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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 3 Recap

Lishu felt that loving someone would make her happy. Lishu knew that Changyi still loved Ji Yunhe, and advised him not to trap Ji Yunhe on the island in the heart of the lake. Changyi had been silent all the time, so she was anxious to go back and make soup for Xue March. , and said goodbye to Changyi and left in a hurry. When Xue Sanyue hid and heard what Li Shu said, she was deeply moved.

Luo Jinsang was worried about Ji Yunhe and wanted to break free from the rope and escape, but Kong Ming forcibly pulled her back, Luo Jinsang was unsteady, and fell directly into Kong Ming’s arms. Come back to resolve the embarrassment. Luo Jinsang couldn’t wait to inquire about Ji Yunhe’s situation from Changyi, and forced Changyi to release Ji Yunhe. Changyi kept saying that he didn’t want Ji Yunhe to be condemned by the fox clan, and the island in the heart of the lake was the safest place, so Luo Jinsang had no choice but to resent it. Leave.

Kongming saw that Changyi’s remaining love for Ji Yunhe was over, but Changyi teased that he was also trapped by love, and Kongming was speechless. Xue Sanyue came to the kitchen and saw that there were signs hanging on each jar containing ingredients, which were marked according to her eating habits. A warm current surged in Xue Sanyue’s heart, and she rushed back after Lishu came back. Sanyue admitted in person that she no longer hated him, but she didn’t have the courage to start anew with him. Xue Sanyue wanted to see him who was in high spirits before, and she was moved to tears and couldn’t help hugging Xue Sanyue tightly.

Ning Qing came to help Ru Ling remove the rotten flesh on her face every day, and sent people to keep an eye on Ru Ling, not allowing her to touch that face, Ru Ling died in pain. Lin Haoqing brought Ruling medicine to relieve the pain. Ruling smelled it, and the pain was really relieved. She wanted to give Lin Haoqing some rewards, but Lin Haoqing politely declined, reminding Ruling not to be obsessed. Lin Haoqing sent this medicine to Ning Qing a long time ago, but Ning Qing refused to bring it to Ru Ling. It can be seen that Ning Qing didn’t care about her at all, and just wanted to keep her face. Ru Ling didn’t believe it at all. Lin Haoqing repeatedly emphasized Ru Ling is just someone else’s stand-in.

Ruling couldn’t help thinking that she was wearing a fishtail dress to show her love to Ning Qing. Ning Qing turned against her on the spot. Ruling was unwilling to accept such a reality. after all. Lin Haoqing made two preparations. He deliberately provoked the relationship between Ruling and Ning Qing, just to use Ruling to deal with Ning Qing, and he also sent people to Beiyuan to inquire about the news.

The Immortal Master’s Mansion is staring at Beiyuan. Beiyuan is now headless. Qingyao and the clansmen discussed making Changyi the lord of Beiyuan, which can gather people’s hearts and shock the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Changyi weighed it repeatedly before reluctantly agreed. Kongming could see Changyi’s thoughts. Once he became the venerable master of Beiyuan, it was not his job to imprison Ji Yunhe alone. Changyi couldn’t make it true because of Ji Yunhe.

Ji Yunhe was born to have free sex, but fate played a big joke on her. She escaped from the Valley of Thousand Flowers after a near-death experience. She was first imprisoned in Cong Ji by Ning Qing for many years, and now she is locked in this lake island by Chang Yi. She was unable to escape, so she had the idea of ​​suicide. She thought hard about many ways, but they were all denied.

Changyi came to deliver food to Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe wanted to commit suicide with charcoal fire, excused the cold weather to let Changyi add charcoal fire to the house, and then she stared at Changyi’s handsome face, deeply in her heart, Ji Yunhe told Changyi Yi expressed her sincerity. If there was no incident on the day of the cliff, she would be willing to be the lover of her life with Chang Yi. Chang Yi felt that she was very strange today. Luo Suo came to invite Changyi on Qingyao’s order, and Changyi left in a hurry without thinking too much. He was going to attend the enthronement ceremony tomorrow, so he couldn’t come to see Ji Yunhe. Before leaving, he told Ji Yunhe to take good medicine and eat well. Ji Yunhe asked Ah Ming to bring a few pots of red charcoal to keep her warm, and she lay quietly on the bed waiting to die.

Early the next morning, Changyi walked up to the altar and accepted everyone’s homage. He suddenly felt a change in the mark on his ear, guessing that Ji Yunhe was in danger, Changyi ignored Qingyao’s dissuasion and rushed back to Huxin Island. Ji Yunhe saw a mysterious woman in a coma. The woman advised her not to go first. Ji Yunhe woke up in a daze, only to find that he had failed to commit suicide. The cold wind outside the window blew out the brazier. Ji Yunhe was very depressed.

Changyi came in a hurry to stop Ji Yunhe’s suicide, Ji Yunhe simply picked up the hairpin on Changyi’s head and stabbed him in the throat, wanting to die. After killing her, Changyi warned her not to seek death again. Luo Suo advised Changyi to go back to complete the enthronement ceremony as soon as possible, and stop worrying about Ji Yunhe. Changyi was very impatient and yelled at Russell. Changyi was very distressed. He never thought that Ji Yunhe would rather die than stay with him. around.

Kongming lied that Changyi was not feeling well, and he sent the immortal friends and elders who came to the ceremony away. Changyi hurriedly came to beg him to save Ji Yunhe. Kongming was very angry and reminded Changyi to put the overall situation first, not because of Ji Yunhe. Chilled the hearts of the fox brothers, don’t let down Qingyao’s affection, Changyi promised to give everyone an explanation, and Kongming was willing to diagnose and treat Ji Yunhe.

Changyi came to Qingyao and promised to protect Beiyuan comprehensively. Qingyao just wanted to know how Changyi would deal with Ji Yunhe. Changyi repeatedly emphasized that Ji Yunhe did not belong to Beiyuan. He would keep an eye on Ji Yunhe and would not make any further noise , Qing Yao had to give up. Changyi sent someone to add a bed to Ji Yunhe’s room, and moved all his belongings there. Changyi wanted to live with Ji Yunhe to prevent her from seeking death again. Ji Yunhe complained in his heart.

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