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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 4 Recap

Changyi sent someone to bring Ji Yunhe a lot of treasures to nourish the body, but Ji Yunhe didn’t buy it, making fun of him for being a public and private, extravagant and wasteful, and sooner or later his status would not be guaranteed. Changyi was too cruel to Changyi on the cliff, Changyi urged Kongming to heal Ji Yunhe as soon as possible, but Kongming was powerless. Changyi called Kong Ming out alone and begged him to save Ji Yunhe, but Kongming persuaded him not to take Beiyuan’s great cause in vain for Ji Yunhe. Changyi didn’t listen at all, and even brought out Ji Yunhe’s life to save the sinner, proving that Ji Yunhe was not a villain. , Kongming had no choice but to follow suit.

Ning Qing came on time every day to remove the rotten flesh on Ru Ling’s face. Ru Ling questioned the reason why Ning Qing saved her, but Ning Qing refused to answer. Ru Jun wanted to go to Daiyu to practice. Before leaving, he came to say goodbye to Ruling and advised her to move back to Heaven to recuperate. Ruling refused to do it. She clearly remembered that she and Rujun encountered a beast in Daiyu, thanks to Ning. The two of them survived the disaster when Qing came to the rescue. Ru Jun and Ru Ling hurriedly said goodbye and left.

Ru Ling came to the quiet room and saw the portrait of a woman who looked exactly like her in the secret room, and immediately understood everything. Ning Qing came over after hearing the news. Ru Ling asked Ning Qing whether she was taking her as a substitute for others. Ling wanted to burn the painting in a fit of anger, but Ning Qing suddenly became angry and tied up Ru Ling on the spot, and even used forbidden techniques to treat her face injury again regardless of her pain.

Kong Ming prepared a soup to relieve pain. Ji Yunhe didn’t want to drink it. He wanted a bowl of poison to die. Kong Ming knew for a long time that whether it was the cliff back then or Beiyuan now, Ji Yunhe was protecting Changyi. She sent Luo Jin first. Sang went to invite Qingji out of the mountain, and then released the sin immortal for Changyi. The reason why Kongming didn’t tell Changyi about these things was that he didn’t want Changyi to distract Ji Yunhe and delay the great cause of Beiyuan. Ji Yunhe also promised that he would use it. The rest of his life helped Changyi as much as possible, and then Kongming forced Ji Yunhe to drink the soup, so that Changyi could feel at ease.

Siyu inquired about Ruling’s intrusion into the secret room, she immediately reported to Lin Haoqing, this was in Lin Haoqing’s arms, he just wanted to provoke a rift between Ning Qing and Ruling, and use Ruling to deal with Ningqing. Lin Haoqing came to Ruling and deliberately instigated her relationship with Ning Qing. Ruling turned her face on the spot and slapped Lin Haoqing hard. Lin Haoqing encouraged Ruling to become stronger, so that Ning Qing could surrender to her willingly.

Since the failed suicide that day, Ji Yunhe never dreamed of that mysterious woman again. She drank Kongming’s medicine and felt much better. After Changyi moved to Huxin Island, he dealt with official documents day and night every day. Ji Yunhe was very distressed and advised him not to be too tired.

Kong Ming came suddenly, Chang Yi hurriedly escaped, and Ji Yunhe accidentally knocked the bowl of soup to the ground in a panic. Kong Ming chased after him and reminded Changyi not to indulge in the love between men and women. Changyi was angry and wanted to move to his room to work. Kongming strongly opposed it. He asked Changyi to discuss the battle plan. Couldn’t help making fun of him.

Changyi returned to Huxin Island very late, Ji Yunhe has been waiting for Changyi, she just wants to know why Changyi wants to kiss her, the merman has always been single-minded, and has a pair for life, Changyi clearly stated that Ji Yunhe will always be his. People, the merman mark he left on Ji Yunhe’s ears is also the only one. Ji Yunhe was very annoyed, Changyi would rather be alone and imprison her all his life.

Luo Jinsang couldn’t rest assured about Ji Yunhe, and overheard Qingyao and the maid talking about Ji Yunhe’s suicide. She hurriedly came to Kong Ming to find out what was going on. Kong Ming had to tell the truth. Ji Yunhe attempted suicide, but she also died soon. Luo Jinsang was so anxious that he begged Kongming to save Ji Yunhe, but he couldn’t do anything. Luo Jinsang had no choice but to ask Qing Ji to save Ji Yunhe, and Li Shu also helped, so Qing Ji agreed.

Qingji brought Luo Jinsang, Lishu and Xue Sanyue to Huxin Island to see Ji Yunhe. Changyi couldn’t bear to reject Qingji’s kindness, so she let them in. Luo Jinsang and Ji Yunhe reunited after a long absence. The excitement was beyond words. Ji Yunhe couldn’t close his mouth happily. Luo Jinsang greeted her with greetings. Qing Ji helped Ji Yunhe to feel the pulse. Forget it, Ji Yunhe has exactly this intention. Changyi didn’t want to hear this, so he forcibly drove them away. Ji Yunhe begged Changyi to let Luo Jinsang and the others come to Huxin Island to accompany her.

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