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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 19 Recap

Ru Ling was pushed to a desperate situation by Chang Yi. She called out to her master, Ning Qing, to save her life. Ning Qing worked in the Immortal Master’s Mansion to save Ru Ling and Zhu Ling. Chang Yi used all her spiritual power to fight against Ning Qing. After being defeated, the elixir in his body was severely damaged.

The formidable power caused by Ning Qing’s achievements shocked the entire Immortal Master’s Mansion. Ji Yunhe found that Ning Qing was starting to loosen the barrier set up by the thorns. go out. Ji Yunhe tried to gather the spiritual power in her body again, but she didn’t expect it to be successful. She opened the barrier in one go and escaped from the thorns.

In order to avoid being tracked by the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion, Ji Yunhe hid everywhere, and finally got lost in the Immortal Master’s Mansion. She came to a secret room with a portrait of Ruling, the Immortal Fairy of Shunde hanging in it. Ji Yunhe was puzzled and suspected that Ning Qing and Ruling were not related. normal.

There was a sudden change in the portrait, Ji Yunhe stretched out his hand to touch it, Ning Qing came to stop it suddenly, took Ji Yunhe back to Cong Ji again, and revealed the news that Ru Ling went to Beiyuan to catch Changyi. Ji Yunhe firmly believed that Changyi can turn evil into good luck. Ning Qing returned to the secret room and reminded the person behind the portrait not to move, that person couldn’t wait to come out, Ning Qing asked him to wait patiently for the opportunity.

Changyi and Qingyao took people back to Lingshuang Terrace. Kongming rendezvoused with them. Everyone was about to go to rescue Qingxuan. Changyi suddenly became dizzy and almost fell. Kongming hurriedly supported him, and Changyi held on to them Rescue Qing Xuan together. When Qingyao saw her father, she burst into tears with excitement. Qingyao’s cousin Qifeng came later. He led someone to control all the spiritual masters of Lingshuangtai, and also handed over the spiritual masters of Wanhua Valley where Zhu Ling was imprisoned. Dispose of it to Qing Xuan.

Qingxuan thanked Kongming and Changyi for their life-saving grace. Kongming suggested to set up defense at Lingshuang Terrace, but Changyi’s elixir suddenly shattered, and he fainted on the spot. Ji Yunhe felt that the shark bead in her body was abnormal. She guessed that Changyi was in danger, so she clamored to see Ning Qing and wanted to save people as soon as possible.

Qingxuan used the pill condensing technique to help Changyi repair the elixir, but because the cold in her body did not disappear, Qingyao wanted to give it a try, but Qingxuan didn’t want her to take risks. Qingyao lied that she and Changyi had a lifelong relationship. He was willing to abolish the spiritual power of his life and also save Changyi, so Qing Xuan had no choice but to agree.

Qing Yao spent all her spiritual energy to help Chang Yi repair the elixir. She didn’t want Chang Yi to know about it, so she asked Qing Xuan to help conceal it. Chang Yi finally woke up, Kongming scolded him fiercely, complaining that he shouldn’t risk his life. Ru Ling returned in a huff, and once again missed the opportunity to capture Changyi, she poured all her anger on Zhu Ling, and yelled at him, and Zhu Ling was so frightened that she begged for mercy.

Ning Qing came to Ji Yunhe to see Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe couldn’t wait to save Changyi, and he was forced to die. Ning Qing revealed the news that Changyi was still alive, Ji Yunhe insisted on going out, and also insisted on asking Ning Qing the purpose of locking her up, Ning Qing wanted to play chess with her, and if Ji Yunhe won, he would let her go, and Ji Yunhe agreed. Ning Qing played out of order, Ji Yunhe thought that the victory was in his hands, but Ning Qing placed a chess piece in the middle, and the full board was immediately revitalized.

Ning Qing admitted that it was meaningless to imprison Ji Yunhe, but it would change other things. Meaningful, and finally pushed to the result that Ning Qing wanted. Ning Qing wanted to hold a funeral for the world. Ji Yunhe was the chess piece that decided the outcome. Ji Yunhe was stunned. He didn’t expect Ning Qing’s ambition to be so big.

Changyi’s body gradually recovered, and he couldn’t help thinking of Ru Ling’s mockery of his relationship with Ji Yunhe, and what Ji Yunhe had done to him, and secretly vowed to take revenge in the same way, Qingyao came to see Changyi, and Changyi learned that Qingyao helped him I am very grateful to Qingyao for repairing the elixir.

Qing Xuan invited Chang Yi, Kong Ming and others, and also called the disciples of the fox tribe together, and announced in public that he would fight the Immortal Master Mansion to the death. He wanted to choose a commander to lead the team on the expedition. To protest, he felt embarrassed by Changyi, but he had already made up his mind.

Kong Ming guessed that Changyi took the initiative to fight because of Ji Yunhe’s relationship, and suspected that he had no more love for Ji Yunhe. Changyi made it clear that he only had hatred in his heart and wanted to seek revenge on Ji Yunhe. Kongming advised him not to fall for Ru Ling’s trickery, Maybe Ru Ling deliberately sow discord, maybe Ji Yunhe and Ru Ling co-designed to make Chang Yi take the bait, Chang Yi didn’t have time to think about it too much, and just wanted to avenge the clansmen who were implicated by him.

Tianjun Rujun learned of Ruling’s reckless behavior, and came to her door to hold her accountable in person. Ruling did not repent, but she was plausible. Zhu Ling defended Ruling. Rujun ordered him to be severely punished. Ru Jun drove away. Ruling’s anger has not subsided, so she came to torture Ji Yunhe in every possible way, and kept claiming that she had a long-term relationship, and now she is the wishful husband of the fox king’s daughter, Qingyao.

Killing Ji Yunhe and giving it to Changyi as a wedding gift, Ning Qing came to stop it in time, Ru Ling couldn’t take this breath, Ning Qing promised the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion to let her be dispatched, Ru Ling wanted Ning Qing’s thunderous curse and Zhi Zhi. Strong golden talisman, Ning Qing agreed one by one.

Ji Yunhe sneered at Ru Ling, she actually wanted to save her defeat with these things, Ru Ling and Ji Yunhe made a bet that if she returned triumphantly this time, Ji Yunhe would be made an adult, and if she failed again, she would be punished the same way.

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