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The Lady in Butcher’s House 玉面桃花总相逢 Episode 2 Recap

In front of everyone, Hu Jiao deliberately made things difficult for Xu Qingjia, who was incapable of holding a chicken. But Hu Jiao didn’t give up because of this, and even took out the silver hairpin that Xu Qingjia had lost and accused him of concealing the fact that the nursery was in the room.

How could she know that Hu Tingzhi stood up immediately, scolded her daughter for being ignorant, and bluntly said that the hairpin was originally a relic of Xu’s mother. As soon as these words came out, Hu Jiao, who was still complacent just now, was instantly stunned and at a loss. Although she didn’t like Xu Qingjia, she was not an arrogant person.

Therefore, the banquet ended hastily. Hu Tingzhi locked her daughter in the firewood room and did not allow her to go out for a short time. Xu Qingjia knew that Hu Jiao liked drunk Li Tian, ​​so she bought two copies. Although Hu Jiao apologized for the previous incident and knew that Xu Qingjia was a good person, she really couldn’t accept a loveless marriage contract.

They have been together for less than a month for about seven years, so when her sister-in-law Wei came to deliver meals, Hu Jiao once again emphasized that she had a sweetheart, and this person was Brother Aniu of the escort bureau. Compared to Xu Qingjia, who is weak and incapable of being windy, Brother Aniu is strong and strong enough to deal with a few ordinary men. The two are childhood sweethearts, and they are also bald to accompany her to practice Qingfengzhuan.

Hearing her sister-in-law’s prospects for future marriage, Mrs. Wei told the truth that her father had decided to let her and Xu Qingjia marry in five days, so the marriage was a certainty. At this moment, Xu Qingjia walked to the door, and when she heard the content of the conversation between the two, she didn’t know what it was like, and turned away lonely.

The next morning, Hu Jiao left without saying goodbye, and was going over the wall to look for Brother Aniu. How could she know that this scene fell into Xu Qingjia’s eyes. It happened that Hu Tingzhi came to the firewood house, and Xu Qingjia went to deal with Hu Tingzhi in order to protect Hu Jiao from exposure, and learned through him that a member of Chen came to Yunlai Town some time ago, trying to buy Hu’s pork shop at an ultra-low price. .

Hu Tingzhi refused to sell the store, and Chen Yuanwai secretly made various calculations. Later, after inquiring from various sources, he learned that Chen Yuanwai had a lot of power behind him, and there was a brother who was a prefect. Since ancient times, people have not fought against officials, and Hu Tingzhi did not dare to turn against Chen Yuan, so he could only endure it silently.

After hearing about Hu Tingzhi’s recent encounter, Xu Qingjia reassured him that he didn’t have to worry too much, inferring that some noble people would come to help him deal with Chen Yuanwai. Sure enough, Jia Quan, the second housekeeper of the prime minister’s house, was ordered to come to Hu’s house to understand the situation. Xu Qingjia asked Hu Tingzhi to go to the main hall to receive him, and he went to the side hall to deal with Chen Yuanwai.

Originally, Member Chen was arrogant and arrogant, but when he heard about Jia Quan’s origin, he instantly changed his attitude and stood beside him, nodding and bowing in all kinds of flattery. When Xu Qingjia took the exam for fame, he euphemistically rejected Prime Minister Jia’s intention of marrying and insisted on returning to Yunlai Town to fulfill the marriage contract, so Jia Quan, instead of the prime minister, praised Xu Qingjia full of praise, implying that he wanted to promote him.

When Jia Quan left, Chen Yuan avoided mentioning buying a shop, intending to make friends with the Hu family, and Hu Tingzhi’s heart finally fell. Therefore, Xu Qingjia deduced that he was right. He expected that the Prime Minister would send someone to visit the Hu family and solve a serious problem by the way, but now that his marriage with Hu Jiao was made public, it would be a crime to deceive the king if he broke off the marriage rashly.

On the other side, Hu Jiao went to the escort to look for Brother A Niu. She wanted to confess to him, but how could she know that Brother A Niu already had a crush. Seeing the sweet love between Brother Aniu and others, Hu Jiao felt uneasy. Just as she was about to draw a knife, Xu Qingjia hurried over to salute Aniu and the others.

In order to get rid of Xu Qingjia’s entanglement, Hu Jiao asked several people from the security bureau to compare with him, and then sat alone on the street waiting for the result, but she really wanted to see Xu Qingjia’s joke. Unexpectedly, Xu Qingjia was not only unscathed, but the escorts were very polite to him and sent him out respectfully.

Just because the wishful thinking failed, Hu Jiao angrily ran to Lin Cui’s shop to drink, until Xu Qingjia came along the road. Hu Jiao served good wine and good dishes and forced Xu Qingjia to drink at the dinner, but Xu Qingjia, who had never been good at drinking, could only bite the bullet and swallow the strong drink.

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