce his decision to go to Beiyuan. Elder Mu Ze, Elder Donglian and others advised Lin Haoqing to deal with the situation in the valley first. Recently, there have been sudden deaths of spiritual masters in Wanhua Valley, causing people to panic, and Lin Haoqing did not listen at all. , he went his own way, Si Yu stood up to threaten Mu Ze and Dong Lian, and they had to give in.

Mu Ze and Dong Lian were very dissatisfied with Lin Haoqing’s approach of gaining power, so they could only complain in private. Mu Ze suddenly felt cold all over. Elder Liu Ying died in the same way. Qu Xiaoxing overheard their conversation and hurried to report to Lin Haoqing. Lin Haoqing didn’t care about other people’s gossip. Qu Xiaoxing guessed that he was going to Beiyuan this time to break the frost and rescue Ji Yunhe. Lin Haoqing did not tell the plan of the trip. He was worried that the leaked information would make Ru Ling suspicious.

Ning Qing deliberately delayed giving Wanhuagu an antidote for a few days, just to let the cold frost spread out and force Lin Haoqing to take action. The mysterious person behind the portrait affirmed Ning Qing’s actions and urged Ning Qing to help him reshape his human form as soon as possible. , shouldn’t spend all day thinking about how to treat Ru Ling’s face, Lin Haoqing sneered at him.

The news that Lin Haoqing led his troops to expedition to Beiyuan spread like wildfire. Qifeng complained that Changyi should not save the spiritual master of Wanhua Valley, but Lin Haoqing actually avenged his revenge.

Changyi analyzed in detail Beiyuan’s time, location, and people’s situation. He promised in public that he would take the lead and guard Beiyuan together with fellow immortals. Everyone responded unanimously. Changyi told Russell and Kongming not to let Ji Yunhe know about the attack from Wanhua Valley. Qingyao wanted to accompany Changyi to relax, but Changyi politely declined. He was anxious to pick herbs for Ji Yunhe, but Qingyao had to give up.

Luo Jinsang and Qingji came to Ji Yunhe to chat, and revealed to her that Lin Haoqing attacked Beiyuan. Luo Jinsang inadvertently said that she and Kong Ming had become beautiful together like Changyi and Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe thought they had After asking about the details, Luo Jinsang described it vividly.

Qing Ji was so amused that she couldn’t help laughing, and couldn’t help making fun of Ji Yunhe and Luo Jinsang. Russell saw that Kong Ming loved and was afraid of Luo Jinsang, so he gave him a box of rouge. Kongming gave the rouge box to Luo Jinsang when Luo Jinsang came to pester him again, and Luo Jinsang accepted it readily. Ru Jun concentrated on his cultivation in Daiyu, but he was still to no avail. Lord Lei Ze remembered that there was a Ganoderma lucidum tree here, and asked Ru Jun to take it to improve his cultivation.

Unexpectedly, Xue Sanyue arrived first, and she wanted to take the Ganoderma lucidum to save people. Jun hurriedly stopped her. Picking Ganoderma lucidum rashly before it was mature would lead to retaliation. Ru Jun tested it on the spot. When he learned that Xue Sanyue harvested Ganoderma lucidum to save Ji Yunhe, he arranged for her to live and let her wait for a few more days.

Changyi brought Ji Yunhe’s favorite candied garlic, and lied that he liked it. Ji Yunhe asked Changyi to eat it on the spot, but Changyi took a bite. Give him a specially prepared soft armor, and leave in a hurry when he has something to do. Ji Yunhe told him to come back early.

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