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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 20 Recap

Ru Ling and Ji Yunhe made a life-and-death bet, and then went to Lingshuangtai to fight. Ning Qing advised Ji Yunhe to give up as soon as possible. Even if Ru Ling lost, he would never let Ji Yunhe hurt Ru Ling. Ji Yunhe did not expect that Ning Qing loved Ru Ling so deeply, even if she didn’t kill Ru Ling, she would wait until the time of the five declines of heaven and man. , Ru Ling will also die, Ning Qing threatened that neither time nor destiny can kill Ru Ling, he wants to keep Ru Ling’s face. Ji Yunhe remembered the portrait that resembled Ru Ling in the secret room, and guessed that Ru Ling looked a lot like the woman Ning Qing loved deeply. Ji Yunhe ridiculed Ning Qing for being affectionate.

Before leaving, Ning Qing reminded Ji Yunhe not to act rashly, even if she controlled her spiritual power with the ghost needle of Guhuo Niaojiao, she would receive the same retribution if she violated the law. Luo Jinsang was locked in the secret room, she swore and vowed never to cause trouble again, and begged Lin Haoqing and Siyu to let her out, but Siyu ignored her. Lin Haoqing wanted to rescue the disciples of Wanhuagu before the second frost attack, so Siyu found all the relevant information and books for his reference.

After Tianjun Rujun returned from the Immortal Master’s Mansion, he was unhappy all day long. When he came under the linden tree, he couldn’t help but remember when he was locked up to practice here when he was a child, and Ruling chatted with him every day. He didn’t expect Ruling to become like this Cruel and violent, coupled with Ning Qing’s connivance, Ru Ling’s reckless actions led to the destruction of life in Beiyuan. He was very distressed. He wanted to bring Ru Ling back to heaven, but Ning Qing did not allow Ru Ling to leave half a step. Good advice.

Ru Jun suddenly remembered that Ru Ling had gnashed his teeth and cursed Ji Yunhe. He immediately decided to find Ji Yunhe to join forces with Ning Qing. Ru Jun came directly to Ji Yunhe from Jisuo, and asked Ji Yunhe about Ning Qing’s weakness. Ji Yunhe told him his intention in person. ,

Ru Jun moved out of Changyi to talk about things, Ji Yunhe became a prisoner in order to protect Changyi, but Changyi was empathetic, he was very curious whether Ji Yunhe would save Changyi, Ji Yunhe vowed to save Changyi at all costs, Because saving him was his original intention, Ji Yunhe also persuaded Tianjun to follow his heart, and Ru Jun was very annoyed, and did not allow Ji Yunhe to speculate on his mind, and then left with anger.

The spiritual masters who defected from the Immortal Master’s Mansion came to join Qingxuan. Qingxuan brought Changyi and others to discuss countermeasures. Changyi suggested accepting these people to strengthen their strength. Qifeng firmly opposed it, and Qingyao agreed with Changyi’s idea. . The disciple came to report to Qingxuan that Hanshuang, the spiritual master of Wanhuagu, who was imprisoned by Zhu Ling in the Wuxuan Cave, was in critical condition, and Changyi took Kongming to see what happened.

The spiritual masters of Wanhua Valley were moved to the square, and their whole bodies began to freeze. Kong Ming hurriedly took out the pills to delay the poisoning and distributed them to them. Changyi remembered that Ji Yunhe also had this symptom, and asked Kong Ming about the reason. Back then, when Kongming was still in the Immortal Master’s Mansion, the Immortal Master sent him to send frost flowers to Lin Canglan.

He watched Lin Canglan plant frost flowers on the newly arrived Yuling Master. Kong Ming felt guilty in his heart. After leaving the Immortal Master’s Mansion, he also developed pills to relieve poisonous hair. Changyi comforts that the root cause of this matter is Tianshi, and now everyone gathers in Beiyuan, and soon those conspiracies, tyranny, and betrayal will all pay the price.

Ru Jun was awakened by Ji Yunhe’s words. He came to Ji Yunhe again and explained his intentions straight to the point. He didn’t want to see Ru Ling continue to act nonsense. He wanted to join forces with Ji Yunhe to deal with Ning Qing. things to say. Ru Jun was very annoyed. He didn’t expect Ning Qing to be so ruthless and wanted to go to him for an antidote. Ji Yunhe persuaded him to give up as soon as possible. Ning Qing’s ambition was to organize a funeral for the world, so he sent Ru Ling to kill and create chaos. The imprisoned Sin Xian lost all his spiritual power, and suspected that Ning Qing had used a forbidden technique to transfer her, and she was nothing but Ning Qing’s chess piece.

Ru Jun was stunned when he learned of Ning Qing’s conspiracy. Ji Yunhe asked him to send someone to find Luo Jinsang, and asked Luo Jinsang to ask Qingyu Luanniao to go out and contain Ning Qing’s energy, so he could take the opportunity to make a comprehensive layout. Ru Jun quickly found Luo Jinsang and sent her to find Qingyu Luanniao. Luo Jinsang knew that Ji Yunhe was safe and sound, so he was relieved to rush to Leyou Mountain.

Kong Ming suggested to Qingxuan to ask Qingyu Luanniao to help, and they could completely defeat Ning Qing, but they didn’t know the whereabouts of Qingyu Luanniao. Changyi saw Qingyu Luanniao following Ning Ruo in Shifangzhen Chu Soul went to Leyou Mountain, Kongming took the initiative to invite Ying to invite Qingyu Luanniao.

Li Shu didn’t dare to face Xue Sanyue, so he quietly followed behind her, Qingyu Luanniao forced Lishu to show up, Lishu apologized to Xue Sanyue again and again, explaining that he concealed his identity and approached Xue Sanyue to save Qingyu The truth about Luanniao, Xue Sanyue still refused to forgive him, Lishu expressed her sincerity to Xue Sanyue and gave her the elixir, Xue Sanyue categorically refused, and then ran away in tears.

Changyi helps Qingxuan with daily affairs, and Qingyao gets along with him day and night, and gradually develops feelings for him. Lishu was ruthlessly rejected by Xue Sanyue. When he was at a loss, his entourages Da Huan and Xiao Huan suddenly came to him and persuaded him to return to Chongwu Mountain together. , wanted Xue March to keep him, Xue March ignored him, Li Shu carefully arranged Xue March’s residence, and then left quietly.

Qingyu Luanniao came to Xue Sanyue, told Lishu’s death to save her, and exhausted her spiritual power to help her absorb the cold air, and persuaded Xue Sanyue to follow her heart and not let down the piece of Lishu painstakingly.

Li Shu took Da Huan and Xiao Huan away from Leyou Mountain. When he saw Kongming coming here from a distance, he hurried over to stop them. Kongming fought them hard, and Xue Sanyue arrived in time to relieve the siege.

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