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The Lady in Butcher’s House 玉面桃花总相逢 Episode 3 Recap

Regarding the changes in the Hu family, we have to start from the Bianjing Palace Examination. At that time, Xu Qingjia and his classmate Tang Ze were invited by the old gentleman to chat with him in the nearby pavilion, and the other party directly asked a problem and asked Xu Qingjia how he regarded “autocratic dictatorship”. A metaphor for the various forces in this dynasty.

Although the old gentleman did not reveal his identity, Xu Qingjia had already guessed that he was the Prime Minister Jia of the dynasty, and tactfully shied away from a marriage that had grown steadily since then, admitting that he still had a marriage contract. It is precisely because of this that Xu Qingjia must marry Hu Jiao, otherwise he will suffer catastrophe, and may even be guilty of deceiving the king.

Knowing the truth, Hu Jiao couldn’t help but complain that Xu Qingjia was too stupid. If he could marry the Prime Minister’s mansion, he would enjoy endless glory and wealth in the second half of his life. It is a pity that Xu Qingjia is a person who keeps his promises, and he never regrets what he decides, so the top priority is to solve the immediate trouble as soon as possible.

Hu Jiao came up with a plan, discussing that the two would pretend to be married, and then reconcile after three years. At that time, Hu Jiao would also rely on the savings during this period to buy a piece of land to open a shop. Although this method went against Xu Qingjia’s original intention, he had no choice but to acquiesce to Hu Jiao’s suggestion.

Through the conversation tonight, Xu Qingjia gradually changed her opinion of Hu Jiao and admired her for her good opinion as a woman. By the second half of the night, the two of them were very drunk. The next morning, Hu Jiao woke up and completely forgot what happened last night. She vaguely remembered that she had an umbrella. Thinking about it carefully, it was the Wanmin Umbrella she was talking about.

Hu Tingzhi couldn’t help scolding her daughter for returning late. At the same time, she expressed why she valued Xu Qingjia. The fundamental reason was not because of his family background or how good he was, but because he could remember the food Hu Jiao liked to eat. , as well as being able to observe Hu Jiao’s preferences in detail, and do everything in her power to satisfy them, this is a caring person.

Originally, Hu Tingzhi wanted to persuade her daughter to agree to marry Xu Qingjia, but Hu Jiao preempted her, claiming that it would be better for the two to get married as soon as possible. As soon as these words came out, Hu Tingzhi was stunned, she didn’t react for a long time, and even misunderstood Hu Jiao’s meaning. First, Hu Jiao tested Hu Tingzhi’s attitude, and then asked Xu Qingjia to design and arrange a family dinner to gain Jia Quan’s trust.

Sure enough, when Jia Quan came uninvited that night, Xu Qingjia and Hu Jiao deliberately showed their affection in front of everyone, looking very affectionate. Hu Jiao endured the discomfort and immediately proposed to get married tomorrow. After all, Xu Qingjia was going to Shangyong to take office. The road was long and high, and she needed to leave as soon as possible.

After the banquet was over tonight, the marriage between the Hu family and the Xu family was a certainty. Perhaps the outside world could not understand Xu Qingjia. Scholars and wives probably all like that kind of gentle and virtuous, but in Hu Jiao, this kind of character is about It’s close to nothing, but Xu Jiaqi doesn’t care about other people’s opinions.

Early the next morning, Lin Cui came in with her clothes and urged Hu Jiao to get up, and today was the big day for her and Xu Qingjia. Hu Jiao reluctantly allowed Lin Cui to help her dress up, thinking that there was no need to take it too seriously. The so-called marriage was just for Xu Qingjia to move from the wing to her own room.

Listening to Hu Jiao’s nagging and complaining, on the contrary, brought up Lin Cui’s sad past. She was very envious of her father’s concern, but unfortunately there is no news of Lin’s father leaving until now. The only hope is that there will be a reunion day in the future. Seeing this, Hu Jiao hurriedly hugged and apologized, realizing that she didn’t take into account Lin Cui’s feelings just now, and Lin Cui was also comforted by her, and her mood gradually calmed down.

Hu Jiao’s dowry was all prepared by Ming Wei’s family, and all furniture was spared. Only some clothes and daily necessities could be packed and taken away after the marriage. As for the bridal makeup, Lin Cui was responsible for it. Hu Jiao couldn’t stand the trouble, so she thought of teasing her and told Lin Cui to paint her ugly.

Everyone present was stunned when they saw Hu Jiao, and Hu Tingzhi didn’t have an attack because of this occasion. Fortunately, Xu Qingjia didn’t mind at all, and actually praised Hu Jiao in public. Then, in the presence of relatives, friends and neighbors, they exchanged sloppy posts, and the silver hairpin was given to Hu Jiao. After all the ceremonies were over, Xu Qingjia went to the mountain to worship her parents, but she got lost in the woods, her sister-in-law Wei couldn’t find him, and hurried to inform the Hu family and her daughter.

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