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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 2 Recap

Qingyao asked the maid for a token to enter Huxin Island. She personally came to deliver food to Ji Yunhe and fought Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe was injured and did not want to fight. Unexpectedly, she not only has aunt Qingshu’s unique fox fire, but also uses Qingshu’s unique stunt hidden soul needle. She is even more sure that Ji Yunhe killed Qingyao. Ji Yunhe explained repeatedly, but Qingyao didn’t listen at all and killed Ji Yunhe.

Ji Yunhe’s physical strength was gradually exhausted, Changyi came to stop it in time, and called Qingyao out alone. Changyi defended Ji Yunhe and told the story of Qingshu’s death for Lin Canglan. Qingyao saw that Changyi’s love for Ji Yunhe was over, and Changyi didn’t want to explain too much, so she reminded Qingyao not to step into the heart of the lake. Island, but also to get the token back. Qifeng wanted to take his clan to kill Ji Yunhe on Huxin Island, but Qingyao tried desperately to stop him, making it clear that Ji Yunhe did not kill Qingshu, but Qifeng didn’t believe it at all. Grit your teeth.

The backlash in Ji Yunhe’s body became more and more serious. She was tortured to the point of death. Changyi was anxious and angry, forcing her to drink the tonic. Ji Yunhe saw the long-lost distress and thoughtfulness in his eyes. Ruling betrayed him in exchange for freedom and glory. He didn’t expect to be tortured like this by Ruling in the end. He felt that Ji Yunhe had a last resort. Ji Yunhe kept his mouth shut. He was so angry that he was so embarrassed that he asked Ji Yunhe to kill him. Ji Yunhe was reluctant to explain what happened at the beginning, because he was afraid that after the explanation, Changyi would know that Ji Yunhe was tortured for himself.

Xue Sanyue came to Changyi Theory and forced him to release Ji Yunhe, but Changyi categorically refused. Xue Sanyue felt that there was a misunderstanding between him and Ji Yunhe, and Changyi didn’t believe it at all. He would never forget the heartless words Ji Yunhe said on the cliff. , and stabbed him cruelly and pushed him off the cliff. Xue Sanyue was angry and wanted to fight with Changyi, thanks to Lishu who came to stop him in time.

Kong Ming heard that Qingyao and Qifeng turned against each other, and felt that Changyi should not leave Ji Yunhe, and Changyi didn’t listen at all. Li Shu advised Xue Sanyue not to be impulsive, even if she rescued Ji Yunhe, she would have nowhere to live, Ning Qing would definitely kill her, Xue Sanyue would not allow him to mix, Li Shu knew that Xue Sanyue would not forgive him , hurried back to make soup to please her.

Changyi brought official documents to Huxin Island every day. He reviewed them day and night. Ji Yunhe was very distressed, so he took the initiative to chat with him. Ji Yunhe once again expressed his desire for freedom, and Changyi gave her a collection of works to pass the time. Ji Yunhe tried all his spiritual power to break through the ban, but returned without success.

Da Huan and Xiao Huan witnessed that Li Shu, as a noble son, went to the kitchen to cook soup for Xue Sanyue, but Xue Sanyue didn’t appreciate it. They were not worth it for Li Shu and were forcibly driven away by Li Shu. The two complained in private. , I want to help Lishu clear the karma of Xue March. Luo Jinsang came to Qing Ji and saw Da Huan and Xiao Huan hiding on the side, suspicious that they were spies sent by Ning Qing. Qing Ji heard the news and came to introduce them as Lishu people. Xiao Huan was frightened and ran away.

Luo Jinsang asked Qingji to help resolve the misunderstanding between Ji Yunhe and Changyi, but Qingji was inconvenient to intervene, and the misunderstanding between them was far more than that simple, so Luo Jinsang had to give up. Ji Yunhe tried to exert his power as soon as he had time, and wanted to break through the ban and leave Huxin Island as soon as possible. Ah Ming came to see Ji Yunhe and chatted with her by the way. Ji Yunhe revealed to her the idea of ​​​​escape, Ah Ming asked Ji Yunhe to stun her, Ji Yunhe She had to do as she did, she tried all her spiritual power and finally managed to break through the ban and escape.

Luo Jinsang came to Kong Ming for help, begging him to let Chang Yi let Ji Yunhe go, Kong Ming saw her heart beat faster, and his words were incoherent, Luo Jinsang launched an emotional offensive against him again, Kong Ming had no power to defend, thanks to Changyi came in time to resolve Kongming’s embarrassment, and Luo Jinsang hurriedly escaped. Changyi asked Kong Ming to discuss defense strategies against Ning Qing’s counterattack, and suddenly felt that the ban on Huxin Island had been broken. Anger ties Kongming and Lokisan together.

Ji Yunhe regained her freedom and ran wildly on the icy and snowy Beiyuan land. She cheered happily. In the end, she was exhausted and lay on the snow to watch the stars in the sky. Changyi found her soon, Ji Yunhe lied that she would return obediently. Huxin Island, I begged Changyi not to tie her up. As soon as Changyi untied her, Ji Yunhe wanted to run away, but was caught by Changyi and left a mermaid mark on her ears. She was not allowed to leave the half of Huxindao. step.

Da Huan and Xiao Huan accidentally saw the scene of Changyi arresting Ji Yunhe, and immediately went back to report to Lishu, who hurriedly went to Changyi and reminded them to tell Xue Sanyue about it. Ji Yunhe didn’t want to be bound, and wanted to wipe off the mark on his ear. The mark of the merman could connect the five senses of two people. Ji Yunhe rubbed the mark desperately despite the pain. Li Shu persuaded Chang Yi not to torture each other with Ji Yunhe again. The two of them each took a step back, and Chang Yi moved out of his relationship with Xue Sanyue. Li Shu made it clear that if Xue Sanyue was bored with him and left, he would accept his fate. Now, Xue Sanyue hides and hears clearly.

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