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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 21 Recap

Kongming saw the frost flower on the back of Xue Sanyue’s neck and guessed that she was the spiritual master of Wanhua Valley, so he asked her about the whereabouts of Qingyu Luanniao, Xue Sanyue was very alert, Kongming explained that he was Feng Changyi and Qing Xuanzhi came to ask Qingyu Luanniao to come out of the mountain to help Beiyuan, and also described in detail how Ji Yunhe pushed Changyi off a cliff and was then captured by Ning Qing. Xue Sanyue did not believe that Ji Yunhe would betray her promise, but Kong Ming’s words were convincing. .

Li Shu firmly believed that Ji Yunhe would not betray Changyi. He found that this plainly dressed man not only had a very powerful spiritual power, but also had a herbal smell on his body. He guessed that he was the famous Kongming, and Lishu also wanted Qingyuluan Niao came forward to thoroughly understand the misunderstanding between Ji Yunhe and Changyi, and made an idea for Kong Ming to prepare some wine, then get Jiuhandong ice for one night, and then use it to please Qingyu Luanniao, who likes to drink, Kongming immediately Go down the mountain to buy wine.

Lishu thanked Xue Sanyue for helping him, thinking that Xue Sanyue wanted him to stay, Xue Sanyue excused not to let people touch her things, but Lishu heard something in her words and asked Dahuan and Xiaohuan to return to Chongwu Mountain. Decided to stay in Leyou Mountain to accompany Xue March, Da Huan and Xiao Huan were determined not to leave, but also stayed with him.

Qingyao cooked sweet potato soup for Changyi to ward off the cold. Changyi couldn’t help thinking of the sweet past when Ji Yunhe gave him roasted sweet potatoes. After making careful arrangements, Ru Jun came to inform Ji Yunhe that she wanted to work with her to take down the Immortal Master’s Mansion.

Ji Yunhe asked Ru Jun to wait for the dust to settle, and then let Changyi net go away, and let the sinful immortal from the thorns go. Ru Jun agreed, but he had a difficult problem as a king, so it was inconvenient to release the sinners directly, so Yunhe secretly released these sinners, and then gave Ji Yunhe a Heavenly Court token to facilitate his actions.

Rujun only asked Ji Yunhe not to hurt his sister Ru Ling, Ji Yunhe promised not to take the initiative to attack Ru Ling. Ji Yunhe asked Tianjun, if there are some people we can’t change in our whole life, should we stick to our original intention or let go? She hoped that Tianjun could understand that it might be difficult to condone and change Ruling.

Kong Ming bought a jar of fine wine and put it directly in Jiuhan Cave for ice. Not long after he left, Luo Jinsang came here, and as soon as he entered the cave, he smelled the strong aroma of wine. Luo Jinsang opened the wine jar to taste, and Kong Ming broke in suddenly, not allowing Luo Jinsang to touch his wine, Luo Jinsang picked up the jar of wine and wanted to run, Kong Ming waved her and knocked her to the ground. The big stone gate at the entrance of Jiuhan Cave fell, Kong Ming guessed that Qingyu Luanniao had set up a trap here, and once there was a fight, it would be sealed inside.

Luo Jinsang used all his spiritual power to try to open the big stone door, but she didn’t move at all. Kongming advised her not to waste her efforts. Luo Jinsang desperately tried to please Kongming and asked him to help open the stone door. Kongming asked her to wait patiently for Lishu and Xue Sanyue. come to the rescue. Luo Jinsang was very surprised. He didn’t expect that Lishu was still alive. He couldn’t help but admire his ability to pretend to be dead. Luo Jinsang asked Kong Ming that he had come to invite Qingyu Luanniao on a long-term order, so he completely relaxed his vigilance and lay down. Pretending to be dead at school.

In Jiuhan Cave, it was freezing and snowing, and it was extremely cold. In order to save his physical strength, Kong Ming closed his eyes and meditated. Luo Jinsang was shivering from the cold. Thinking of Ji Yunhe and Changyi hugging for warmth, he wanted to hug Kong Ming to warm up. Kongming was very resistant, Luo Jinsang was shivering. Jin Sang thought that two people who fell in love could hug each other for warmth, so she casually said what she loved Kongming, and Kongming would not allow her to talk nonsense.

Luo Jinsang wanted to drink the jar of wine to warm up her body, but Kongming refused to agree. He wanted to use the jar of wine to please Qingyu Luanniao, and then complete the great cause. Luo Jinsang didn’t understand this, she didn’t want to be frozen to death, she just wanted more Save some spirit stones for an immortal island, and live a free life with Ji Yunhe.

Kong Ming sneered at her, and scolded Ji Yunhe for being mercenary and betraying Changyi for his own future. Luo Jinsang repeatedly explained that Ji Yunhe wanted to let go of Changyi, but Kongming didn’t believe it at all. Luo Jinsang didn’t want to say too much, and asked Kongming to borrow it Give her spiritual power to open the stone gate, Kongming is determined not to do it.

Luo Jinsang suddenly fell to the ground, Kong Ming thought she was fainted by the cold, and hurried over to greet her, Luo Jinsang suddenly jumped up and attacked Kong Ming, took the opportunity to drink the jar of wine, and fed it mouth to mouth. Ming, Kongming fainted on the spot because of the rapid heartbeat. Luo Jinsang found that Kongming’s body was very hot, so he lay on his body to keep warm, Kongming’s yang energy jumped out of his body, Luo Jinsang sucked it all away without saying a word.

Early the next morning, Xue Sanyue and Lishu looked around for Kongming, and when they saw that the big stone gate in Jiuhan Cave was closed, they used their spiritual power to open the stone gate and saw Luo Jinsang and Kongming trapped in it.

Li Shu was very surprised. Generally, immortal servants would freeze to death within half an hour in Jiuhan Cave, but Luo Jinsang’s face turned crimson. Luo Jinsang showed off the strong yang energy of Kongming. , Incoherent, he found that the jar of wine had been drunk by Luo Jinsang, and was furious. Luo Jinsang promised to be responsible to the end, so he brought the empty jar to see Qingyu Luanniao.

Qingyu Luanniao was very annoyed. Luo Jinsang used the stunt of butterflies to quickly collect a jar of fine wine among the grains and flowers. Qingyuluanniao remembered that Ning Ruochu also used a similar method to help her fetch wine, and immediately became full of interest. No, and unable to hold back Luo Jinsang’s entanglement, Qingyu Luanniao proposed that as long as Luo Jinsang’s wine could make her drunk, she would agree to leave the mountain, otherwise no one would want to step into Leyou Mountain for half a step, Luo Jinsang Full of promise.

Kong Ming sat outside and waited for the result, remembering the sweet moment he and Luo Jinsang had intimate contact with in Jiuhan Cave last night, he tried his best to cover it up and forced himself to calm down, but Luo Jinsang’s appearance lingered in his mind go. Luo Jinsang collected a lot of fine wine, but Qingyu Luanniao didn’t feel anything after drinking it.

Luo Jinsang sauna made the last cup, and specially added wine in it. Qingyu Luanniao remembered a lot of past events, and she was so intoxicated that she couldn’t extricate herself. Luo Jinsang was in On the other hand, she swore to save Ji Yunhe at all costs. Qingyu Luanniao clearly remembered what Ning Ruochu had said, and she immediately decided to go out.

Luo Jinsang was overjoyed, and hurriedly ran out to announce the good news to Kongming and the others, and was still entangled by Kongming’s side, Kongming was too frightened to avoid it. Luo Jinsang turned into a butterfly and flew away with Jiujin, Kong Ming followed closely, Luo Jinsang fell to the ground, and when she saw a mirror on the ground, she was amazed at her beauty. Kong Ming chased after her and greeted her.

Luo Jinsang hugged Kong Ming tightly and kept talking about the wonderful feelings of that night in Jiuhan Cave. Kong Ming was overwhelmed by her, but he was very happy in his heart. He and Xue Sanyue saw this scene and concluded that the relationship between the two of them was unusual. Xue Sanyue loudly reminded Luo Jinsang that there was still business, and Luo Jinsang hurriedly followed Xue Sanyue to find Qingyu Luanniao.

Qingyu Luanniao was invited to come to Beiyuan to see Qingxuan. Qingxuan handed over all matters to Changyi, and Changyi explained the battle plan in detail, and asked Qingyuluanniao to lead Ning Qing out of Lutai Mountain and hold him back as long as possible. He asked Kong Ming to sit in Beiyuan and stabilize the rear for support, and Changyi led a team to the Immortal Master’s Mansion to rescue the trapped sin immortal.

Qi Feng opposed Chang Yi in public and wanted to lead a team to attack the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Chang Yi insisted on going there in person, and Qing Xuan agreed with his plan. Before leaving, Li Shu told Changyi thousands of times, intending to help Changyi along with him, and then Kongming took out a token and asked Changyi to hand over to Ji Chengyu, maybe he would not be embarrassed when he met Ji Chengyu.

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