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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 28 Recap

When Lin Zhixiao learned about Gu Wei’s situation, he went to the hospital as soon as possible, and found the ward of Gu Wei’s car accident patient through Dr. Du. Dr. Du saw Lin Zhixiao’s aggressive approach, fearing that she would have a conflict with the patient’s family, so he hurried to find Gu Wei. At this time, Lin Zhixiao met the patient’s parents in the ward, and he was self-evident.

In fact, Lin Zhixiao also knew that her words might not be able to convince the other party, but she still wanted to win. Therefore, Lin Zhixiao took the initiative to mention his father’s experience in hospitalization, including from his examination to the result, to Gu Wei’s very suspicious determination that Lin Jianguo was most likely to have stomach cancer. No one is willing to accept the fact that their loved ones are seriously ill, but blindly deceiving themselves can’t change anything. Lin Zhixiao tells it from his own experience, I hope they can understand that Gu Wei is a good doctor who is responsible and persistent.

Seeing Lin Zhixiao’s look of anticipation, Gu Wei’s mood was extremely complicated. When he was about to take the initiative to mention this matter, how could he know that Lin Zhixiao left again because of a phone call. In fact, it was An Fei who called. She took the initiative to meet at Linzhi School outside and signed an agreement to work in Germany.

Dr. Du informed Gu Wei about the establishment of an investigation team by the hospital, and there were many articles on the Internet that were unfavorable to Gu Wei, which revealed that he had performed a failed operation for the teacher many years ago, which eventually led to the teacher’s death. . Because the patient’s family deliberately made a big issue, so that the Health and Health Commission was alerted, I am afraid that even Vice President Gao could not protect himself.

The patient’s father threatened to sue Gu Wei, but Gu Wei stood in the corridor and endured the other party’s scolding. Unexpectedly, Gao Xi came back from abroad at the first time and withstood the pressure for him. Affected by the news, other family members of the patients also questioned Gu Wei. Despite Gu Wei’s repeated assurances, the other party decided to change the chief surgeon.

It happened that this scene was seen by Gao Xi. She expressed sympathy for Gu Wei’s experience and wanted to help him tide over the difficulties. Nowadays, netizens are besieging Gu Wei one after another, and because of the personal information exposed by the patient’s father, they keep bombarding his text messages with extremely unbearable content.

The overwhelming scolding made Gu Wei fall into self-denial. It’s a shame that the belief he insisted on at the beginning has now become a joke. Because for doctors, professional reputation and medical career are far more important than life, and Gu Wei completely lost the trust of patients, nothing is more serious than this.

Lin’s mother cooked a table of meals to entertain Gu Wei, and Lin Jianguo also kept questioning him, from his background to his personal education, he was very satisfied with this. Gu Wei wanted to take this opportunity to confess his work to Lin’s father and mother, but before he could speak, Lin Jianguo asked him again when he would marry Lin Zhixiao.

However, Gu Wei was absent-minded from the beginning to the end, and did not reply immediately. Lin Zhixiao touched Gu Wei when he saw it, which made him come back to his senses. After hesitating for a moment, Gu Wei had to explain that marriage is a major event in life. Besides, Lin Zhixiao is still young and his job is unstable, so he needs to plan this issue slowly.

Lin Jianguo’s expression was not good-looking. It was obvious that Gu Wei’s answer did not satisfy him. Seeing this, Lin’s mother hurriedly made a round, and Lin Zhixiao was also beside him, trying to change the topic. However, Lin Jianguo is still asking Gu Wei to the bottom of it, hoping that he can give a guarantee in front of his elders and promise to take good care of Lin Zhixiao in the future.

As soon as these words came out, the response was silence again. Seeing Gu Wei’s distracted appearance, Lin Zhixiao felt that he was too busy at work, so he reached out and held his hand to give encouragement and comfort. How could he know that Gu Wei actually retracted his hand and said to Lin Jianguo with a serious face that he could not make a promise at all.

Because of Gu Wei’s remarks, the atmosphere at the scene was about to get colder. Lin Jianguo’s face was ashen and thought that if Gu Wei had not thought about taking good care of Lin Zhixiao, there would be no need to come to eat again. Gu Wei smiled bitterly and agreed with Lin Jianguo’s point of view, so he got up to say goodbye and left without saying a word.

Lin Zhixiao knew that Gu Wei was not someone who was emotional for no reason, so he hurriedly chased him out and wanted to know what happened to Gu Wei, but Gu Wei refused to explain too much, and the relationship between the two broke down completely. Although Lin Jianguo asked his daughter to break up with Gu Wei, Lin Zhixiao still said good things for him in front of his parents, and returned to the room sadly afterward.

That night, Xiao Shan met Gu Xiao’s friend, and because Gu Xiao had not appeared for a long time, she took the initiative to call him, but the phone was unanswered. It turned out that Gu Xiao lost a lot of money in cooperation with his friends, so much so that he mortgaged the coffee shop, Wu Yan faced Xiao Shan again, and then went home to find his father.

Gu Xiao’s father knew this son very well and knew that he would go to the Three Treasures Palace without incident. He must have wanted to get money when he suddenly returned home. In the face of his father’s cynicism, Gu Xiao could only plead humbly, promising that as long as he was willing to invest, he would do anything, including going abroad tomorrow.

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