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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 22 End Recap

Ning Qing brought a few travel notes that he had annotated to come to Ji Yunhe to discuss, Ji Yunhe was very puzzled, Ru Ling led the team to fight outside, he still had the leisure to study, Ning Qing firmly believed that Ru Ling was invincible, and Ji Yunhe saw that the author of the travel notes had a great influence on the world.

Full of love, he pointed out that Ning Qing’s comments were biased for a while, but it was full of affection. Ji Yunhe concluded that the author of this book was Ning Qing’s sweetheart, and Ning Qing had no choice but to admit that the world was lost for her.

Ning Qing suddenly sensed that the Qingyu Luan Bird was approaching. He was worried that Ru Ling was in danger, so he rushed over to save people immediately. Ji Yunhe found that Ning Qing also brought a “Guangwu Collection” of Wanhua Valley, and guessed that the person he loved was related to Wanhua Valley.

Qingyu Luanniao pressed against Ruling step by step, Ruling retreated steadily, Ning Qing came to rescue in time, and no one was allowed to touch Ruling’s finger, Qingyuluanbird saw Ruling’s face, and immediately Guessing that Ning Qing will come, Ru Ling and Ning Qing’s beloved woman look alike. Qingyu Luanniao condemns Ning Qing for not causing chaos in the world for her own selfishness. People were buried with her, and the two started a fierce battle as soon as they disagreed.

When Lin Haoqing heard the news that Ruling and Beiyuan were fighting, he immediately took someone to Lutai Mountain to rescue Ji Yunhe, and asked Qu Xiaoxing to stay at Wanhuagu, and Siyu went with him. Ji Yunhe used all her spiritual power and found that the barrier set up by Ning Qing began to loosen. She was just about to untie the barrier and use the token sent by Ru Jun to save the sinners.

Luo Jinsang suddenly came to Congji, and the two met again after a long time. , the excitement is beyond words. Luo Jinsang briefly described how she asked Qingyu Luanniao to come out of the mountain. Ji Yunhe was very happy when she learned that Lishu was still alive. Luo Jinsang couldn’t wait to tell the story of Changyi leading a team to Lutai Mountain to rescue the sin immortal, and let Ji Yunhe Follow Changyi to Beiyuan.

Ji Yunhe felt that things were not that simple. Ning Qing wanted the world to be in chaos. She was worried that she would fall into Ning Qing’s trap. Ji Yunhe decided to stay and stabilize Ruling. She gave the token to Luo Jinsang, and let Luo Jinsang and Xue Rescue the sin immortal in March, and then follow Changyi back to Beiyuan, Changyi does not have to come to Lutai Mountain to fight, and Ning Qing’s conspiracy is completely defeated. Luo Jinsang was worried that she would stay here alone, Ji Yunhe promised to find an opportunity to escape as soon as possible, and the two of them had a round at Lutai Mountain.

Xue Sanyue disguised herself as a man and came to Congji with a token. She successfully deceived the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion and rescued all the imprisoned sinners. Luo Jinsang arrived later and stunned the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion with scale powder, and sent the sinners all the way north to Beiyuan. Gu Huoniao and others insisted on going back to save Ji Yunhe. Luo Jinsang persuaded them to leave first. I believe Ji Yunhe Will escape, they will be willing to leave.

Changyi came to Lutai Mountain alone to check the terrain, and Lishu came to him after hearing the news. The sinful skunk who had always admired Ji Yunhe hid in the grass. Lishu forced him to show up. He revealed that Ji Yunhe had released the sinners and left him alone. Congji responded, and Changyi rushed to Congji before he finished speaking.

Ru Ling was furious when she learned that the sinners were let go, and vowed not to let Ji Yunhe escape. Ji Yunhe heard the chaos of the guards outside, and guessed that Luo Jinsang and Xue Sanyue had succeeded. She used all her spiritual strength to escape, but Ru Ling came to stop it suddenly. , turned into a nine-tailed fox and attacked Ru Ling. Ru Ling did everything in her power to knock Ji Yunhe to the ground.

Ru Ling found out that she was disfigured and threatened to kill Ji Yunhe. She killed Ji Yunhe in pain. Thanks to Changyi’s timely arrival, she subdued Ru Ling and rescued Ji Yunhe. All the misfortunes in the world are all because of Ru Ling. She had always wanted to save Ru Ling from the monstrous waves, and now she wants to return the life she saved.

Before leaving, Chang Yi set a fire and wanted to burn Ru Ling alive. Changyi took Ji Yunhe to escape from the thorns, and met Ji Chengyu head-on. Ji Chengyu wanted to catch Ji Yunhe and go back to do business. Changyi took out the token of Kongming and conveyed the words of Kongming, hoping that Ji Chengyu would be able to find him when he was foolishly loyal. His own way, Ji Chengyu had no choice but to let them go.

Lin Haoqing and Siyu hurried to Lutai Mountain and saw that Changyi had rescued Ji Yunhe from a distance. Lin Haoqing did not dare to act rashly, fearing that it would affect the disciples of Wanhuagu, so he had to order to go to the Immortal Master’s Mansion to rescue Ruling. Ji Chengyu and Lin Haoqing arrived at the Congji Place at the same time, and Lin Haoqing took the lead to rescue Ru Ling from the sea of ​​fire.

Qingxuan and Qingyao were waiting for the news of Changyi at the foot of the mountain. They saw Changyi rescue Ji Yunhe with their own eyes. Qingxuan knew that Ning Qing was led away by Qingyu Luanniao. set off. Changyi took Ji Yunhe to the top of the mountain and made it clear that he was here for revenge. Ji Yunhe suddenly burst into blood and developed symptoms of backlash. Changyi hurriedly helped her restore her spiritual power, but accidentally discovered that Ji Yunhe had a spiritual elixir in her body. Ji Yunhe had to admit it. He had already been tested by Lin Canglan into a monster.

Qingxuan personally led the team to the Immortal Master’s Mansion, and met Lin Haoqing and fled with Ruling in his arms. Qingxuan forced him to hand over Ruling, but Lin Haoqing resolutely refused. Ning Qing arrived suddenly, he saw Ru Ling’s disfigurement, he was furious, and he attacked Qingxuan ruthlessly, and his tactics were fatal. Qingxuan took out the elixir to counterattack, covering the evacuation of the clan, and asked Qingyao to tell Changyi on the deathbed , Take a good look at Gu Beiyuan.

Ning Qing ordered Qingxuan’s clan to be annihilated at all costs, Ru Jun came to stop him in a hurry, and ordered Ning Qing to think about his own past, not to fight again, Ning Qing was already swept away by hatred, he insisted on doing his own thing, and even threatened to intimidate Ru Jun. , Shenjun Fei Lian and Shenjun Lei Ze stood up together to denounce Ning Qing’s numerous crimes. Ru Jun suddenly received the immortal order sealed by the late emperor in the Bodhi tree. He was overjoyed. He finally got the approval of the late emperor. With this token, he could order millions of divine soldiers.

Ru Jun commanded the world with a token in his hand, and the disciples of the Tianshi Mansion paid homage to him, but Ning Qing did not dare to disobey the mandate of heaven, so he had to make concessions. The person who was sealed behind the painting saw that Ru Jun had obtained the Immortal Order, and gritted his teeth in anger, vowing to rebuild his body and become the ruler of the world, but unfortunately his wish could only be an extravagant wish.

Changyi made merit to activate the shark beads in Ji Yunhe’s body, and the shark beads helped Ji Yunhe recover his spiritual power. Ji Yunhe knew that his life was not long, and he wanted to try his best to stop the conspiracy of the immortal master, and persuaded Changyi not to fall for Ning Qing’s trickery, and Changyi would not allow Ji Yunhe to die. He kept claiming that Ji Yunhe’s life belonged to him. After going through all kinds of difficulties and dangers, Changyi brought Ji Yunhe to Beiyuan, and wanted to explain to Ji Yunhe the lies and deceit in his own way.

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